Top 10 Virtual Trivia Games for Awesome Team Engagement in the Remote Workspace

Top 10 Virtual Trivia Games for Awesome Team Engagement in the Remote Workspace

A virtual trivia game is a perfect way to tap into your inner bookworm, discover the sports encyclopedia of your team, or find that person who knows all the U.S. state capitals by heart. Perhaps you’ll even uncover the Harry Potter series binge-watcher among your colleagues.

This fun (healthy) competition helps everyone get to know each other better, and your workplace will keep chatting about it for a long time! So, let’s begin by checking out a list of the top 10 online trivia games to put your thinking caps on and test your knowledge, all while having a blast.

1. What is Virtual Trivia?


A virtual trivia idea is a fun and engaging online team-building game conducted via online video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet. The host will prepare a series of questions based on a wide range of topics, such as music, movies, pop culture, art, history, technology, sports, and more, as per the preferences and requirements of the team members.

Participants will either be divided into small groups, or they can opt to play individually, all while sharing knowledge and building connections together. Virtual trivia not only challenges participants general knowledge but also enhance bonds among team members, ultimately improving communication and camaraderie within the workplace.

2. Top Virtual Trivia Games Your Remote Team Will Love

2.1 Hooray Teams


Ideal for: Remote team, Team building events, Creative team, