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 8 Best Virtual Bourbon Tasting Classes to Elevate Your Team’s Spirits

8 Best Virtual Bourbon Tasting Classes to Elevate Your Team’s Spirits

How about offering a little whiskey wisdom for your remote crew? There is a certain happiness and connection that happens when you bond over a glass of fine bourbon, even when miles apart. That’s where the beauty of virtual bourbon tasting experience comes into play. Whether you’re a Bourbon aficionado or a curious neophyte, count yourself in – one sip at a time.

In this article, we will walk you through a list of some of the best virtual bourbon tasting classes you can join. So, get ready to raise a toast to the perfect blend of camaraderie and Kentucky’s finest.

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1. What Is A Virtual Bourbon Tasting?

What Is A Virtual Bourbon Tasting

An online bourbon tasting brings the refined art of sipping and savoring various bourbon whiskey brands right to you. Your team members can join on Zoom or other video conferencing platforms to attend the session which are usually led by experienced and dedicated distillery experts. 

During the tasting, participants will delve into the history, brewery process, tasting notes, food pairing options and distinct characteristics of each drink. Additionally, attendees can freely share their thoughts, discuss flavors and aroma and even ask questions in a relaxed and comfortable setting.

2 . 8 Best Virtual Bourbon Tasting Classes For Your Team To Unwind

2.1 Hooray Teams

Hooray Teams

Ideal for: Remote team-building, Corporate team, Creative team, Whiskey lovers

Want to make online team-building event planning a no-brainer? Hooray Teams hosted platform will be right up your alley. Their virtual bourbon tasting class is an engaging and interactive experience of whisky appreciation over some fine bourbon selections. An expert whiskey sommelier will guide you through tasting and share knowledge on the history and distilling process of bourbon whiskey. 

All the attendees will receive a bourbon tasting kit of different flavors straight to their door prior to the event. Join the Zoom link at the time of the event as the host will be waiting to welcome you all in. And hey, don’t worry about getting a bit tipsy—feel free to raise your hand to ask questions. You might just discover your inner bourbon connoisseur before you know it!

No of Participants: 10 – 1000

Time duration: 60 – 120 minutes

Price per person: Available upon request 

2.2 Whisky Edu

Ideal for: Team-building events, Remote teams eager to explore the world of whiskey, Aspiring mixologists

For those looking for something unique beyond an ordinary whiskey tasting, Whisky edu’s bourbon tasting session will be a perfect choice. Whiskey Education possesses a wealth of information and knowledge about whiskey tasting and responsible alcohol consumption. 

Their tasting experience includes five to ten samples of world’s best whiskey sourced from distilleries, auctions, and private collections. One-ounce sample bottles of each whiskey sample will be sent to the participant’s doorstep.  New to the scene?  Don’t worry as a whiskey expert will guide the tasting process while educating you on the facts and distillation details of the beverages your team is sampling.

No of Participants: Customizable

Time duration: Customizable 

Price per person: Available upon request 

2.3 Distilled Living

Distilled Living

Ideal for: Corporate team building, corporate and fundraising events, Conferences and conventions

Distilled Living is an event company that has been providing over 700 virtual events including online bourbon tastings & cocktail classes since 2020. Think of them as your passport to an enjoyable and educational journey through the world of bourbon and other fine whiskeys, like Rye, all  under the guidance of a professional bourbon steward. 

It is not just about the drinks; attendees gain valuable insights on bourbon history, bourbon classifications and perfect food pairings to complement bourbon flavors. Plus, they’ll even ship out bourbon sampling kits to your guests through their retail partners. All you need to do is click the Zoom link and let the fun begin. 

No of Participants: Team of different sizes

Time duration: Customizable 

Price per person: Available upon request

2.4 Distilled leadership

Ideal for: Remote team, Bourbon enthusiasts, Small businesses, Corporate team building 

Want to experience a fun and engaging virtual team building event like no other you’ve Zoomed so far? Then sign up for Distilled leadership’s virtual bourbon tasting class.  Guided by Master “Distiller” Michael Kutner, this session explores bourbon’s history, imparts valuable business lessons, teaches the art of bourbon tasting and explores what makes the best bourbons so unique. 

Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a complete novice, Distilled Leadership’s bourbon tastings are designed to cater to all levels of people. They will take care of everything, from shipping your whiskey tasting kits and sending online invites to running the event. This means you can sit back and enjoy the event without any hassle. 

No of Participants: Up to 60 people 

Time duration: Customizable 

Price per person:

5-10* $172/person

11-25 $154/person

26-40 $137/person

2.5 Priority experiences

Ideal for: Small Businesses, Remote team, Team building events, Bourbon lovers

Priority Experiences is a family-owned and operated business specializing in offering virtual tastings to help you sell more products, reach out to potential prospects, and maintain bonds with existing clients. A typical class includes an ice breaking session, overview of bourbon, tips to nose and taste bourbon like a pro.  

