Virtual Wellness Course to Reduce Stress and Find Balance

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Virtual Wellness Course to Reduce Stress and Find Balance

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Virtual Wellness Course to Elevate Your Well-Being

Virtual Wellness Course to Elevate Your Well-Being

Our 6-week Wellness Course is designed to help remote teams combat stress through meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises. You can learn from experienced masters who bring years of expertise to your team's wellness journey.

The course is designed across multiple levels, starting from basics to advanced, so participants can progress at their own pace. Just one hour per week can help you alleviate stress, increase productivity, and create a profound sense of inner peace.

Virtual Wellness Course

$150 / Person


10 to 200 people


60 minute per lesson


Course duration 6 weeks



Looking for a way to unplug and destress your team from daily work hustle? This Virtual Wellness course is sure to fit the bill. The course focuses on bringing meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises to combat workplace stress and anxiety.

Virtual Wellness Course

Join this course to

Unwind and get rid of work stress and anxiety

Sharpen focus and clarity for better productivity

Join this course

Reduce pain from prolonged sitting and screen time

Cultivate a sense of sustained well-being

Course Breakdown

Week 01

Course introduction and basic Chair Yoga postures

Week 02

Advanced Chair Yoga poses to enhance comfort and reduce strain

Week 03

Meditation techniques and mindfulness exercises for improved focus

Week 04

Breathing techniques for stress relief and productivity

Week 05

Stillness and visualization for inner peace

Week 06

Tips for long-term wellness habits and a final Q&A

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of employees reported less burnout when they engaged in wellness programs?

Discover the perfect antidote to unplug your team's daily hustle and bustle with our Virtual Wellness Course. In just six weeks, you can destress your team through the transformative powers of yoga and meditation.

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Our Certified Yoga Instructor

Our yoga instructor, Deepanjali, is a certified yoga practitioner with over 10 years of experience. She has worked with amazing companies, individuals, and teams to help them learn skills they can take into their everyday lives. She supports clients of all fitness levels holistically during classes.

Our Certified Yoga Instructor
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