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 7 Amazing Virtual Paint Party Ideas for Teams To Enjoy Artistic Adventures

7 Amazing Virtual Paint Party Ideas for Teams To Enjoy Artistic Adventures

Virtual paint party ideas for teams are all about letting your creative juices flow while socializing in a stress-free and comfortable setting. And guess what awaits you at the end of this artistic event? A beautiful  painting that serves as a testament to your creativity. Whether you’re an expert artist or haven’t touched a paintbrush since school days, this virtual team-building activity promises to not just help you boost your art skills but.your team bonding equations. 

In this article, we walk you through some of the best virtual paint party classes for your colleagues to dive into the colorful world of art. 

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1.How Does a Virtual Paint Party Foster Team Building?


During a virtual paint party session, participants immerse themselves in stroking brush, blending colors, and fine-tuning minute details of their artwork. This mindfulness practice promotes relaxation and reduces the mental stress that is associated with the workplace. By creating art together, individuals learn to collaborate, share ideas and support their coworker’s creative endeavors. 

Overall, virtual paint party offer an excellent opportunity to bring the employees together and build a sense of belonging, regardless of their location this contributes to a more connected and vibrant team dynamic.

2. 7 Virtual Paint Party Events for Team Building Activities 

2.1 Paid Virtual Paint Party Events 

2.1.1 Hooray Teams


Ideal for: Remote team interested in creative art, Team building, Creative team, Art lovers

Hooray Teams interactive virtual platform brings your remote team members together with unique and inspiring team-building activities. Participants are invited to immerse themselves in an unforgettable artistic journey of colors, strokes and creativity. A dedicated instructor will lead the paint party and give instructions for painting your masterpiece. 

The event will take place via Zoom, ensuring accessibility and convenience for attendees. The host will send you all the necessary supplies required for painting before the event. Whether you’re a beginner or have never tried painting before, Hooray Teams’ virtual paint party is a great chance to discover your inner artist.

  • No. of participants: 5-300
  • Time duration: 60 minutes
  • Price per person: $35


2.1.2 Wine and Design

Ideal for: Corporate team, Small businesses, Team building, Creative team

Wine & Design provides team members an inspiring space to work together and create a masterpiece in a joyful and energetic environment. Joining their virtual paint party does not require any artistic talent or previous painting experience as experienced instructors walk you through the step by step process. 

They offer virtual paint parties for adults in different categories such as nature, animals, flowers, lifestyle and fashion. Your booking provides access to pre-recorded painting videos; however, please note that the painting supplies kit is not included.

  • No. of participants: 10 minimum 
  • Time duration:2 hour
  • Price per person: $15


2.1.3 Paint the Town


Ideal for: Remote team looking for art-themed experience, Team building, Creative team

Paint the Town organizes fun and exciting online paint party events for private groups where team members can bond from anywhere. Your virtual paint party includes a LIVE, entertaining artist to guide you through help making the desired art. Also, the company has a dedicated event coordinator to plan paint night while delivering a smooth interactive experience. 

The host will ship Lite, Full and VIP painting kits directly to each guest beforehand. Their website features various painting categories you can select from, including holiday-themed, urban and lifestyle, nature and animals. Notably, Paint The Town has a proven track record of successfully hosting paint parties for leading companies such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Quora

  • No. of participants: Customizable 
  • Time duration: 90 minutes
  • Price per person: Available upon request


2.1.4 Paint Nite

Ideal for: Team building events, Creative team, Remote team, Diverse team

Want to take the stress out of planning the perfect paint party? PaintNite.com will enjoy new experiences, stay connected, and have a blast – all from the comfort of your home. Step-by-step instructions will be given by an expert local artist who encourages you to mix, mingle, paint and have fun together. Attendees will receive all the DIY painting supplies such as paint, brush, canvas directly at their doorstep. 

Paint Nite offers the convenience of selecting the preferred event based on deal, event type, theme, project color and age group. You can select the design theme of your choice from an array of collections such as Beach, cloud, fall, flower, heart, holiday, stars, trees and many more. 

  • No. of participants: Customizable 
  • Time duration: 1- 2 hours (plus customizable as per your needs)
  • Price per person: $10 – 40


2.1.5 Muse Paintbar


Ideal for: Creative team, Remote office team, Team looking to host a birthday bash

Want to get creative with your next team gathering? Muse Paintbar offers an inclusive paint party where anyone can relax and explore the artistic process. Through their daily public sessions, virtual events and  private parties, they aren’t just helping produce artworks; they’re building memories, fostering relationships and opening doors to creative career opportunities. You will have a designated instructor to manage the event and guide you step-by-step through the online painting session.

They will provide you with all the DIY painting supplies such as easel, canvas, brushes and paint palette. Muse’s carefully curated art library has an array of fun themes, classic favorites and brand new seasonal paintings. If you’re seeking a personalized approach, Muse Paintbar’s event planners are at your service to create tailored masterpieces according to your preferences.

  • No. of participants: minimum 10
  • Time duration: 1-2 hour
  • Price per person: $45


2.2 Free Virtual Paint Party Events 

2.2.1 Plaid


Ideal for: Remote team looking for budget friendly paint party, Creative team, Small business

For over four decades, Plaid has collaborated with designers, artists, and innovators to bring some of the most innovative crafts to the market. Plaid’s help team members to enjoy a fun and creative virtual painting party without spending a single penny. Their official online Facebook community is a great platform to share ideas, be creative and learn from each other while having fun and laughter. 

Plaid’s extended array boasts a diverse range of DIY projects, so be sure to browse their complete library of craft project ideas, featuring your favorite brands like FolkArt, Mod Podge, Apple Barrel, Delta, Bucilla, and more, for inspiration.

  • No. of participants: Customizable 
  • Time duration: Customizable 
  • Price per person: Free


2.2.2 Eventbrite

Ideal for: Remote team, Beginners, Creative team, Small businesses

Eventbrite’s free online painting lessons provide an engaging and accessible platform for your team members to explore their artistic side and creativity. These sessions, typically hosted by professional artists, offer a wide range of artistic techniques, tips for choosing themes, flair, palette, enabling attendees to experiment with different styles and mediums. 

Whether your team members are experienced artists or newbies, these online painting classes foster a sense of collaboration and camaraderie as they work on creating their own masterpieces together. It’s a great opportunity for team members to relax, bond, and discover their inner talents in a supportive environment

  • No. of participants: Customizable 
  • Time duration: Customizable 
  • Price per person: Free



3.1 How do you plan a virtual paint party?

To plan a virtual paint party, choose a date and time that works for your team and select a suitable virtual platform like Zoom or Microsoft Teams for the event. Then decide on the painting type or theme that suits the skill level or interests of your team. Create a list of necessary art supplies that attendees should either bring or have shipped to their location. Send event invitations in advance via email or any other messaging platform with specific details on date, time and joining link.  

3.2 How do you make a paint party fun?

To make your paint party fun and exciting, choose an engaging theme that resonates with preferences and requirements of team members. Make sure there is a variety of colors and brushes available to fuel their creativity. Encourage team members to bring beverages like wine, cocktails and snacks to get in the creative mood. Also, consider playing upbeat music to make the experience enjoyable and fun for everyone involved. 


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