15 Best Large Group Games and Activities for Team Building Fun

15 Best Large Group Games and Activities for Team Building Fun

If you are planning an onboarding or training workshop, you probably have your favorite set of activities that have proven effective before. But what if your group size balloons to 500+? As the group gets bigger, it becomes herculean to make sure everyone gets to join in the fun. That being said, the key is to pick the right team building activities and games to play in large groups, be it In-office or virtual. 

In this article, we have thoughtfully chosen 15 large group games and activities that have a focus on being simple, engaging, and lighthearted. Let’s dive right in. 

1. Why are Team Building Activities Essential for Large Groups?

Being part of a large team can sometimes feel like you’re lost in the crowd, especially when in remote settings and you barely know who’s who. Team building activities provide ample opportunities for people to engage with one another in a more relaxed and informal setting. Moreover, in large groups, there’s often a diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. 

Team building activities help bridge potential differences among groups by encouraging collaboration and understanding. Office party games for large groups, like scavenger hunts, paint-and-sip parties, and corporate castaways, can break down barriers and help everyone get to know each other better. 

2. In-Person Large Group Games and Activities for Your Teams

2.1. Enjoy a Beach Vacation

 Enjoy a Beach Vacation

Group size: 500+

Duration: 1-2 days

When you are up for some epic large group games or activities, nothing beats heading outdoors. And hosting a beach vacation is a perfect way to do so. Leave the routine office hubbub and escape to nearby (or far away) for some well-earned relaxing time. Add an excitement and competitive element to the day with games like beach volleyball, scavenger hunt, beach frisbee, or bocce ball. If you’ve got waves nearby, why not set up a surf lesson for your team? 

With a lineup of different games to pick from, everyone in your team gets to join in on the fun. Make sure to arrange refreshments –  you can either hire a professional chef, plan a potluck, or reserve a spot at a beach-adjacent restaurant.

If you want to organize engaging and hassle-free large group games for your remote teams, we suggest contacting a professional hosted team-building platform like Hooray Teams

2.2. Set Out on a Wild Goose Chase

Group size: 500+

Duration: 60 minutes

Looking for large group games that incorporate problem-solving, out-of-the-box thinking, and plenty of laughter? Embark on a Wild Goose Scavenger Activity and explore the outdoors in a whole new way. To play this game, divide your large group into small teams and develop good scavenger hunt ideas like

  • A unique mailbox
  • A statue or sculpture with an unusual pose
  • A pet dressed in a costume
  • A fountain with a sculpture of an animal spraying water

As soon as you and your team find the item, snap photo or video and share it on a common platform. The team that finishes the maximum number of challenges wins. 

2.3. Have a Paint Party

Group size: 500+

Duration: One day

Want to add a splash of color to your large group party games for work? Host a relaxing 

Paint Party for your teammates in a casual and engaging setting. While not everyone on your team may be a Picasso – your painting experience is about making fun art, not fine art. You need to find a serene place, be it indoor or outdoor, where everyone can unleash their inner artist without any pressure or judgment. 

With a brush in one hand and a palette in the other, you’ll explore your inner artist while laughing, painting, and unwinding together. Cap off the day with an exhibition gallery showcasing the artistic expression of over 500 team members. 

2.4. Engage in a Wine Tasting Session

Group size: 500+

Duration: 2 hours

Sometimes all your team needs are a few laughs and quality time together. If your team size is more than 500, you have wine tasting as one of the best team building activities for large groups. During this interactive event, an expert wine connoisseur will guide you and your team to explore fine wines from around the world. You will get the chance to sample white, red, and rose wines to delight your palate.

Along the way, you can learn more about how wines were made in bulk in the past, the types of fruits used, and what kind of pairings go best with wines. But why stop the fun there? Take the excitement up a notch with some fun-filled activities like blind wine tasting, wine trivia, and so much more. 

2.5. Corporate Castaways

Group size: 500+

Duration: One day

How about recreating your favorite ‘Survivor’ show? The interesting part is that this game can be played around any team size, making it ideal for large group games. First, find an open space like a park or beach with plenty of room to move around. Split into small teams, you’ll brainstorm unique tribe names and design flags to represent your group’s identity. Under the guidance of a host, you and your team will encounter a series of puzzles, activities, and challenges throughout the day. 

