12 Virtual Gratitude Activities For Work To Show Employees That You Care

12 Virtual Gratitude Activities For Work To Show Employees That You Care

Considering people spend more time at work than any other place for most of their lives, it is important for them to feel like they aren’t just cogs in a machine. In remote setups, this can gets even more challenging. Gratitude activities are one of the ways by which an organization can help create a positive work culture.

We’ve gathered some awesome virtual ideas to show your team that they’re appreciated, making work feel more like a fun community than just a job

1. How Do You Show Gratitude in the Workplace?

There are different ways to show gratitude to your employees and these can be broadly categorized under formal and informal frameworks at the workplace. Formal programs typically include training, skills development, and monetary benefits. Informal options such as fun team building games and activities are more open-ended and easy to personalize for employees both in the office and for remote setups.

If you are looking for unique and engaging ways to express gratitude to your employees, then Hooray Teams can help you out. We offer several enjoyable hosted activities on our virtual team building platform with the flexibility to customize them as well.

2. 12 Virtual Gratitude Activities For Work 

2.1. Host a Trivia 

Host a Trivia 

Let’s start with a classic activity to show gratitude to your employees. Hooray Teams Virtual Trivia is a buzzworthy way to have fun with your employees while engaging in some healthy competition. You and your teammates will enjoy a fun a battle fo wits across 4-5 rounds of trivia. 

The session is led by an expert quizmaster who ensures that spirits remain high throughout the game. There are many different topics you can choose from like Pop Culture or The Office. If you are looking to customize your trivia questions, we can help you with that as well. 

2.2. Outsmart the Escape Room 

Outsmart the Escape Room 

For a more unconventional gratitude virtual activity, have a look at Hooray Teams Escape Room. In this hosted game, you and your teammates race against the clock to decipher clues and find a way out. There are four theme options to choose from depending on the interests of your team. 

For a tryst with the spirit world, check out The Alchemist.  For teams who are a little more fearless and don’t mind a grim setting, Patient 360 and Dungeon Things are the ideal choices. If you are looking for a retro experience that transports you to a time when La Cosa Nostra reigned supreme, then don’t miss out on Mafia 360

2.3. Experiment with a Mixology Session

 Experiment with a Mixology Session

If you work out of an office, it would be easy to make your way to a neighborhood pub to unwind with your coworkers and pick up the tab to express some gratitude to your team. However, this is a little difficult in a virtual setting. So, raise a glass to teamwork with this Virtual Mixology Class by Hooray Teams. Led by an experienced bartender, you and your team will learn to craft delicious cocktails while hanging out and cracking a joke or two. 

The logistics of the session will be managed by Hooray Teams and all participants will receive mixology kits with essentials needed for the event. If there are specific cocktails that you would like to include in this session or have people who might prefer a mocktail kit, just let us know and we can customize the session for you. 

2.4. Solve a Mystery 

 Solve a Mystery 

If your team has super sleuths hiding in plain sight, it is time to shine the light on them with Mystery Games with Hooray Teams. There are two options that you can choose from depending on what your team would like to participate 

For a classic murder mystery have a look at Mystery at the Manor. In this game, you and your teammates need to figure out the culprit behind the untimely demise of Lord Aubrey Falconer. If you are looking for a more quirky premise, have a look at Virtual Mystery in Hollywood. In this game, you need to find the thief who has stolen silent film star Buster Chaplin’s latest movie. 

2.5. Do a Gift Trade-Off

When you are looking for virtual gratitude activities for employees, consider hosting a gift trade-off among your employees. In this activity, everyone is assigned a budget (sponsored by the company) that they need to spend, buy a gift for another person, and have it delivered to their doorstep. 

Encourage participants to consider the interests, preferences, and personality of their assigned gift recipient when choosing a gift. Teammates can then come together to exchange the gifts virtually through a video conferencing platform. The fun part here is that everyone can unwrap their gifts at the same time and express their gratitude to their gift-givers.

