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 40 LOL Funny Trivia Questions for a Memorable Game Night

40 LOL Funny Trivia Questions for a Memorable Game Night

Looking to inject a dose of humor for your next team building event? Then a quiz with funny trivia questions is worth a chuckle. Picture your team members doubling over with laughter, playfully competing, and exchanging witty remarks, all while learning and bonding.

In this post, have we got some doozies for you! Some of these headscratchers are almost too ridiculous to be true, while others are just plain odd. Not all of the answers are obvious or even make much sense, so it’s time to get those thinking caps on!

Dive into a world of trivia excitement! We have multiple categories to help you find one to suit your taste. Experience the thrill of Movies, Sports, Music, and Pop Culture trivia
Looking for something more specific? Explore the magical worlds of Disney, Marvel, The Office, Harry Potter, and the cosmic saga of Star Wars. And don’t miss the festive fun with our Halloween and Christmas trivia questions!

1. What Are the Benefits of Trivia Questions for Team Building?


Trivia questions and answers put people at ease, paving the way for a relaxed, social environment where teams can get to know one another better while enjoying an intellectually stimulating game.

One of the greatest benefits of including funny adult trivia questions is that the questions often revolve around fairly obscure facts, requiring participants to work the answer out through discussion and logic rather than somebody simply knowing the answer off the top of their head.

2. Top 8 Funny Trivia Topics to Try

2.1. Wacky Science


Who says science has to be serious? These funny trivia questions show that the world of biology, chemistry, and physics isn’t always a strictly sensible space.
Q: The Super Soaker water gun was invented by a scientist from which US government agency?

Q: Fill in the missing word from this real-life science experiment conclusion: “Wearing _ over shoes appears to be an effective and inexpensive method to reduce the likelihood of slipping on icy footpaths”.
A: Socks.

Q: What is the name of the widely ridiculed pseudoscience that claims that you can predict certain traits, among them criminality, by measuring the bumps on someone’s skull?
A: Phrenology.

Q: True or false: you are 1cm taller in the morning than in the evening.
A: True.

Q: In 2008, Mexican experimenters discovered a way to turn what alcohol into diamonds?
A: Tequila.

2.2. Odd Sports

Next on our list of funny trivia questions for work, we’re heading into the strange world of niche sports. Sure, you might think Olympic sports like water polo and synchronized swimming are humorous, but there are some games that take the unusual to new heights.

Q: Which country hosts the annual Wife Carrying World Championship?
A: Finland.

Q: What do participants chase down Cooper’s Hill in England every Spring Bank Holiday, in an event that is suspected to be hundreds of years old?
A: A wheel of cheese.

Q: What animal would you see traversing an obstacle course in the Swedish sport of kaninhoppning?
A: A rabbit.

Q: There are several very painful-sounding sports out there, but which one of these is not a real thing: shin kicking, face slapping, or toe gouging?
A: Toe gouging.

Q: If you found yourself inside a transparent plastic ball rolling down a hill, what sport would you be engaging in?
A: Zorbing.

2.3. Cartoon Capers


Animated antics are comedic by design, but how well do your colleagues know their cartoon characters and their most famous escapades?

Q: “The Monorail Song” is one of the most memorable moments from one of the longest-running animated comedies of all time. What is the show called?
A: The Simpsons.

Q: In one of the most popular episodes of Rick & Morty, Rick transforms himself into a piece of food to avoid a therapy session, but what food does he turn into: a hamburger, a pickle, or a churro?
A: A pickle.

Q: Name the adult cartoon from its plot: a promiscuous superspy with mommy issues bungles his way through international espionage.
A: Archer.

Q: Who created the irreverent animated shows Family Guy and American Dad?
A: Seth MacFarlane.

Q: The Texas Chainsaw Massa-Curd, the Human Polenta-pede, and the Cauliflower’s Cumin from Inside The House are all horror-themed burgers of the day in which animated TV show?
A: Bob’s Burgers.

2.4. Name that Sound

Not all your quiz questions have to be straight Q&As. You can also incorporate a bit of multimedia into your quiz to keep people amused and engaged. While reading out these questions, make sure to also have an accompanying sound clip to play in tandem.

Q: What African big cat can make a chirping noise that sounds like a bird?
A: Cheetah.

Q: What is the name of the go-to cinema shriek that has been recycled through numerous films, from Western classic The Wild Bunch to modern action fare like F9?
A: The Wilhelm scream.

Q: The sounds of what cetaceans are commonly said to help people get to sleep?
A: Whales.

Q: What distinctive-sounding gambling devices are sometimes known as one-armed bandits?
A: Slot machines.

Q: What vocal skill involves imitating different percussion sounds?
A: Beatboxing.

2.5. Unusual Food


A good category for introducing cultural diversity to your team, these funny trivia questions provide a taster of the weird and wonderful world of international gastronomy.