With limited resources and time, you and your team must work together to overcome obstacles, build shelters, and even find food. Additionally, the host may introduce surprise twists and turns to keep participants on their toes, just like in the real Survivor game. Whoever tackles the most challenges gets the highest score and takes home the trophy. 

2.6. Happy Hour Session

Happy Hour Session

Group size: 500+

Duration: 2 hours

If you are looking for large group games that are a bit more booze-focused, try hosting a happy hour session for your teams. A local bar or restaurant is a cool place to host a happy hour with an extensive drink and food menu plus a potential discount.  

Teams can go on a twist with a mixology class under the guidance of a professional bartender. In this hands-on experiment, you can try stirring up a classic cocktail like a Mojito or a Margarita. You can even get creative with your own signature drinks. Is it really a party without a theme? Themes make your party pop and set the stage for all the games, icebreakers, and thrilling team building activities for large groups. 

2.7. Team Sports Tournament

Group size: 500+

Duration: 1-2 days

What could be more exciting than including a sports tournament in your large group games? 

You can choose from a range of team sports like soccer, tennis, football, basketball, or even relay races. The key is to mix up your groups, ensuring a blend of talents and skills in each team. And let’s not forget to give each team a cool name and anthem to rally behind, adding an extra layer of fun and thrill to the tournament.

Once your teams are set, it’s time to hit the field, court, or track and showcase your skills. With the sheer numbers, you can create a buzz of excitement and energy that reverberates throughout the tournament. Present a token of appreciation for the tournament champion- it’s a keepsake they’ll cherish from this awesome team-building session.

2.8. Go on a Brewery Tour 

Group size: 500+

Duration: 3 hours

Local breweries, typically in spacious warehouses, offer private event space and behind-the-scenes tours for teams. So bring your team over a shared passion for beverage with an immersive city brew tour. As you visit a local brewery, you and your team get to appreciate the rich aroma or bold flavors of your favorite drinks. 

Under the expert guidance of a sommelier, you and your team explore intricate processes that transform raw ingredients into fine drinks. This shared experience is a great way to help even large groups connect and unwind in a laid-back setting. 

2.9. Group Marathon for Fundraising 

Group size: 500+

Duration: 2-3 hours

Want to create a positive impact in society while planning large group games? Group Marathon Challenge is a thoughtful way to raise dollars for a good cause. Teams of all sizes, ages, and abilities can join forces to tackle a marathon distance together, whether it’s through running, walking, or a combination of both. Below are some ideas for your marathon fundraiser:

  • Collect participation fees from runners
  • Seek sponsorships from local businesses and individuals.
  • Provide souvenirs like water bottles, mugs, and stickers.
  • Set up a finish line photo booth for participants. 
  • Offer refreshments to replenish energy after the marathon. 

2.10. Company Potluck 

Company Potluck 

Group size: 500+

Duration: 1-2 hours

Who can deny the joy and laughter that unfolds during a company potluck? In fact, this is one of the much-loved and easy to organize large group games at the workplace. Ask your team members to bring snacks or dishes they prepared at home. From mouthwatering pizzas and flavorful tacos to delicate sushi rolls and homemade cookies, there’s something for everyone to share. Additionally, share guidelines, specific themes, and menus to ensure variety and balance. 

If you want to amp up the fun a bit, give awards like “Most Vibrant Dish,” “Captain Crisp,” or “Rockstar Risotto”. Apart from savoring food, it is also a chance to listen to the stories and traditions behind each dish while strengthening the team bonds. 

3. Virtual Large Group Games for Team Building 

3.1. Large Group Virtual Trivia

Large Group Virtual Trivia

Group size: 10-1000

Duration: 60 minutes

Are you looking to add competitive cheer and lighthearted debate to your large group games? Then a Virtual Trivia hosted by Hooray Teams team building platform is the way. No matter the group size, an expert host will ensure everyone an inclusive experience of fun, knowledge, and bonding.

During the trivia event, you and your team will split into breakout rooms to tackle 4-5 rounds of fast-paced questions around different themes. If you want to play around with specific topics like Pop Culture, ‘The Office’ series, or “Harry Potter,” they can help you tailor the trivia session for your organization. 