Participants will receive a virtual whiskey tasting kit that contains five (1 oz.) bourbon samples bottles prior to the event. Every aspect of the shipment, logistics, tasting experience, and tasting kits can be customized to your requirements. What more..they even handle dietary restrictions in your team and other special requests so you can enjoy the event worry-free. 

No of Participants: customizable 

Time duration: 90 minutes

Price per person: Available upon request 

2.6  Bourbon Country

Ideal for: Remote team having limited bourbon experience,  Bourbon enthusiasts

Bourbon Country connects whiskey lovers through their specially curated virtual bourbon tasting experience. They offer one-to-one sessions or customized private classes that are educational and entertaining. Attendees can engage in asking questions, share insights and sample 5 beverages from Bourbon Country’s American whiskey collection in a relaxed environment. 

Here is how it works: upon selecting the date and time, the event coordinator will reach out to you to arrange your kit pick up and send the zoom meeting link. Please note that you have to go to the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience to collect the tasting kit as it’s not possible to send them directly to participants. 

No of Participants: customizable 

Time duration:  60 minutes

Price per person: $60

2.7  Rabbit Hole Distillery

Rabbit Hole Distillery

Ideal for: Diverse team, Bourbon experts, Team building events

Enjoy one-of-a-kind Kentucky’s bourbon trail experience from the comfort of your home with Rabbit Hole’s virtual whiskey tasting experience. Guided by Rabbit Hole’s very own distillery tour guides, these interactive online tasting events promise to take your team on an amazing whiskey adventure through the world of award-winning bourbons.

Rabbit’s unique treasures includes Cavehill (four-grain kentucky straight bourbon whiskey), Heigold (kentucky straight bourbon whiskey high rye), dareringer (straight bourbon whiskey finished in px sherry casks), boxergrail (kentucky straight rye whiskey). You will receive a customized tasting kit containing three bottles of distinctive bourbons delivered to your door.

No of Participants: customizable

Time duration:  60 minutes

Price per person: Available upon request 

2.8 Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling

Ideal for: Remote team of small size, Work-from-home colleagues, Corporate groups, Private events

As San Antonio’s award-winning brewstillery, Ranger Creek brewing & distilling offer virtual bourbon tasting classes that can be savored with friends, team members, colleagues and future business partners in an engaging and educational setting. They have a proven track record of hosting tasting events for companies from medical, tech to investment banking and law.

An experienced and knowledgeable brewery tour guide will guide participants sampling various whiskey samples that are made with love, care and attention. If you’re local, you can collect customized sampling kits from Ranger Creek for your virtual tasting journey. And for those joining from afar, don’t fret; Ranger Creek has shipping options that’ll ensure everyone gets in on the bourbon fun.

No of Participants: 10+

Time duration: 45 – 60 minutes

Price per person: Available upon request 

3. Why Your Team Should Try a Virtual Bourbon Tasting Event?

Why Your Team Should Try a Virtual Bourbon Tasting Event

Incorporating bourbon tasting into team-building activities provides an exceptional opportunity to create a relaxed, fun and enjoyable atmosphere at your remote workplace. By sharing the experience of sampling different bourbons and discussing preferences, thoughts and tasting notes, you can cultivate a sense of unity and bonding among team members. 

Furthermore, participants can gain insights into distinct characteristics, historical significance, various distillation processes, flavor profiles and cultural relevance, transforming this event into an educational and entertaining experience.  However, it’s essential to ensure that alcohol consumption is handled responsibly and in moderation, taking into account several factors such as individual preferences, dietary restrictions and of course, the legal regulations

4. FAQs

4.1 What are the tasting notes of bourbon whiskey?

Bourbon whiskey can have a wide variety of aromas, flavours and aromas depending on the specific brands and process involved. However, some common tasting notes often associated with bourbon whiskey include flavors like maple, caramel, oak, vanilla, honey, spice, and sometimes even fruity or nutty undertones. The tasting notes in bourbon come from various sources such as strain of yeast used in distilling and the grains used in the mash bill and the unique distillation techniques of each bourbon producer.

4.2 How do you organize a virtual bourbon tasting?

To host a virtual bourbon tasting, choose a video conferencing platform like Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet. Next, book an experienced and knowledgeable whiskey sommelier who can lead the session smoothly. Fix a convenient date and time slot that works for everyone and send out notification in advance. Make sure participants receive tasting kits and other add-ons prior to the event.  Once things are set, join and sample delicious beverages with your team members from the comfort of your space.

4.3 How much bourbon for tasting?

When tasting bourbon, it is recommended to sip a small amount, typically around 1/2 to 1 ounce (15 to 30 millilitres). If you are participating in a bourbon tasting session, this moderate amount is perfect to appreciate distinct flavors and aroma without overwhelming your palate. In simple terms, just make sure you pour enough bourbon to enjoy its taste without consuming too much, so you can have a fun and responsible alcohol tasting experience. 


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