2.6. Create a Gratitude Wall 

How could we create a list of gratitude activities and not include an office gratitude wall for work? To create a virtual gratitude board, use a platform like Asana, Trello, or Slack. Once you create a channel, employees can post messages expressing their gratitude, commemorating milestones, and celebrating achievements.

Encourage team members to stay engaged on the virtual gratitude board by responding to posts, recognizing contributions, and prompting meaningful interactions.

2.7. Get Creative With Cookies and Cupcakes

Get Creative With Cookies and Cupcakes

Sweet treats are an easy and classic way to express gratitude to anyone. If you want an activity that combines creativity and sweets for your employees, check out Hooray Teams Virtual Fortune Cookie Decorating Class and Cupcake Decorating Class. In this gratitude virtual activity, an expert baker will show you and your teammate how to create intricate designs on cookies or cupcakes (depending on what you choose).

Everything you need to be able to create your designs will be sent over in advance to all participants’ doorsteps. Each kit includes a piping bag, royal icing, sprinkles, and of course plain cookies or cupcakes. At the end of the session, everyone will have a personalized box of treats to savor. 

2.8. Dive Into a Wellness Session

When you are looking for gratitude activities that make a difference, consider wellness sessions for your employees that can positively influence at a holistic level.

One of our favorite wellness sessions has to be the Online Meditation Class by Hooray Teams, where a meditation guide will guide your team through various breathing and grounding exercises. Another one is the fun Chair Yoga Class which helps you find your inner Zen and teaches you some easy-to-do yoga stretches to stay fit. 

2.9. Organize an Appreciation “Hot Seat”

Appreciation “Hot Seat’ is one of the best gratitude games for work if you want to initiate some fun yet meaningful conversations in the team. In this activity, employees show their appreciation for one another through verbal interactions. This can include someone or even something that the person individually feels grateful for in the workplace.

To conduct this exercise, one person at a time sits on the hypothetical “Hot Seat” in this case the “video spotlight” while others take turns sharing their expressions of gratitude and appreciation. This is a great way to motivate team members and create a more positive work culture. 

2.10. Present Personalized Gift Cards  

If you are looking for a personalized way to show gratitude to your employees then you should consider gift cards. These not only make for great gratitude ideas for work but also allow employees to pick something that they would actually like to use. 

Consider giving out vouchers to Amazon and Target, as that is where most people go to shop. Another great thing that you can do is give out subscriptions to services like Max, Disney, or Netflix, as these are popular options.

2.11. Organize a Lunch 

Food is a simple yet effective addition to the list of gratitude ideas for work. You don’t even have to organize a lunch for everyone. Consider sending out a form and getting a list of everyone’s favorite restaurants. Once you have this, you can give out meal coupons to everyone. Another great idea when you are working virtually is to send out a snack basket to your employees so that they have something that they can share with their families. 

If you do want to have lunch together virtually, you can give everyone an assigned budget and they can order their own food. Once everyone has done that, you can get together and enjoy the meal over a video call together. 

2.12. Sponsor Learning Workshops  

Providing your employees with opportunities to upskill is a great way to show your gratitude to them. Send out a form with options to everyone and let them pick the course that they want to do. Once you have this list you can give them access to the courses that they want to undertake to upskill. 

This also shows employees that you care about their personal growth as much as they do themselves. 

3. Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

3.1. What are the appreciation games for office?

Appreciation games for the office often include activities like Two Truths and a Lie, Escape Room, Virtual Trivia, and Bingo. These games not only enhance workplace relationships but also create a positive and supportive work environment.

3.2. What is a gratitude game?

A gratitude game is an activity designed to foster appreciation and acknowledgment among team members. It involves sharing what one is grateful for, expressing appreciation for others’ contributions, and engaging in collaborative activities centered around gratitude.

3.3. How do you play thankful game?

To play the thankful game, participants take turns expressing something they’re thankful for, whether it’s related to work, personal life, or the team. The aim is to create a positive atmosphere and encourage reflection on the things that bring joy and appreciation.


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