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 20 Adrenaline-Packed Virtual Escape Room Games to Strengthen Your Team’s Bonding

20 Adrenaline-Packed Virtual Escape Room Games to Strengthen Your Team’s Bonding

Tired of the same old routine and seeking an injection of excitement into your team’s dynamics? Look no further than virtual escape room games. They are immersive adventures that inject a dose of exhilaration into your team’s dynamics, effectively breaking the cycle of routine.  They’re not just teamwork; but a thrilling journey into a world of brain-teasing mysteries where you and your team call the shots. 

In this article, we’ve covered the 20 best virtual escape room games that offer an immersive experience to reinforce bonds within your team, foster effective communication, cultivate a sense of unity, and enhance trust among team members.

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1. What is a Virtual Escape Room?

A virtual escape room is like an online mystery game where you and your crew team up to solve puzzles in a variety of intriguing settings, each with its own storyline and set of challenges. It’s like having a real escape room at your fingertips, no matter where you’re kickin’ it. The goal is to find clues, crack codes, and solve mysteries to escape within a set time limit. It’s an ultimate teamwork gig that not only tests your intellect but levels up your communication and teamwork skills. 

2. Tips To Choose The Best Virtual Escape Room Game

2.1 Theme

The theme of a virtual escape room game plays a significant role in the overall experience. Some games go back in time, others go to the future or secret places. You can select themes your team loves for a more fun experience.

2.2 Accessibility

When it comes to virtual escape room games, the key is to make sure they work on various devices and operating systems. After all, you wouldn’t want anyone missing out simply because their computer or phone isn’t a perfect match, would you? So, choose an escape room that allows everyone to join seamlessly, regardless of their technical setup, making the journey more enjoyable for the entire team

2.3 Reviews

Online reviews and testimonials often provide valuable insights into the game’s quality, plot, user-friendliness, and overall enjoyment factor. So, it’s a good practice to read reviews and seek recommendations from others who have experienced the game prior to booking the escape room.

2.4 Booking Flexibility


The flexibility of booking options can be critical for accommodating team members’ schedules. This is important, especially if your team comprises individuals from different time zones or with varying availability. To create a sense of togetherness and inclusivity, you should pick a platform that ensures every member can join as per their time zone, no matter where they are in the world.

3. 20 Best Virtual Escape Room Games For Team Challenges

3.1 Paid Virtual Escape Room Games


3.1.1 Escape Room by Hooray Teams

Hooray Teams virtual escape room is a full-on immersive adventure that transports you into a world of puzzles, clues, and excitement. Your mission is to work as a team to conquer a series of brain teasers and escape before the clock hits zero. You’ll need to put on your thinking caps, collaborate like pros, and get super creative to overcome obstacles and escape the room

You can choose from a wide range of themes. So, whether you’re into heart-pounding heists or spine-tingling ghost stories, there’s an adventure that’ll get your adrenaline pumping. The best part? The virtual escape room is tailor-made for teams of all sizes, making it the ideal team-building activity for remote crews. All you need to do is gather your colleagues, put your heads together, and get ready to embark on an epic journey of fun and team bonding.

  • No of Participants: 10-1000
  • Time Duration: 60 mins 
  • Price: $30 per person


3.1.2 Alice Escapes Wonderland


Alice Escape Wonderland is a super cool adventurous game with Alice, the girl from Wonderland who’s on a mission to get back her magic mirror and escape from the magical land. You and your team will join her in a special 3D world that’s filled with surprises. There are riddles to solve, a cool scavenger hunt to go on, and you’ll even meet some of the wild and crazy characters from Wonderland. But don’t forget to watch out for the sneaky Cheshire cat; he might trick you.

As you go through this awesome world, you’ll get better at working together, talking to each other, and solving problems. It isn’t just a team-building activity; it’s an awesome adventure that’ll make your imagination go wild and create memories you’ll cherish.

  • No of Participants: 10-1000
  • Time Duration: 90 mins 
  • Price: $40 per person


3.1.3 Mystery Escape Room

Mystery Escape Room is an epic virtual escape room gig that turns your crib into a real adventure HQ.  Enjoy exciting virtual adventures from the office with various themes. You can team up with your colleagues to solve puzzles and solve the mystery. The best part? A live guide helps you navigate the room and gives hints. Whether you’re a rookie or an escape room guru, this virtual escapade is built for all levels, guaranteeing everyone’s in for a heck of a good time.

