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 7 Best Beer Tasting Kits For Teams to Sip, Savor and Brew Stronger Connections

7 Best Beer Tasting Kits For Teams to Sip, Savor and Brew Stronger Connections

In today’s world, where remote teams are on the other side of screens, nothing can bring them together like a good beer. Beer tastings and brewery tours have popped up as the new meeting joints for team connections. With a good beer tasting kit, your virtual experience can be more beer-licious whether you’re toasting to successful projects, celebrating milestones, or simply running a team-building activity, 

We have curated a list of the best beer tasting kits for you to add a savory splash of fun and flavor to your remote team gatherings. Let’s dive in.

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1. What Is a Beer Tasting Kit?


A beer tasting kit is a curated collection of different beers that allows teams to bond, connect, and engage in a shared tasting experience. These kits typically include tasting notes and instructions, so you can learn all about the brews you’re trying. You’ll discover the mix and match of different flavors, and aromas, and might even uncover your new favorite!

2. Best Beer Tasting Kits for Remote Teams

2.1 Hooray Teams


Ideal for interactive team building, large groups, and corporate events

Hooray Teams is a fun team-building marketplace that hosts and plans events to bring your remote team together in a lively environment. Our virtual beer-tasting experiences are guided by expert brewmasters who take you on a flavorful journey through the world of hops and malts.

Beer, often seen as the quintessential party drink, has a lot more to offer, and our beer tasting kit helps you uncover its hidden depths. You’ll discover the fine points of different brews, learn about the craftsmanship behind each sip, and lots more.

Pick your favorite brew or pairing, we’ll help you customize your experience. And don’t worry if some of your co-workers prefer to stay alcohol-free – we’ve got special alcohol-free options to ensure everyone can join in on the fun!


2.2 BroBasket

Ideal for teams of different sizes and social gatherings

BroBasket crafts the perfect beer tasting kit that’s not just about sipping brews but creating lasting memories with your team. With their curated kit, you will savor the finest craft brews and share your thoughts on flavors and preferences, debating which one’s the best – it’s all part of the fun. And they haven’t forgotten the snacks – because what’s beer without some munchies? Their kit is packed with the best of California’s craft breweries including, four tasting glasses, a wooden tasting flight paddle, one bag of gourmet popcorn, Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies, beef jerky, two BroBasket koozies, and a BroBasket bottle opener. What’s more? You can still ask for the add-ons, they have plenty of options to customize your experience.

They have a variety for both alcohol lovers and teetotallers alike plus also provide spirit baskets, snack baskets, care packages, limited edition gift sets, engraved bottles, rare spirit bottles, and the option to completely customize your own basket at an additional price. 

Price: $99.00


2.3 BroCrates


Ideal for themed gifts, virtual team gatherings, and corporates

Let’s be real, beer can make anything better! And if you’re a beer snob, you’re always on the hunt for that next refreshing brew. Consider BroCrates as your brew-friend. With the trove of beer tasting kits, they also perfectly pair all types of snacks, gourmet treats and gifts to amp up your beer tasting experience. The best part? They also allow you to create your own beer-filled gifts by picking your choice of craft beer from over 100 beers. 

Their complete craft beer-tasting flight gift set is inclusive of six craft beers, four taster glasses, and a beer flight-tasting paddle. You can ask for customization by including additional items like wine, champagne, liquor, or other gourmet snacks. 

Price: $66.15


2.4 Givethembeer

Ideal for beer enthusiasts and premium beer experience

Givethembeer brings in the top-rated craft beers from some of the best breweries out there straight to your doorstep. As the calendar turns, they roll out their special seasonal releases such as beers of Summer beer gift basket, Oktoberfest beer gift basket, and Santa’s private reserve beer. But it doesn’t stop at beer; Givethembeer offers a range of thoughtfully curated beer gift baskets that cater to various occasions, such as housewarming gift baskets, business casual beer briefcases, and more. And did we just forget to mention that they bring America’s oldest brewery to your doorstep? Yes, they are your go-to source for Yuengling beer online.

And here’s the kicker, they’re all about making it a personalized experience. You can pick your favorite beers, choose from their top-ranked selections, or go with your team’s all-time favorites. It’s like customizing your beer tasting kit experience!

