12 Fun Farewell Games for Office to Throw an Awesome Adios Party

12 Fun Farewell Games for Office to Throw an Awesome Adios Party

While bidding farewell to coworkers is bittersweet, we would love to make the most of the ‘sweet’ part. A going away party is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the contributions and bonding that have been created within your workplace. What better way to make it memorable than by incorporating entertaining office farewell party games?  From icebreakers to engaging challenges, these farewell games bring out the team’s memories, spark healthy competition, and trigger hearty laughter. 

As always, we’ve done the legwork for you by curating a list of the best office farewell game ideas that will leave a lasting impression on everyone. Let’s get started. 

1. Why are Farewell Games Vital at the Workplace?

Throwing a fond farewell party for employees is super important at the workplace. It’s like the ultimate team building experience before someone steps onto their corporate ladder or the next phase of life. Rather than ending the departure on an emotional note (though it’s there), farewell games shift the focus to a fun and lighthearted atmosphere. 

Whether it’s a friendly round of trivia or a tricky game of charades, these activities inject a sense of camaraderie and unity among team members. Ultimately, it provides an opportunity for everyone to appreciate their contributions, share memories, and convey your best wishes for future endeavors. 

2. In-Office Farewell Games for Your Team

2.1. Get the Buzz Going With a Trivia 


Want to add some buzzworthy excitement to your farewell games? Trivia is your ticket, as your team can test their wits on different topics. Participants can race to the top of the scoreboard in a few fast-paced trivia rounds around history, sports, art, music, pop culture, or movies. The game can also be designed around departing colleagues’ milestones, likes, dislikes, hilarious mishaps, or bucket lists. 

Compete with your team to see who knows the honoree best with questions like:

  • What shopping sites do they spend the most time on?
  • What is their pet’s name?
  • How long have they been with the company?
  • What is their favorite superhero?
  • What was their signature catchphrase in the office?
  • What was their favorite lunch spot near the office?

🔥Hot Tip: Enhance your experience by hiring a professional trivia master. If you are working remotely, hire Hooray Teams, one of the go-to platforms for hosting trivia games. 

2.2. Play a Farewell Party Bingo Game

Looking to add a touch of competitive fun to your farewell games? Then, gather your team for a farewell party bingo game. To play this game, create Bingo cards with characteristics unique to your farewell colleague. Every time the host says something that is listed on the card, the players can tick off the box. Those who get to complete all the squares in a row or column can call Bingo!!

Here are some ideas for items you can include on the Bingo card:

  • Say yes to coffee breaks always
  • Often bring homemade snacks
  • Throw in pop culture jokes during chats
  • Change desktop wallpaper now and then 
  • Has a messy/clean desk
  • Sent a ‘reply to all’ email with a funny typo

🔥Hot Tip: Use a custom Bingo card generator to instantly create unique and personalized bingo cards for your farewell party. 

2.3. Set the Arena for Office Olympics 

For engaging and slightly competitive farewell games, Office Olympics might just be the perfect fit. You can choose spaces like an open area, terrace, or conference hall to set the stage for this lively event. To ensure maximum participation, select games that are inclusive and enjoyable for everyone, such as minute-to-win-it challenges or relay races. 

If the departing colleague has a passion for athletics, consider integrating their favorite sports like basketball, volleyball, mini golf, hula hoop, sack race, flip cup relay, desk soccer, or fitness-related elements into the activities. 

🔥Hot Tip: For those who are in remote settings, take the virtual farewell games up a notch with a slack game tournament.

2.4. Go for a Cook-off Contest 

Is there a better way to say “we will miss you” than a table of yummy delectables?  Encourage your team members to arrange a buffet lunch or dinner with departing member’s favorite dishes or snacks. Feel free to choose any theme, whether it’s Barbeque, Mexican, French, or Asian, just ensure that dietary restrictions are taken into account. You can even plan a menu with items based on the departing friends’ cultural background or those they order for team dinners. 