Round up your crew—friends, fam, or work buddies— to crack codes, solve riddles, and race against the clock like champs. There’s a host who guides you the whole way, dropping hints and keeping the vibe ultra-immersive. It’s an affordable and engaging way to bond with your team, solve brain-teasing puzzles, and enjoy the thrill of solving mysteries from the comfort of your homes.

  • No of Participants: 4-8 players
  • Time Duration: 90 mins 
  • Price: $75-$85 per person


3.1.4 60 Out

You can experience the thrill of escape rooms with 60 Out, where you have to solve puzzles and riddles to get out of the room. These games are suitable for all ages, keeping your brain engaged and providing realistic features for a more immersive experience. Embark on an exciting adventure from the comfort of your own office or workplace. 

You can play these games with your team and take part in adventures like – the Nautilus ship, Time Travel, or uncovering the secrets of Miss Jezebel’s residence, test your cognitive skills and keep you engaged. This thrilling virtual escape room adventure infuses your team with excitement.

  • No of Participants: 4-8 players
  • Time Duration: 75 mins 
  • Price: Available upon request


3.1.5 Brain Chase

Brain Chase is one of the best escape room games that gives a great educational experience. As a part of the game, you’ll explore different rooms each week, uncovering mysterious clues to escape. You’ll also have the option to choose from various themes, including subjects like – reading, math, photography, and coding, completing academic challenges to progress. 

To play this game, you need to watch the video clips to find clues and drop a pin where you feel like the treasure is hidden. You can solve puzzles, advance through the game, and compete for a chance to win $500 each month. There’s a ton of adventure waiting for you in this immersive and educational escape room experience.

  • No of Participants: 6-12 players
  • Time Duration: 60 mins 
  • Price: $29-$99 per person


3.1.6 Confundrum Escape Rooms

If you are looking for a thrilling break from the mundane world of virtual meetings, Confundrum Escape Rooms is the best option. With exciting themes like Blackbeard’s Brig, and the enigmatic Twisted Woods, it’s a fantastic option for team building or bonding with friends and colleagues. 

With a host to steer you in the right direction, you can choose from a range of virtual rooms, each with varying levels of difficulty and suitable for small and large groups. You’ll need your eagle-eyed observation skills to spot those sneaky clues and your sharp critical thinking to piece them together and conquer each puzzle. 

  • No of Participants: Up to 8 players
  • Time Duration: 60 mins 
  • Price: $25 per person


3.1.7 The Grimm Escape


The Grimm Escape is one of the best virtual escape room games that takes place in an enchanted forest accessible via Zoom. A wicked witch casts a curse on a mystical enchanted forest, plunging it into darkness and chaos. 

Your goal is to unravel the witch’s enchantments, decipher the clues, and use your problem-solving skills to restore harmony to the enchanted forest. As you work together to overcome obstacles and outsmart the witch’s tricks, you’ll forge a deeper connection with your team members and create lasting memories.

  • No of Participants: Up to 12
  • Time Duration: 60 mins 
  • Price: $25 per person


3.1.8 Lost in Arctic Escape

Lost In The Arctic is an engaging online escape room game where your team must unravel the mystery of a lost Arctic research station. In this interactive experience, teamwork is crucial as you and your teammates must collaborate to decipher intricate puzzles and explore various Arctic locations to piece together the unfolding mystery. 

Your goal is to unearth the truth behind the enigmatic disappearance of the research station’s crew. It’s a challenging and engaging journey that requires your collective problem-solving skills and teamwork to succeed.

  • No of Participants: 3-6
  • Time Duration: 40-80 mins 
  • Price: $49 per person


3.1.9 Ghost Hunt In The Haunted Mansion


If you are looking for a spine-chilling adventure, Ghost Hunt In The Haunted Mansion is a perfect choice for your daring team. You’ll be exploring the famous Winchester Mansion, which is known for its ghostly happenings, and you’ll be diving into the supernatural mode to solve its mysteries. In this ultimate haunted virtual escape room, your team will come across tricky puzzles, valuable clues, and eerie stories from the past. 

