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Hot Sauce Making Class

Spice up your virtual experience with an interactive 'Virtual Hot Sauce Making Class'!

Hot Sauce Making Class

How it works?

Get ready to spice up your virtual experience with our ‘Virtual Hot Sauce Making Class’!

Join us as we dive into the world of fiery flavors and culinary creativity, all from the comfort of your own kitchen. In this interactive session, you’ll learn the art of crafting your own unique hot sauces, guided by expert instructors who know their way around peppers and spices.

Discover the secrets behind balancing heat and taste, experimenting with ingredients, and creating a sauce that’s perfect for your palate. From mild and tangy to scorchingly spicy, you’ll explore different levels of heat and flavor profiles. Get your taste buds and creativity ready for an unforgettable journey through the world of hot sauces!

What’s included?

  • Zoom link
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  • Kit included

What you need?

  • Zoom access

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