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 10 Best Virtual Beer Tasting Experiences to Raise a Glass to Teamwork

10 Best Virtual Beer Tasting Experiences to Raise a Glass to Teamwork

In the ever-evolving world of remote work, the days of toasting milestones with colleagues over a drink at the nearest watering hole may seem like a distant memory. But that should not stop you from celebrating. So why not host a virtual beer tasting for your team to keep their team “spirits” up (pun intended)? These engaging sessions offer a fun twist on team building, allowing your team to come together, learn, and bond over the shared enjoyment of craft beer, all from the comfort of their own spaces.

In this blog, we’ll explore some of the best virtual beer tasting classes that bring the brewery experience to your team, fostering connections and creating some “brew-tastic” fun moments.

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1 How Does Virtual Beer Tasting Help Teammates to Socialize and Relax Together?


A virtual beer tasting can help bridge the distance among remote teams by giving team members a chance to socialize, share interesting conversations, and form stronger connections.

During these guided beer tastings, team members can learn about various brews, taste and discuss flavors, engage in discussions about beer and brewing techniques, and even learn more about food pairing suggestions. Some classes even offer FAQ sessions and games that help promote teamwork and a sense of togetherness, even in a virtual setting.

2: Top 10 Virtual Beer-Tasting Classes to Try

2.1 Hooray Teams


Ideal for large groups, remote workforce, and fun team building activities 

Hooray Teams is a hosted platform that offers an exciting lineup of fun team building experiences. Whether you’re a beer enthusiast or simply planning a group activity that centres around beer tasting, Hooray Teams is a great choice. During this guided event, you’ll have the chance to explore a variety of fine beers and delve into beer history, all within a relaxed and enjoyable virtual setting.

A professional beer sommelier will lead you throughout the session. You can choose from seasonal and holiday drinks, or simply let them know your favorite sips, and they will do their best to arrange them for you. Hooray Teams also ships your beer-tasting kit beforehand to avoid any hassles.

Duration: 60 – 120 minutes

Pricing: Customizable

No of Participants: 10 – 1000


2.2 LA Beer Hop

Ideal for corporate virtual events, holiday celebrations, and private tasting sessions

LA Beer Hop provides tailored virtual beer tasting experiences for corporate groups, that are led by Cicerone® certified sommeliers. These sessions are hosted in a Q&A format, so participants get a chance to deep dive into discussions on flavor notes, beer styles, food pairings, glassware selection, and many other beer-related topics.

They can also tailor the length and format of the session to suit your preferences and can cater to groups of various sizes. What’s included? They provide four beer packages, and you can also pick from their gluten-free or non-alcoholic packages along with custom tasting cards and complimentary beer snacks.

Duration: 60 minutes

Pricing: $800 minimum for private tastings.

No of Participants: Groups of any size


2.3 Think NY Drink NY


Ideal for private tasting events, beer enthusiasts, and team building events

Hosted by the New York State Brewers Association, Think NY Drink NY provides hands-on private virtual beer tasting experiences. You’ll have the chance to explore one of two exciting topics. A virtual “Brewery Tour” where you’ll receive a “private tour”, hear engaging stories, and discover the beer-making process. Alternatively, you can choose to explore the “History of Craft Beer,” if you aim to gain a deeper knowledge of its history and emerging industry trends.

For a personalized touch, you can also ask to add your preferred topics. The beer tasting kit with two exclusive brews will be shipped directly to your doorstep, and you can enhance your experience by upgrading to options like gluten-free, cider, or craft soda for an extra cost. You can also add items such as swag bags, merchandise, and food, all available at additional prices. Do not forget to notify them at least two weeks in advance so the breweries have ample time to prepare, package, and ship your beer.

Duration: 60 minutes

Pricing: $65 per participant

No of Participants: Minimum spend of $3250 (50 participants).


2.4 Chicago Beer Experience

Ideal for fun team building, medium to large groups

Started in 2011, The Chicago Beer Experience is a popular choice for corporates with top-notch interactive sessions. You will learn how to taste beer and the basics behind certain beer styles. Bruce White, Founder of Chicago Beer Experience will entertain you with some fun facts about beer, Chicago, and other histories during the session. Leading over 2000 people and over 80 virtual beer tasting classes, he knows how to bring a team together. To make it more fun and engaging they have included short quizzes and visual aids.

While they don’t ship beer-tasting kits, they do provide their recommendations or have fewer options for you to pick from such as BYO, they’ll give you the lowdown on the four beer tastings ahead of time. If you’re local, grab those specific beers. If you’re not in Chicagoland, just choose beer varieties as per the guidelines they provide. Alternatively, you can pick and deliver your choice of beer tasting kits to the team on your own. They can also help you arrange a mixed 4-pack through a local craft beer shop and ship it right to your door! Just give advance notice of atleast 10 days so they can handle the details. .

Duration: 90 minutes

Pricing: $18

No of Participants: Minimum 6 people


2.5 Avva Experience


Ideal for large teams, product launches

Avva offers an exceptional virtual beer tasting experience that combines knowledge and flavors. In this engaging masterclass, participants gain insights into the brewing process, different beer styles, and the history of featured breweries. To create a fun and interactive environment, Avva includes breakout sessions, quizzes, and games. They also provide a personal event specialist to help you.