Every step you take gets you closer to uncovering the dark secrets hidden in the mansion. But hold on tight because the Winchester Mansion has plenty of scary surprises. You might have jump scares that give you the chills, and you’ll even face digital Ouija boards that could reveal answers or unleash spooky stuff. To make it through, you’ll need to put all your skills, gut feelings, and quick thinking together.

  • No of Participants: 10-1000
  • Time Duration: 90 mins 
  • Price: $40 per person


3.1.10 Grand Theft Escape

Grand Theft Escape is a virtual escape room challenge that takes you into a steam-driven world with a unique challenge to travel the world in 80 days to win a massive wager. In this thrilling escape room challenge, Ralph Gautheri has made a bet with William P. Fogg, promising a significant reward if the wager is completed successfully. 

However, their adventure is not as simple as it seems, as they face fierce competition from a local inventor with a groundbreaking invention that could revolutionize travel and adventure. Can you and your team conquer this ultimate escape room challenge and emerge victorious? Embark on a thrilling online escape room challenge that will test your wits and teamwork skills as you race against time and your inventive rival.

  • No of Participants: 3 to 30
  • Time Duration: 45 to 90 mins 
  • Price: $49 per person


 3.2 Free Virtual Escape Room Games


3.2.1 The Midnight Express

Escape the Crate: The Midnight Express is a virtual game where you and your team go back in time to the Civil War era. As a part of the game, you’ve detected a change in history, possibly related to Abraham Lincoln. You’ll be sent to the night of February 2nd, 1861, on a train from Pennsylvania to Baltimore. 

Your task is to move between train cars secretly, find evidence of the timeline change, and leave the train without getting caught. It’s like a fun online escape room experience, perfect for groups. The team that completes the mission first is the winner. 

  • No of Participants: 3 to 100
  • Time Duration: 45 to 90 mins 
  • Price: Free


3.2.2 Hogwarts Digital Escape Room

The Hogwarts Digital Escape Room is an exciting online game inspired by the Harry Potter series. It cleverly combines elements of the Harry Potter series with logic puzzles, creating a series of enjoyable challenges for your team to solve. While you won’t actually be casting spells, the experience of solving puzzles and working together with your team is just as magical.

The best thing? You’ll have the flexibility to participate alone or collaborate with colleagues or friends. You can even challenge your friends and attempt it multiple times to test your magical skills and problem-solving abilities. To level up the experience, you can challenge your teammates to identify with one of the Hogwarts houses, such as Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin. 

  • No of Participants: 2 to 6 players
  • Time Duration: 120 mins 
  • Price: Free


3.2.3 Dr. Who Escape Room

The Dr. Who Escape Room is a narrative-driven online game for hardcore Whovians and puzzle enthusiasts. Unlike other escape room games, this is not your average digital challenge; it offers a series of intricate logic puzzles that will truly test your team’s critical thinking skills. In this game, you and your team will dive into the Doctor Who universe, decipher clues, and solve logical puzzles to save Earth and humanity from the impending threat of the Cybermen. 

It’s an adventure that will truly test your problem-solving skills and transport you into the world of the Doctor. The unique blend of logic puzzles and an engaging storyline makes it a must-try experience for fans of Doctor Who and those who are looking for a good storytelling challenge.

  • No of Participants: 1 to 6 players
  • Time Duration: 60 mins 
  • Price: Free


3.2.4 See Me Escape Rooms


If you have a passion for solving brain teasers, the See Me Escape Room game is a real treat for you. This virtual escape room offers a thrilling challenge centered around cracking codes and solving intricate puzzles, all with the ultimate goal of escaping the room. 

This web-based game takes you on a journey through a sequence of puzzles, where the solution to each puzzle serves as the password to access the next stage. It is an excellent option for teams looking to bond, unwind, and have some interactive fun. With a variety of challenges to conquer and an imaginative storyline to follow, it’s a fantastic choice for teams seeking an interactive and enjoyable escape room adventure. 

  • No of Participants: 7 to 20 players
  • Time Duration: 10 mins 
  • Price: Free


3.2.5 Pikachu’s Rescue

Pikachu’s Rescue virtual escape room game is an amazing way to infuse a dose of 90’s nostalgia into your next virtual event, especially if you’re a fan of Pokemon. The storyline is simple but engaging: Pikachu has gone missing, and time is running out. Your team must work together to locate Pikachu before it’s too late. 

