10 Best Juneteenth Celebration Ideas For Teams in the Workplace

10 Best Juneteenth Celebration Ideas For Teams in the Workplace

Juneteenth marks the end of slavery in the United States and the day is an opportunity for teams to come together and honor this significant moment in history. As one of the newer federal holidays, we believe it is important to showcase and understand the gravity this day holds for so many Americans.

We have collated ten thoughtful and engaging Juneteenth celebration ideas tailored specifically for teams in the workplace. These activities are designed to not only celebrate the achievements and resilience of the Black community but also to promote learning, reflection, and solidarity amongst colleagues.

1. What Is Juneteenth Day and Why Is It Celebrated?

Juneteenth, also known as Freedom Day or Emancipation Day, marks the end of slavery in the United States. The holiday’s name is a blend of “June” and “nineteenth,” marking the date when Union General Gordon Granger arrived in Galveston, Texas, on June 19, 1865, to announce General Order No. 3, which proclaimed the freedom of all enslaved people in Texas.

Juneteenth celebrates the belated but significant liberation of the last enslaved African Americans in the Confederacy and has since evolved into a day of remembrance and celebration of African American culture, heritage, and achievements. Celebrating Juneteenth in the workplace helps foster a sense of belonging for all employees and promotes awareness and understanding of the historical significance of the day. 

2. 10 Juneteenth Celebration Ideas

2.1. Juneteenth Trivia

Juneteenth Trivia

If you are looking to celebrate this holiday in a way that blends both learning and fun then Hooray Teams Juneteenth Trivia is a great choice.  Get ready with your team to engage in some healthy competition over 4-5 rounds of quick-fire trivia. 

Additionally, this also works if you are looking for hosted Juneteenth games. All you and your team need to do is click on the link and be ready to have a great time. In case you are looking to customize the trivia,  you can just reach out to Hooray Teams and they’ll be happy to help.

2.2. Juneteenth Bingo 

 Juneteenth Bingo 

When looking for ideas on how to celebrate Juneteenth at work, you and your team should try an engaging session of Juneteenth Bingo by Hooray Teams. In this game, you and your team will receive bingo cards with squares containing words or phrases related to Juneteenth that focus on African American history, civil rights, and freedom. 

The host will call out the words or phrases while also reflecting on their significance. This is a great way to celebrate the day while still understanding the struggles behind this day.  

2.3. Have a Juneteenth-Themed Lunch And Learn

Food is a great way to bridge gaps and spark conversations. A Juneteenth-themed office cook-off allows employees to showcase their culinary skills. Just keep one directive that they can only prepare and share dishes inspired by traditional African American cuisine. So, we’re talking collard greens, cornbread, fried chicken, and so on. 

For all of those working in a remote setup, consider a virtual potluck via a video conferencing platform. Team members can cook classic recipes like fried chicken, sweet potato pie, and classic macaroni and cheese. Enjoy enriching conversations on the history of Juneteenth and share some good fun and learning. 

If you want to take it a step further you can even get a chef to come and teach you how to make some soul food. 

2.4. Host A Black History Celebration

As an organization, if you are looking for Juneteenth celebration ideas, look at hosting a Black History Celebration. This means organizing a celebration with music, soul food, and fun games inspired by the resilience and triumph of the African American culture.

To elevate the fun yet meaningful experience you can even get guest speakers to come in and share knowledge and delve into the history of this milestone day.  You and your team can then have an open-ended discussion and exchange insights through enriching conversations. 

End the day with a reflection circle for your employees where they can discuss how they feel now that they know a little bit more about the history of Juneteenth

2.5. Tour a Black Culture Museum Or Exhibit

Often also called America’s second Independence Day, Juneteenth has long been celebrated by the African American community but mainstream recognition is fairly recent. Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History & Culture has both in-person(if you can make the trip) as well as virtual tours your employees can partake in. 

If you are looking for something virtual, then Google also offers two very interesting shows for you and your employees to check out. Emancipation and Educating the Newly Freed looks at the educational laws that were being fought for while segregation was in place. The second is The Historical Legacy of Juneteenth which showcases the history of the holiday.

Have a guest speaker or tour guide from the African American community to walk you through the exhibits so you can gain more insights.

2.6. Support Black-Owned Business

For Juneteenth and even beyond, you can make a conscious effort to support Black-owned businesses around your area. Encourage employees to patronize Black-owned restaurants, shops, and services for lunch, coffee breaks, or personal purchases by gifting subscriptions or vouchers. 

You can compile a list of Black-owned businesses in your area and share it with your team to facilitate support and promote economic empowerment within the Black community. There are plenty of business listings online that you can refer to if you aren’t sure about where to start.

2.7. Host a Juneteenth Themed Movie

Host a Juneteenth Themed Movie 


Consider hosting a movie night for your employees as one of the more fun ideas for Juneteenth celebration if you are looking for something that’s easy to organize. Try and pick movies that spark meaningful conversations about the legacy of slavery, the struggle for freedom, and the ongoing fight for equality. Remote teams can connect using a video conferencing platform to bond and enjoy watching these movies together.

Some of our top picks for movie night include Selma, 12 Years a Slave, Hidden Figures, The Help, and The Color Purple.

If you want to kick it up a notch, you can even rent out a movie theater and have a showing of the movie. 

2.8. Juneteenth Book Club

Another way that you can celebrate Juneteenth is through a book club recommendation. This is a casual but insightful way to understand Black culture and the American-African movement for freedom more clearly. By engaging in discussions about themed books written by Black authors, team members can gain new perspectives, and this promotes a more inclusive and informed workplace culture. The book club also offers a platform to appreciate and support the literary contributions of Black authors in the African American community.

Some great books that you can consider are Four Hundred Souls, All Different Now: Juneteenth, the First Day of Freedom, and A Little Devil in America.

2.9. Support a Charity  

Our list of Juneteenth celebration ideas also includes supporting a charity. Begin by educating your team about the historical importance of Juneteenth and its relevance to contemporary issues of social justice and equality. 

Select a charity or non-profit organization that aligns with the values of your team and addresses relevant issues such as racial justice, economic empowerment, or education access.

2.10. Explore Juneteenth Craft Activities

Explore Juneteenth Craft Activities

Juneteenth craft activities are a creative and engaging way for people to learn more and commemorate the importance of this holiday. While bringing these Juneteenth celebration ideas to fruition, consider creating products in the Juneteenth colors red, green, and black that represent resilience, freedom, and hope. 

ou and your teammates can decorate and create themed Juneteenth flags or Unity Bracelets which will give your employees a view of the history and legacy of the holiday. Another craft project is to design Juneteenth memory books or scrapbooks that document the legacy of the milestone and personal thoughts and reflections tied to the holiday. 

If you are working in-office you can all come together to create a collaborative project like Freedom Quilt

3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

3.1. What are some good Juneteenth celebration ideas

Some good Juneteenth celebration ideas include Juneteenth events like Lunch and Learn, or Juneteenth Bingo, and Juneteenth Trivia.

3.2. Is Juneteenth the end of slavery?

Juneteenth commemorates the announcement of the end of slavery in the United States, but it did not mark the complete end of slavery in the country.

3.3. What are some ways to celebrate Juneteenth?

Some ways to celebrate Juneteenth include hosting community events such as parades or festivals, organizing educational workshops or discussions about African American history and culture, and supporting Black-owned businesses.


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