The best part is they provide zero-alcohol beer options in case you have a non-drinker on your team. They are also open to specific requests, such as preferred beer choices and add-ons like cheese or snacks. If you have any specific instructions before the event, make sure to communicate them in advance. Avva’s team will take care of delivering tasting kits so you can focus on the fun part. 

Duration: 90 minutes

Pricing: Available on request

No of Participants: 6- 1,000+ attendees


2.6 Denver Microbrew Tour

Ideal for happy hours, themed team building events

With a great history of conducting virtual beer tasting events, Denver Microbrew Tour is your go-to partner. In this guided beer tasting experience, you will learn the fine art of beer sipping and explore how it is made through the virtual tour of a local brewery. They blend interactive elements such as beer trivia, live audience polling, and live photo sharing to drive better participation of people and let the team ask questions freely if any.

To add more to the list, they also offer beer-themed team building events or you can create your own such as launching a brewery in 20 minutes, Shark Tank – craft beer edition, truth and lies, or something your own. They also have experience enhancers to make sessions more engaging, such as – beer and cheese tasting, beer and gourmet popcorn pairing, marketing and branding packages, and much more.

Duration: 60-90 minutes

Pricing: $200 for the first 5 screens

No of Participants:  Minimum 3 people, and up to 200


2.7 Confetti Hoppy Beer Tasting

Ideal for virtual happy hour, company celebrations, and hybrid workplace

Confetti plans and organizes virtual and in-person team-building events to foster strong connections at the workplace. In its Hoppy Beer Tasting, a beer expert will guide you through the history of beers, diverse styles such as pale ales and IPAs, lagers and pilsners, stouts and porters, sours, and tasting techniques. You will also gain a deeper knowledge of the beer-making process.

The event caters to dietary preferences and non-alcoholic beer options to serve diverse groups. Make sure you add this to the special request so that they get your beer tasting kit shipped accordingly. 

Duration: 30-60 minutes

Pricing: $90/ person

No of Participants: Max 495 people


2.8 Team Class


Ideal for large groups and interactive team building

If you are looking for a curated fun-filled virtual beer tasting event, then Team Class is a perfect choice. An expert guide will lead you through each beer style, tasting notes, suggested food pairings, and fascinating insights into the featured breweries. You can also customize your event by upgrading your kits from their provided options such as custom beer, charcuterie snack, and custom beer glass + charcuterie snack.

Prior to the event, TeamClass will deliver a specially curated beer tasting kit right to your doorstep. Each kit contains four hand-picked craft beers, perfectly complemented by any additional add-ons you’ve chosen just let them know 14 days in advance. With these essentials in hand, you will enjoy an immersive experience of beer tasting at home.

Duration: 60 minutes

Pricing: $98.15/ person

No of Participants: 1-1000+


2.9 Bonbeer

Ideal for networking events, product launches, and virtual team building for different group sizes

Bonbeer offers a unique opportunity to enjoy a virtual beer tasting event in a fun and interactive environment. Ruth Berman and Mike Arra, co-founders of Bon Beer Voyage, will be your expert guides. They’ll lead you through the art of serving, savoring, and enjoying various beer styles, different flavors one might experience, and ideal beer pairings. The session also includes captivating stories about the beers, fun trivia, and prizes to solicit more team participation.

They tailor all the discussions to suit the participants’ levels, ensuring everyone can have an immersive experience. They host their events via Zoom or your preferred platform. The sessions are not inclusive of a beer tasting kit but upon registration, they will email you the details about the beers that you can acquire prior to the event.

Duration: 60-90 minutes

Pricing: Available on request

No of Participants: Can be customized


2.10 Krafty Lab


Ideal for small team building and corporate events

Krafty Lab is an ideal choice if you are looking for a fun  virtual beer tasting class. This happy hour session is led by craft beer experts who will guide you about beer production, pouring, and tasting. You will also have the opportunity to explore a virtual tour of a live Denver brewery. The session includes fun trivia and live audience polling to enhance team participation, creating a lively experience for everyone.

Their all-inclusive beer tasting kit will be delivered to your doorstep beforehand and includes options for 3, 4, or 6 craft beers. Along with it, you also get to sample delicious food pairings like cheese, popcorn, or cookies if you request for them. If you want it to take it a level higher, choose from their add-on options at additional prices, such as a sensory-enhancing kit with a souvenir tasting glass, a selection of three hand-picked cheeses for pairing, a 5-pack gourmet popcorn tasting kit for pairing, and branded cards. Don’t forget to inform them three weeks in advance!

Duration: 60-90 minutes

Pricing: $419 per event and $95 per kit

No of Participants: 1-15


3. FAQ

3.1 What are some virtual beer tasting ideas?

Virtual beer tasting ideas can include themed beer flights, interactive brewery tours, and beer and food pairing sessions that can be conducted via video conferencing platforms. These creative concepts make for engaging and enjoyable online beer tasting experiences.

3.2 What is a vertical beer tasting?

Vertical beer tasting involves sampling multiple vintages of the same beer to compare how it ages and develops over time.

3.3 How do you professionally taste beer?

Professional beer tasting involves a systematic approach. Start by examining the beer’s appearance, move on to assessing its aroma, taste it while considering flavors and mouthfeel, and finally, evaluate the finish and overall impression.


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