Along the way, you’ll encounter Pokemon trivia challenges that test your observation and math skills. It’s an excellent choice for team-building activities or simply for a group of friends looking to reminisce about the good old days of Pokemon.

  • No of Participants: 2-8 players
  • Time Duration: 60 mins 
  • Price: Free


3.2.6 Alone Together by Enchambered

Alone Together, one of the stars in Enchambered’s collection of escape room games, takes you on a thrilling and slightly spooky multiplayer adventure. This game is designed for two-player teams and is perfect for friends, colleagues, or anyone looking for an engaging and interactive activity to enjoy together. 

Based in Sacramento, California, Enchambered is known for its in-person escape room adventures, but they’ve expanded their reach by creating these highly affordable online puzzles. Each game introduces a unique and immersive plotline that will quickly have your team working together, using your wits and problem-solving skills to overcome challenges. It’s a fantastic way to collaborate, bond, and enjoy a thrilling escape room experience from the comfort of your own space.

  • No of Participants: 2 players
  • Time Duration: 60 mins 
  • Price: Free


3.2.7 Oregon Trail Escape to Willamette Valley

If you want to embark on a nostalgic journey, Oregon Trail Escape to Willamette Valley is the perfect game for you. All you need to do is follow the wagon trail, unravel mysteries, and solve puzzles to secure your safe return.

As your wagon train navigates through a mysterious affliction originating from the east, your best chance of survival is to follow the Oregon Trail and reach the coveted Willamette Valley. However, the journey won’t be easy, and you’ll face numerous challenges along the way that will test your problem-solving skills and determination.

  • No of Participants: No Limit
  • Time Duration: 60 mins 
  • Price: Free


3.2.8 Romeo & Juliet


Romeo & Juliet is a challenging yet fun experience tailored for word nerds, Shakespeare fans, and anyone who loves a good romance-based adventure. You and your team will have the opportunity to dive into the iconic feud between the Montague and Capulet families and try your hand at resolving it.

You’ll find yourself solving puzzles that bring Romeo and Juliet closer together, all while contending with the complex mind games the Capulets throw your way. The race is on to reunite the lovers amidst a backdrop of intrigue and emotion.

  • No of Participants: 2 to 6
  • Time Duration: 20-30 mins 
  • Price: Free


3.2.9 The Assassination Of Abraham Lincoln

The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln is a conspiracy-based game filled with twists and surprises that will keep you and your team engaged throughout the plot. This game puts Abraham Lincoln as a possible threat to others, suggesting that his assassination was the only logical option. You’ll encounter various options and paths to reach the end, including the exciting possibility of rewriting history itself. 

Although this free virtual escape room draws inspiration from history, it adds a modern sense of humor by incorporating screenshots of text messages and other anachronistic visual aids. It’s a clever blend of the past and the present, making it an enjoyable and immersive experience for players. And the best thing? With multiple possibilities and endings, you can replay the game several times, each time exploring different choices and outcomes.

  • No of Participants: 2 to 8
  • Time Duration: 60 mins 
  • Price: Free


3.2.10 Minecraft Escape Room

The Minecraft Escape Room may not seem like your typical choice for an escape room, but it has proven to be a fun experience for Minecraft enthusiasts. You will have the opportunity to hone your problem-solving skills by tackling a series of simple yet interesting challenges. 

It’s a fantastic opportunity to geek out and have fun while honing your math and problem-solving abilities. Moreover, you can customize players and even use avatars for team interactions. Don’t you think it adds an extra layer of fun and creativity to your virtual experience? Try it right now!

  • No of Participants: 2 to 12 players
  • Time Duration: 30 to 60 mins 
  • Price: Free


4. FAQs

4.1 Are there any free virtual escape rooms?

Yes. Some of the free virtual escape rooms are  Dr. Who Escape Room, See Me Escape Room, Pikachu’s Rescue, and Oregon Trail Escape to Willamette Valley.

4.2 How do you conduct a virtual escape room?

To conduct a virtual escape room, you can choose a platform like Hooray Teams, assemble a team, and follow the provided instructions or clues to solve puzzles and complete the objectives within the time limit. 


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