As you savor the diverse dishes, departing employees and colleagues can reminisce about shared moments and milestones. To add an element of excitement to the cook-off contest, let the departing employee take on the role of judge and choose the winning dish. 

🔥Hot Tip: If you are not up for a cooking contest, arrange a cooking class for the farewell party under the guidance of a professional chef. 

2.5. Set Out for a Scavenger Hunt 

Want to send off a coworker with an unforgettable adventure? We suggest you include a farewell scavenger hunt in your list of farewell games. In this activity, you have to hide different items in and around the workspace and set a timer for 5 minutes. Team members will set out to search and find the hidden items before the clock runs out. 

This game lets coworkers sneakily surprise their buddies with farewell gifts. The one saying adios won’t even suspect it’s all about them because they’ll be busy hunting down these treasures. Here are some ideas for items related to farewell gifts that could be included in the scavenger hunt:

  • A gift card to their favorite restaurant
  • A custom-made mug with a farewell message
  • A special farewell keychain or a keepsake.
  • A framed group photo
  • A farewell hamper

🔥Hot Tip: If you’re saying goodbye to a coworker in a virtual workspace, try using Scavify for an ultimate farewell scavenger hunt fun. 

2.6. Act it Out With Charades

The Charades game is a classic option that never fails to bring fun and laughter when it comes to farewell games. Though it follows the standard rules, you have to customize the game to phrases or themes that are related to the departing friend or the office environment. Each member takes turns acting out clues while their colleagues guess. 

It’s a hilarious way to reminisce about shared experiences and inside jokes. If a team can’t figure out the word or phrase, another team gets a turn to try. The team that gets the most points by the end of the game is the winner.

Here are some funny ideas for farewell charades:

  • Act out a hilarious incident from a team outing.
  • Re-enact the colleague’s first day on the job.
  • Portray a usual scene from a busy workday.
  • Pretend to be the colleague searching everywhere for their lost keys.
  • Re-enact the team’s reaction when the elevator gets stuck.

🔥Hot Tip: Try using a random phrase generator to generate a lot of tricky and unpredictable phrases. 

3. Virtual Farewell Games for Remote Teams 

3.1. Break Out of Dungeon Escape Room 

Ready to get your sleuthing hats on? Hooray Teams Dungeon Things Escape Room is going to be one of the exhilarating farewell games for remote teams. A terrible storm suddenly transports you back in time to a town called Lindale. But uh-oh, one of your friends, Jake, has disappeared in the storm! Your task is to find Jake and figure out what’s going on with all these other kids who’ve vanished in the past. 

A dedicated host will help you and your team to swift through clues and puzzles to unlock the escape room before time runs out. This virtual adventure offers a 360-degree virtual reality room view and a multiplayer collaborative interface for a seamless escape room experience. 

🔥Hot Tip: Make sure to try out  Hooray Teams Patient 360, Alchemist Escape Room,  and Mafia 360, which are guaranteed to get your heart racing.

3.2. Crack ‘Murder at the Manor’ Case

Looking for farewell games that are sure to engage and entice everyone on your team? Join Hooray Teams Murder at the Manor. The story goes like this: Lord Aubrey Falconer has been found dead, and it looks like a mysterious murder. Your task is to play detective and figure out who’s behind this deadly crime. 

You and your team need to search for clues, decipher codes, and interrogate suspects to uncover the secret. A dedicated host will keep the energy high while ensuring the farewell celebration is memorable and enjoyable for everyone. 

🔥Hot Tip: It’s best to keep the hints, such as the newsletter, last will, and title deed, close at hand or print them out so you can easily take a look.

3.3. Test Your Wits in Jeopardy 

How about adding some zest to your farewell games with the spirit of Jeopardy-style competition? Well, get set to engage those brain muscles as you join the Hooray Teams Virtual Team Jeopardy session. There will be 4-5 rounds of mind-boggling questions covering a vast array of topics such as science, history, art, music, movies, books, or pop culture. 

