Virtual Tequila Mixology Experience

Virtual Tequila Mixology Experience

About Event

Is your team all set for a fun tipsy time with Mexico’s classic beverage? Then the Hooray Teams Virtual Tequila Mixology Experience is just what you need. Our expert mixologist will walk you through crafting three timeless tequila cocktails from the get-go. Your host will also discuss the finer points of the agave-based spirit and its popularity in Central America. Once you’ve learned the mixology basics, it’s your turn to put your newfound knowledge to the test by stirring another drink yourself. 

A few days prior to the event, each participant will receive a Tequila mixology kit delivered straight to their doorstep. Inside the kit, you will find three 50 ml bottles of Tequila, 50 ml orange liqueur, 2 oz. craft syrup, 4 oz. citrus juice, 7 oz. ginger beer, fruit garnish, dry spices, and edible glitter. This menu focuses on the flavors that complement tequila best. There may be a little spice in there. If you have teetotalers on your team, we can arrange mocktail options based on your preference.

The Hooray Teams Virtual Tequila Mixology Experience includes -

  • tickTequila Mixology Kit with all the essentials.
  • tickYour professional host, who will be with you online the whole time.
  • tickA meeting link to join, while our host handles the rest.
  • tickPlease note: We consider dietary preferences to tailor the experience to your needs. Kindly inform us in advance.
  • tickPlease note: Mocktails can be arranged upon request

How it works

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01. Before the show

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02. On the day of the event

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Things you'll need for the event


  • tickKit - including Three 50 ml bottles of Tequila, 50 ml orange liqueur, 2 oz. craft syrup, 4 oz. citrus, 7 oz. ginger beer, fruit garnish, dry spices, edible glitter
  • tickCustomized Mocktail Kit (upon request)
  • tickOptional: We can supply a tool kit for $25 per person and snack packs for $10 per person.
  • tickHost to run event.
  • tickLink that will be used for meeting event.

Required from you:

Cancellation policy

Please note that there is no option for cancellation once the kit is shipped.