Top 7 Free Virtual Trivia Games For Teams to Test Their Wits

Top 7 Free Virtual Trivia Games For Teams to Test Their Wits

Cutting corners or searching for no-frills team building activities for your remote crew? Look no further, because we have come up with a selection of free virtual trivia games for work that will not only challenge you but also keep your team connected and motivated. 

All these games are as simple as pie, you don’t need much, maybe just a bit of preparation. So, browse our list of best free virtual trivia games and discover the best choice for your upcoming low-budget, super-fun team activity.

1. How Can Virtual Trivia Games Help Teammates Socialize?


Rather than just a fun way to test your knowledge, virtual trivia games are a powerful team-building activity that brings remote team members together. Working together to solve challenging questions or puzzles helps coworkers enjoy shared experiences, have fun together, and develop camaraderie.

These games encourage open communication, promote healthy competition, and create a sense of togetherness in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. Furthermore, trivia games contribute to lower stress levels and higher morale, creating a more pleasant and harmonious atmosphere for all employees at the workplace. 

2: Top 7 Free Virtual Trivia Games

2.1 Jeopardy Arkadium


Ideal for: Remote team, Non-profit Organizations, Corporate Teams, Educational Teams

If you were a fan of America’s favorite classic Jeopardy TV show, then the Jeopardy trivia game would be a great choice to channel your competitive spirit. In contrast to conventional trivia, Jeopardy game provides players with an answer, and then it’s their task to formulate the corresponding question. For instance, the answer “She wrote the novel featuring a young wizard named Harry Potter.” would be responded with the question “Who is J.K. Rowling?”. 

You can select categories such as history, movies, music, pop culture, sports or anything  specific to your industry or company that aligns with players’ interests and areas of expertise. The host keeps track of the scores, and after the game is over, the player or team with the highest points is declared as the winner. Jeopardy can be played in a variety of ways, including online platforms, smartphone apps, and slide shows.

No of Participants: Customizable 

Time duration: Customizable

Price per person: Free

2.2  Random Trivia Generator

Ideal for:  Remote team, Virtual team-building events, Corporate Teams, Educational Teams

The Random Trivia Generator  is a go-to tool for free virtual trivia games for work groups and friends. Their website has no shortage of questions spanning from general knowledge to topics like art, movies, TV shows, series, or pop culture. Choosing one of these will prompt the site to create a random bunch of six questions based on that particular category. 

We recommend that one person take on the role of host, sharing the Random Trivia Generator on their screen and presenting all the questions. Don’t forget to keep track of the scores; after all, a bit of friendly competition adds to the enjoyment.  They’re always cooking up fresh stuff and adding new content, so make sure to swing by and see what’s the latest in their bag. 

No of Participants: Customizable 

Time duration: Customizable

Price per person: Free

2.3 Lovatts Crossworld and Puzzles


Ideal for: Remote coworkers, Online team-building, Small businesses

Lovatts website has a bevy of crosswords, word search, trivia quizzes, wheel words, code cracker, sudoku, crypto quiz, and many more to enhance your team building activities. Their dedicated and enthusiastic team has created a super intuitive free virtual trivia for work, family gatherings, and friends. 

You can choose your favorite category from general knowledge, dictionary, history, geography, science, nature, entertainment, food, and drink. Pick a category that works best for your remote team, and the first one to solve all the trivia questions wins. Additionally, be sure to visit their website regularly, as new questions are added daily.

No of Participants: Customizable 

Time duration: Customizable

Price per person: Free

2.4 Trivia Nerd

Ideal for: Remote work, Education team, corporate events, Family gatherings,  Fundraising programs

With over 10,000 ready-to-play trivia games, fun leaderboard, music, and avatars, the platform does what it says on the tin. Specific categories include general knowledge, Halloween, entertainment, cars, Disney, and TV shows/series, each with 100 questions. They regularly update our website with new content that reflects the latest trends in pop culture and current events.

Whether you want to plan a trivia holiday at your workplace, run weekly trivia nights, or test everyone’s general knowledge at a family get together, you are sure to find some best virtual trivia games online on the Trivia Nerd website. And the best part? There is even an AI-powered generator to create your own with tailor-made trivia questions.