3.2. The Alchemist Escape Room 

The Alchemist Escape Room

Group size: 10-1000

Duration: 60 minutes

If you need highly engaging large group games that bring enthusiasm to every face, try Hooray Teams The Alchemist Escape Room challenge. A dedicated host will guide you and your team to discover the precious Philosopher’s Stone before the clock runs out. In ‘The Alchemist’ library room, you and your team have to put your critical thinking to the test to unlock the room. 

We had the opportunity to try out “The Alchemist” Escape Room challenge last month, and it was an absolute blast! We felt like we were right there in a real escape room thanks to 360-degree virtual reality room view, and multiplayer collaborative interface. If you are looking for the best party games for large groups, check out Patient 360, Dungeon Things, and Mafia 360, which are guaranteed to get the adrenaline pumping.

3.3. ‘Stir and Sip’ Mixology Class 

‘Stir and Sip’ Mixology Class 

Group size: 10-1000

Duration: 60 minutes

Want to go the extra mile when planning fun large group games or activities for your virtual team? Join Hooray Teams Virtual Mixology Session to uplift the team spirit in an interactive and relaxing setting. A skilled bartender will guide you and your team in learning the art of mixing up a few concoctions besides sharing a few interesting tips and tricks. 

Hooray Teams will deliver a mixology kit in advance to everyone’s doorstep. Each kit will have the essentials you need, such as liquor, mixers, sugar, fruit syrups, and garnishes to craft your signature drinks. No prior mixology skills are necessary, just be ready for a roaring good time. 

3.4. A 360-degree Virtual Trip to Paris

Group size: 10-1000

Duration: 60 minutes

Ahh! A tour of the romantic city sounds like one of the best large group games your team needs to unwind, right? From a team as small as 10 members to one as large as 500+ members, visiting Paris virtually will be a fun-filled exercise. Join the tour via any compatible virtual platform and let the guide take you through iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and the Louvre Museum. Immerse your team in the ambiance of Parisian culture with virtual visits to cafes, street markets, and gardens. 

In between visits, you can also organize a culinary class to savor French delicacies for a more authentic experience. A virtual wine tasting session will also be a cool idea if you can deliver wine samples to participants’ doorsteps before the session begins. If time permits, complete the experience by arranging some fun games to play with large groups. Alternatively, you could also opt for the Hooray Teams Virtual 3D Tour into China for a different cultural experience.

3.5. Host a Virtual Bingo Game

Host a Virtual Bingo Game

Group size: 10- 500

Duration: 60 minutes

Virtual Bingo is a great choice for virtual team building activities for large groups, whether you want to build rapport or simply have fun. In Virtual Bingo, you get digital cards with a grid of numbers on them. The host will start calling out numbers one by one, and participants must tick off the corresponding numbers on their cards. Whoever gets the right pattern first and shouts “Bingo!” is the winner. 

You’ve got a bunch of options when it comes to game modes—classic bingo, speedy bingo, and even cool themes inspired by your favorite movies or TV series. So, no matter what, any group of up to 500 players is in for a solid laugh they’ll remember ever. 

4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

4.1. What are large group games?

Large group games for teams typically involve activities that require coordination, communication, and teamwork among  500+ participants. These games often aim to foster collaboration, problem-solving, and camaraderie within the group

Examples include “Capture the Flag,” where teams compete to capture each other’s flags while defending their own territory; “Human Knot,” where players stand in a circle, hold hands with two different people across the circle, and must untangle themselves without letting go of hands; and “Scavenger Hunt,” where teams race to find and collect a list of items within a designated area. 

4.2. What are the activities for big groups?

Large group games like scavenger hunts or escape room challenge improves collaboration and problem-solving, while outdoor activities such as hiking or sports tournaments promote camaraderie and friendly competition. Creative workshops like cooking classes or painting sessions allow for shared experiences and the chance to learn new skills together. For those seeking a more relaxed atmosphere, best team building activities for large groups such as charades or board games provide entertainment and opportunities for laughter.

4.3.  How do you play large group games?

  • Select an array of fun games for large groups 
  • Clarify the rules and objectives of the game to all participants
  • Divide the large group into small teams with equal number of participants
  • Designate a clear play area or outdoor space
  •  Encourage active participation from all team members

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