About Hooray Teams

We are a remote team building company looking to connect and bridge gaps with virtual teams.

About Hooray Teams

Bond beyond the screen through our virtual team-building events

Hooray Teams is set out on a mission to connect remote teams and boost camaraderie. Our goal has been to transcend physical boundaries and foster a virtual space where remote teams can unite, share experiences and thrive collectively.

 Let's Get Virtual: Mixing, Mingling and Remote Team Connecting!
From virtual team to virtual team, we get it

We Bring Teams Together, Wherever They Are

Hooray Teams understands the challenges of being a virtual team, just like yours. Slack messages just don't cut it for team bonding. That's why we've crafted a platform that turns virtual teams into tight-knit crews. From welcoming newbies to celebrating milestones and holidays and bidding sweet farewells, we've got your back.

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01. Search for your event

Explore our ever-expanding catalog of new and exciting virtual events that can be customized for your team's needs.

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Pick an event. Fill in your details. Customize to your liking. Choose a date and time - and Hooray! It's set up.

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03. We've Got You Covered

Our expert will cover the behind-the-scenes work from planning, logistics, shipping, and hosting the event to ensure everyone has a fantastic time.

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Still Confused ?

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