No of Participants: up to 5 

Time duration: Customizable

Price per person: Free  (only 5 participants)

2.5 Fundoo Friday


Ideal for: Remote teams, Trivia enthusiasts, Virtual team-building activity

Fundoo Friday lets your employees enjoy a fun-filled break out of the normal “wake up, eat, work, eat, sleep” work-from-home routine. They offer exciting and engaging games like mini golf, seven stones, quriosity, and memory games that bring back anyone’s nostalgic childhood memories. The platform adds new games every month and allows players to schedule them in advance, giving HR more flexibility to organize the game easily. 

Choose from thousands of ready-made trivia game online, or you can use customization options to make bespoke games according to your skill set and interests. With Fundoo Friday, you can enjoy round-the-clock access to the gaming platform from anywhere and at any time. Also, Fundoo is preparing to introduce exciting features in the metaverse in the near future.

No of Participants: 500+

Time duration: Customizable

Price per person: 90 days free trial

2.6 Quizbreaker


Ideal for: Remote teams, Online team building activities, Onboarding, Corporate events

Team building activities & games, workstyle profiles, random quizzes,  pulse surveys & analytics, personality tests- quizbreaker has everything you need to build team connection and engagement. You can play trivia quizzes based on various topics ranging from pop music, sports, movies to science and literature. Otherwise, simply enter a topic, and an AI generator will create your own custom trivia questions. 

QuizBreaker’s icebreaker are like an ultimate trivia game for your remote colleagues to get to know them better. Plus, there are a lot of add-ons like leaderboards, showdowns, sound effects, GIFs, fun facts and more. 

No of Participants: Customizable 

Time duration: Customizable

Price per person: 21 days free trial

2.7 Trivia Crack 

Ideal for: Remote teams, Trivia enthusiasts, Virtual team-building activity

Want to try a super cool mobile trivia game with a unique twist? Then spin a wheel containing six question categories – each right answer earns you cute characters, and you can even challenge your team members for characters. The champ? The one who bags all six characters first. 

These characters cover a diverse range of categories, such as art, science, sports, entertainment, geography, pop culture, and history. Participants can choose from different games such as Trivia Crack Explorer, Trivia Crack Adventure, Trivia Crack, Word Crack, Trivia Crack 2, Word Crack Mix, and Trivia Deluxe. 

No of Participants: Customizable 

Time duration: Customizable

Price per person: Free

3. FAQs

3.1 Is there a free online trivia game?

Yes. There are numerous free online trivia games available across various websites, apps, or even social media platforms. Some of the popular free trivia options include Random Trivia Generator, Trivia Crack, Quizbreaker, Fundoo Friday, where all of them offer a wide selection of trivia categories, making it easy to find something that suits your preferences. So, whether you’re into movies, sports, pop culture, or history, there’s likely a free online trivia game out there for you to play and enjoy yourself.

3.2 How do you play trivia virtually?

Playing trivia virtually can be a fun and engaging activity. Following are the steps to play trivia game online:

  • Select a video conferencing platform – choose a user-friendly and reliable virtual platform for hosting your online trivia game. Popular options like Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet offer interactive features and user-friendly interfaces for a smooth experience for all participants.
  • Book an expert trivia master to host the session – reach out to a certified and knowledgeable quiz master who can guide participants through the virtual trivia game session. Go for someone who is well-versed in different areas such as history, general knowledge, art, culture, movies, music, sports, and pop culture, and also make sure he/ she has excellent communication skills and the ability to engage in various virtual collaboration platforms.
  • Decide on the trivia theme – Take into account the interests and knowledge levels of the participants, like whether they have a particular inclination towards topics like movies, sports, history, or general knowledge. You can also align the theme with seasonal or current events or holidays to add a fun and exciting dimension to the game. Also, you can create custom themes that resonate with your group, be it based on a TV show, movie franchise, or book series.
  • Set the time and send notifications in advance – Fix a suitable date and time for the virtual trivia game. Send out invitations and notifications

well in advance through email or any other event management platform. Make sure the invitation contains details about the date, time, and joining link. 


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