Frequently Asked Questions


What is Hooray Teams?

Hooray Teams is an online platform that helps you host a range of virtual team-building activities. We specialize in facilitating engaging team-building experiences catering to the needs of event planners, team leads, and HR professionals. Our platform offers an extensive lineup of hosted and kitted events, from virtual trivia to interactive virtual hot sauce-making classes. Whether you're planning end-of-quarter celebrations, Christmas parties, or simply a delightful happy hour, you are sure to find an event that will engage and entertain your team.


How can I book a virtual team-building event?

Simply navigate to our Virtual Events page, choose your preferred event, select your preferred date, time/timezone, and add the number of participants. You can then make a direct booking through payment on our website. When the booking is made successfully, a member from our team members will confirm your reserved slot via email.

Alternatively, if you're uncertain about the event selection, feel free to contact us, and our dedicated customer service team will promptly assist you in making the perfect choice.


Are all the events done via Zoom, or are there in-person events as well?

Currently, our focus is exclusively on virtual team-building events, conducted primarily through Zoom or other video conferencing tools. However, we are actively exploring options to include in-person team-building events.


Is there a maximum/minimum number of people for each event?

Details regarding the minimum and maximum number of participants for each event can be found in the 'I'm interested in this event' box on the respective event pages. Please note that while we technically don't impose a minimum number of participants, there is a minimum starting price for each event.


How does it work with kitted events?

For kitted events, upon booking, we'll request the names and addresses of each participant. Subsequently, we initiate a 2 to 3 week lead time to dispatch the kits to the specified participants.


What is the lead time for booking a kitted event?

We generally recommend a lead time of 2 to 3 weeks for kitted events to ensure a seamless and timely delivery.


How can I pay for my event?

Payments for events can be conveniently made through credit cards via our secure platform using Stripe. Additionally, we offer bank transfer options, for which you can contact Hooray Teams to make suitable arrangements.


Can I change the date of my event?

You can change the date of your event up to 10 days before the original event date. However, please note that date changes are not applicable for kitted events.


Can I change the number of people attending the event after making a booking?

Should you need to increase the number of participants after booking, kindly inform us, and we'll make every effort to accommodate your request. For events partnered with third-party vendors, we may need to coordinate with them for additional headcount.

If you wish to reduce the number of participants, you can do so up to 10 days before the event, after which the headcount is fixed and no changes can be made.


What are the cancellation terms for an event?

We offer the flexibility of free cancellations or date changes up to 10 days before the scheduled event, ensuring peace of mind for your planning process. Please note that for kitted events there is no option for cancellation once the kit is shipped.