Q: What Chinese poultry product is euphemistically known in Mandarin as phoenix claw?
A: Chicken feet.

Q: In what national cuisine might you find hakarl, a dish of fermented shark flesh that the chef Anthony Bourdain once described as “the single worst, most disgusting and terrible tasting thing?”
A: Iceland.

Q: Which of these delicacies is not insect based: fugu, escamol, or beondegi?
A: Fugu (pufferfish). Escamol is a Mexican dish of ant larvae, while beondegi is a Korean specialty made from silkworm pupae.

Q: Many people think of guinea pigs as pets, but along which mountain range are they considered a traditional delicacy?
A: The Andes.

Q: Rocky Mountain oysters, also known as prairie oysters, are a coy name for what North American eat?
A: Bull testicles.


2.6. Weird Laws


We couldn’t have a post on funny trivia questions without parsing through some of the most bizarre laws that exist, from outdated commandments that lawmakers haven’t got around to repealing to well-intentioned new legislation that just doesn’t make much sense.

Q: Famed for its fashion, which Italian city also has an unrepealed law from Austro-Hungarian times that requires people to smile at all times, though there are exemptions for funerals or hospital visits?
A: Milan.

Q: In 2008, Japan enacted a law mandating annual waistline measurements for employees aged 40 to 75. This was part of an initiative to combat obesity. What was the upper limit for a man’s waist size: 80cm, 90cm, or 100cm?
A: 90cm, or approximately 35 inches.

Q: Which of these is not a real law in any U.S. state: women can’t wear patent leather shoes, it’s illegal to have a red and black flag, or wearing white after Labor Day is prohibited?
A: Wearing white after Labor Day.

Q: True or false: according to federal legislation, it is illegal to publish fake weather reports in the USA?
A: True.

Q: In which country are all unmarked swans found swimming in open waters the property of the reigning monarch?
A: The UK.


2.7. Pop Culture Mishaps

Thanks to YouTube, Twitter, and all other manner of social media platforms, poor, unfortunate celebs can’t commit a single embarrassing blunder without it becoming a top news story. Indulge in some schadenfreude with this entertaining set of queries.

Q: At the 2014 Academy Awards, John Travolta hit the headlines not for his acting chops, but for bungling the name of one of the greatest musical theater stars of all time. Her actual name is Idina Menzel, but what did Travolta introduce her as?
A: Adele Dazeem.

Q: While numerous celebrities have had embarrassing falls in public, such as Jennifer Lawrence on the red carpet or Justin Bieber on stage, one comedian stands out for a fake fall in front of an unamused Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Who was this comedian?
A: Amy Schumer.

Q: What term describes a clothing mishap that entered popular culture after Justin Timberlake accidentally revealed Janet Jackson’s breast at the halftime show of Super Bowl XXXVIII?
A: Wardrobe malfunction.

Q: Which singer and sometime actress will never live down the moment on her reality TV show when she said: “Is this chicken or is this fish? I know it’s tuna, but it says, ‘Chicken of the Sea.’”
A: Jessica Simpson.

Q: What’s the name of the popular TV show that generated a buzz for the wrong reasons when a Starbucks cup was accidentally left on set and appeared in a Medieval-style setting during the broadcast?
A: Game of Thrones.

2.8. Silly Inventions


You know how people sometimes say that a great invention is the best thing since sliced bread? Well, these funny trivia questions deal with inventions that are the exact opposite of that, from impractical gadgets to just plain ridiculous items.

Q: If you ever feel like your baby just isn’t doing enough housework, what product can you attach to their clothing so that they can take part in the spring cleaning?
A: Baby mop.

Q: Which of these is not an available sound on the iFart app: Burrito Maximo, Delhi Belly, or I’m Fartacus?
A: Delhi Belly.

Q: Before mankind settled on the conventional shape for the modern bicycle, it was preceded by what two-wheeled contraption with differently sized wheels?
A: The penny-farthing.

Q: In what century did America grant a patent for the handgun-equipped mousetrap designed for homeowners seeking a more lethal approach to rodent control?
A: 19th century.

Q: Some smart Alec invented a shoe that incorporates synthetic grass as part of the insole, but what style of shoe was the original model: hiking boots, flip flops, or loafers?
A: Flip flops.


3. FAQs

3.1. How do you make trivia questions interesting?

Featuring a section of funny trivia questions is a great way to keep everybody engaged. They provide plenty of food for thought while also acting as a bit of an equalizer, as most of the answers are beyond the realms of your everyday general knowledge.

3.2. How do you make virtual trivia fun?

Incorporating a mixture of different trivia categories that will appeal to a broader audience is a simple way to make your virtual trivia games fun for everyone. Get creative by blending traditional quiz categories like pop music and sports with more unusual topics like odd inventions or surprising food specialties.


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