Price: Starts from $55.00


2.5 Priority Experiences


Ideal for virtual beer tasting, and non-alcohol drinkers 

Curious about the world of beer but haven’t taken the plunge? Priority Experiences hosts and organizes exciting and engaging virtual experiences for corporates.  They roll out a selection of beer tasting kits that are ideal for both beer buffs and those just starting, providing an enlightening and fun-filled beer tasting experience. They know that every beer lover has their own unique taste, which is why they offer a diverse lineup, including craft beer tastings, Ranger Creek enthusiast kits, Mexican beer tastings, and more. And if none of those quite hit the spot, no worries you can even request customizations to tailor the experience to your liking.

You can also request customization if none of their choices align with your preferences. If you prefer to give a skip to alcohol, they have a range of Mocktail kits to keep everyone involved. But that’s not all; if you’re looking to bond over beverages in a bigger way, they’ve got mixology and spirits-tasting events, wine kits, and a whole range of seasonal and international options to explore. 

Price: Starting from $75 per kit


2.6 Hazelton’s Gift Basket

Ideal for celebrations, and personalized gift experience

Well, who doesn’t love gifts right? Hazelton is known for crafting top-tier gift baskets, perfect for special occasions and celebrations. Their beer tasting kit is thoughtfully crafted, it’s like a trove of premium beers and gourmet snacks, and they’ve got something for everyone, from craft beer aficionados to fans of international classics. You can even customize your basket to fit the vibe of any occasion, adding in all sorts of goodies like snacks, cheeses, and charcuterie boards.

But wait, there’s more! In case you find yourself in a hurry, Hazelton’s got your back with their same-day, door-to-door rush delivery service and even deliver in an hour or so. Just keep in mind that this speedy service is available in specific areas. 

Price: $73.99


2.7 York Ville’s


Ideal for corporate events, and client relationships

Turn your office friends into your close friends with their corporate beer gift baskets, that’s what they say on its website. York Ville knows exactly what works well in corporate and what doesn’t. Be it a gift to impress your boss or to retain clients, or a beer tasting kit for your employees to have a fun virtual gathering.

Their range of gift basket options includes champagne, gourmet delights, liquor, wine, and much more. Each kit is a carefully curated collection of handpicked beers from some of the finest breweries. Whether you’re a fan of hoppy IPAs or stouts as dark as midnight, you’re sure to find something for your taste buds. And the best part? They offer customization, so you can tailor your gift to perfection.

Price: Starting from $44.99


3. How to Select a Beer Tasting Kit?


3.1 Know Your Beer Preferences

First things first, what type of beer floats your boat? Knowing your beer preferences will help you choose a kit that aligns with your flavor cravings.

3.2 Set Your Budget

Beer tasting kits come in all shapes and sizes, just like the beer itself. Set a budget that works for you to narrow down your search.

3.3 See What’s in the Kit


If there is anything that you want to be paired with beer or any specific beers you’re excited to try, make sure you keep a check on the beer lineup and the goodies that come along with it. Some beer tasting kits even pair with snacks, glasses, and more.

3.4 Read Descriptions & Reviews

Have a sneak peek of kit descriptions and read reviews of other beer enthusiasts. They’ll give you the lowdown on what to expect, so you can make an informed choice.

3.5 Assess Shipping & Delivery Options


Ensure to check the shipping and delivery options. Some kits offer speedy delivery, while others may take a bit more time for beer tasting kit delivery to your doorstep. Choose the one that suits your timeline.


4. FAQs

4.1 What is the best way to taste beer?

The best way to taste beer is to start by examining its appearance, swirl the beer to gently release its aroma so you can identify its scent.  When you finally take a sip, let the beer coat your palate and explore its taste, noting the various flavors that emerge. Pay attention to the balance of sweetness, bitterness, and other characteristics unique to the beer style. By engaging all your senses, you can fully appreciate the complexity and nuances of the beer you’re tasting.

4.2 What beers to have in a beer tasting?

When planning a beer tasting, you can include a diverse selection of beer styles. Opt for a range that includes light and dark beers, ales and lagers, hoppy and malty profiles, and even some unique or premium brews.



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