You and your team must respond to each clue in the form of a question. For example, if the clue is “This U.S. state is known as the ‘Sunshine State,'” the correct response would be “What is Florida?”. An enthusiastic host will take charge, showing the Jeopardy board on the screen. With digital buzzers, players can jump in to answer questions and earn points for their team.

🔥Hot Tip: If you want to customize the game around a farewell theme or company specifics, Hooray Teams can customize the session as per your preferences. 

3.4. Puzzle Out Two Truths and a Lie

An interesting way for your team members and farewell friends to bond over one last time is to host a Two Truths and a Lie game. Each team member shares two genuine experiences and one fictional story about the departing colleague. The team has to distinguish between fact and fiction based on what they know about the colleague and their instincts to spot the fabricated tale.

Two Truths and a Lie was the highlight of the farewell games during the send-off party of one of our colleagues. Someone shared, “Our friend once rescued a cat stuck in a tree outside the office. He also dressed up as a superhero for our costume contest. But did he truly admit to accidentally joining a meeting from his backyard hammock?” It was hilarious to see everyone trying to figure out the fake story, making our goodbye extra special and full of fun.

🔥Hot Tip: Ensure the stories are light-hearted and suitable for the occasion to maintain a fun atmosphere.

3.5. Guess to Win the Pictionary Game 

If you are looking to celebrate your colleague’s departure on a lighthearted note, a pictionary game is a go-to option. This game encourages effective communication, collaboration, and teamwork in a fun and engaging environment. Team members are tasked with depicting themes and phrases related to the office or colleagues through illustrations. One who guesses the correct sketch will be declared as the winner. Along the way, team members can reminisce about shared bonding, and memories while chuckling at office jokes.

Here are some of the creative ideas for your farewell pictionary game:

  • Elevator that gets stuck whenever we’re urgent
  • Departing colleague’s very own coffee mug from childhood
  • A unique succulent plant on departee’s desk
  • Office chair with a wonky wheel
  • The coffee machine with a leaking spout

🔥Hot Tip: Level up your farewell pictionary with digital sketching platforms like Miro, Mural or Stormboard.

3.6. Host a Coworker Feud Show 

Among games for farewell party, Feud Show truly stands out for its high energy, engaging, and super social nature. The game is a spin-off of the popular game show Family Feud, where coworkers compete against each other in a battle of wits and critical thinking. To play the game, you have to create 15-20 survey questions relevant to the industry, office, or departing teammates. 

Teams take turns guessing the top 5 answers in the main round. If one team misses 3, the other team gets a shot. Then, it’s a free-for-all buzzer round. And the team with the most points at the end wins. Here are some of the survey questions for the coworker feud game:

  • A possible excuse for being late to work.
  • The favorite music genre of your departing colleague 
  • Name the most common Zoom faux pas.
  • A topic that often comes up during office small talk.
  • The one infamous office snack you’re tired of.

🔥Hot Tip: Consider using an online survey tool like SurveyMonkey to gather responses for your  Coworker Feud Show.

4. Frequently Asked Questions

4.1. What games are best for the office farewell party?

Games that encourage team bonding and laughter are great for office farewell parties. Consider farewell games like charades, Pictionary, two truths and a lie, trivia or even one minute games for farewell party tailored to the departing colleague’s interests.

4.2. How do you host a game for an office farewell party?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to host a game for a farewell party:

  • Choose virtual platforms like Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet.
  • Decide on the farewell games based on the team’s preference. 
  • Send out invitations in advance, including the date, time, and instructions.
  • Engage participants throughout the games in farewell party. 

4.3. What is a good farewell message to a coworker?

A good farewell message expresses appreciation for a colleague’s contributions, well-wishes for their future endeavors, and a personal touch reflecting your memories with them.


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