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 Top 7 Tequila Tasting Kit Options for a Fun Team Building Fiesta

Top 7 Tequila Tasting Kit Options for a Fun Team Building Fiesta

Tequila brings people together, just ask the Mexicans or anybody who has partied in their 20s. So, if you’re looking for a team building activity that packs a punch, why not try a tequila tasting kit. Beyond the boardrooms and virtual meetings, these kits offer a delightful twist to team building. As you explore different tequila varieties, from Blanco to Añejo, you’ll embark on a sensory adventure that stimulates conversation, laughter, and perhaps a few surprised taste buds. 

So, grab your colleagues and glasses because it’s time to toast to teamwork with tequila as you explore our list of some of the best tequila tasting kits.

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1. 7 Best Tequila Tasting Kit Options to Savor

1.1. Hooray Teams

Hooray Teams

Ideal for large groups, remote workforce, and fun team building activities 

Of course, we would like to begin with ourselves first. Hooray Teams offers a great tequila tasting kit that is bound to make the agave aficionado inside you very happy. All our virtual experiences are hosted by an expert mixologist who helps you truly understand the spirit.

With their guidance, you’ll delve deeper into the realm of tequila, discovering its diverse flavors and subtleties. You’ll not only taste but also truly understand the spirit, enhancing your appreciation for this age-old Mexican tradition.

Duration: 60 – 120 minutes

Pricing: Customizable

No of Participants: 10 – 1000


1.2. Gourmet Boutique 

Ideal for novices, small teams

Two things that could be a great combination – tequila and chocolates, in one box!, what more could you ask for? Gourmet Boutique offers a tasting experience that is a little different than your usual citrus pairings. You receive five craft chocolate bars from world-renowned makers along with two great Mexican spirits, one Agave Mezcal and one Suerte Tequila Blanco. 

The virtual experience is headed by Gourmet Boutique Food Educators/Sommeliers, free on the purchase of 12 kits. This is the experience to try out if you are looking for an elevated tequila tasting kit but still aren’t sure whether this is the spirit for you. Also, if nothing else the chocolates will definitely be a crowd-pleaser.

Duration: 45 minutes

Pricing: $140.00/ per kit


1.3. Boozy Events

Boozy Events

Ideal for all alcohol based team building activities, Cocktail lovers 

Still not sold on the idea of sipping tequila neat? You don’t have to worry about flashbacks to your college days. Boozy Events offers two tequila based experiences that are best suited for people who want to explore the world of Tequila. 

The first one is the “SAVORA X BOOZY” Tequila Experience. In this class, you get to learn about the rich history, myths, and traditions behind this Mexican Spirit while also creating two tequila cocktails along with Savora Drinks. The other experience that they offer is the 60-Minute Ultimate Tequilla Experience. In this class, you get to create two twists on the classics and one signature serve with the help of a master mixologist. Everything you need for these activities is sent out in their tequila tasting kit. So, no additional purchases need to be made at your end for this experience. 

Pricing:“£30.00 – £45.00 per person 


1.4. Bourbon Banter

The Burbon Banter page states “Nobody remembers an event because of the salad,“ We agree with that. Bourbon Banter offers a number of different tequila tasting kits. They also offer both in-person and online events, if that is something that you are interested in. 

Now when it comes to their online classes we were really impressed with the number of options presented to us. However, the most interesting experience that we saw was the Tequila in the Blind experience. In this tasting, you taste tequila blind, as the name suggests. Basically, you are sent labeless bottles in the tequila tasting kit so that you can savor the taste without the prejudice of the label. Kind of sounds perfect to us, especially for beginners. 

Pricing: Available on Request 


1.5. Avva Experience 

​​Ideal for social drinkers and corporate groups

Are you ready to experience Mexico in a bottle? This is what Avva Experience aims to bring you. In the Online Tequila Tasting Masterclass, you get to learn how to taste and nose agave spirits like a pro. An experienced host will act as your guide through the world of tequila. 

You start with an intro by a spirit expert, followed by your Agave tastings. Also, you get five different varieties in their tequila tasting kit. Talk about learning about Mexico, by the end of this tasting you are for sure going to be at least 40% more educated about the place. If you want to add to the experience you can also ask them to add bar snacks to your tequila tasting kit for an added price. 

Pricing: Tequila Packs: $120/per person & Masterclass Fee: $450 


1.6. Drink Suerte

Drink Suerte

​​Ideal for smaller groups and tequila lovers

Constant Zoom calls can often feel like a drag but if you add a tequila tasting kit to the mix, it will for sure be more fun. So, put on your nicest outfit and get ready to sing Tequila while learning a thing or two. Suerte Tequila offers classes hosted by Laurence Spiewak the co-founder and president of Suerte Tequila. He is the perfect person to help you understand tequila just a tiny bit better.

They have a number of offerings but our pick has to be the adorable 15 Minute Taste & Toast. We all know how meetings need to be jazzed up or maybe you just had a great merger or an event that was a success. This virtual activity is perfect for them all. If you are looking to customize your event, you can do that as well. Just reach out to them.

Pricing: Tequila Packs: $350/per session, The Cost of the bottles and shipping is separate. 


1.7. Aldez Tequila

Ideal for experimental drinkers, home bartenders, and teams of 8 or more

Aldev Tequila is a crowd pleaser, so by extension, a virtual class by Aldez Tequila is bound to be a great investment as well. In this virtual class, you get to learn about how tequila is made and how you can appreciate the taste in the best possible way.

What makes them stand out is that it is just not a copy-paste of the class that you would experience offline but rather a thoughtfully curated experience that is thoroughly enjoyable. They take care of everything from the tequila tasting kit all the way to the reminders to be sent before the event. Do you know the difference between tequila and mezcal? Neither did we, but after this kit you for sure will. 

Pricing: $172.50 per person (Plus Tax) 


2. FAQs 

2.1. How to do a tequila taste test?

To conduct a tequila taste test, begin by carefully selecting a range of tequilas, including Blanco, Reposado, and Añejo, to explore the nuances of this iconic spirit. Equip yourself with specialized tequila glasses, which enhance the tasting experience, and take a moment to observe the appearance and swirl the tequila gently in the glass. Next, bring the glass to your nose, allowing the aromas to envelop your senses. Note any scents, such as citrus, agave, or oak. When you’re ready to taste, take a small sip and let the liquid coat your palate, paying close attention to the flavors, sweetness, and any hints of spiciness. Finally, assess the finish and use a tasting sheet to rate each tequila on aspects like appearance, aroma, taste, and finish.

2.2. How to do a blind tequila tasting?

Blind tequila tastings add an exciting element of mystery to your exploration. Start by concealing the identities of the tequila bottles by covering or labeling them with codes or numbers. Then, pour samples of each tequila without revealing which is which. Proceed to taste and evaluate each sample as you would in a regular tasting, jotting down your impressions and ratings for appearance, aroma, taste, and finish. The magic happens when you and your fellow tasters unveil the tequila identities after everyone has completed their evaluations. 


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