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Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Put your team's hunting prowess to the test through this thrilling Virtual Scavenger Hunt adventure with Hooray Teams


Join us in this thrilling virtual scavenger adventure where your team’s hunting prowess will be put to the test. To start, you and your team will receive a list of items via a shared platform or dedicated online application. An expert host will be there to guide everyone with the necessary hints along the way. 

Participants have to fetch each of the listed things within the specified time limit. From finding hidden treasures to snapping creative photos, each task will test your teamwork, creativity, and quick thinking. In the end, the team who found and showed off the most items wins.

The Hooray Teams Virtual Scavenger Hunt includes -

  • Your professional host, who will be with you online the whole time.
  • A meeting link to join, while our host handles the rest.

How it works

Booking an event on Hooray Teams is as simple as 1, 2 and 3!

1 Once you’ve made your payment, you’ll receive a confirmation of the booking.

2 Then one of our event planners will reach out to check if you have any questions or want to make any customizations to the event (for free!).

3 Before the event, we’ll send you a link. Simply create a meeting with your team and copy and paste this Zoom link in for the event.

And you’re ready! On the event day, simply join the link, and our expert hosts will take care of it from there. You can sit back with your team and enjoy the whole event.

Event Schedule

Example of a show that we have run

Before the show

  • A Zoom link will be sent to you once your payment has been made & booking confirmed.
  • Copy this link and create a meeting invitation for your team.
  • Paste this link as the location of the meeting.

On the day of the event

  • Click the link at the scheduled time. Your host will be there, ready to welcome you all.
  • Want to add your own unique welcome message as well? Let us know & we can ask the host to help

First 5 minutes

  • Our host will give you a warm welcome and will start the event once we've reached the expected number of attendees.
  • Our host will keep the atmosphere lively with some great music and light-hearted conversations.

Next 5 minutes

  • Our host will provide a brief overview of how the Virtual Scavenger hunt will be conducted and run through general house rules.

Next 40-50 minutes

  • Participants are given a series of prompts or items to find within their homes or immediate surroundings.
  • They then have a set amount of time, typically a few minutes, to locate each item and present it to the group via a dedicated application or a shared platform.
  • The host keeps track of points or progress throughout the rounds.

Last 5 minutes

  • And that's a wrap!
  • A winner is announced.
  • A screenshot of the group is taken

Things you’ll need for the event

  • Host to run event
  • Digital Platform for game
  • Link that will be used for meeting event
  • Game materials
Required from you:
  • Computer
  • Internet
  • Video and microphone

Cancellation policy

  • Free cancellation 10 days prior to the event

I'm interested in this event

Currency-Icon Price
:$ 25 Per Person
People-Icon People
: 10-1000
: 60 Minutes
Event-TypeEvent Type
: Virtual

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Fill in your details below to check availability for this event!

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* For up to 10 people, the cost is $250, with an additional charge of $25 per extra person.

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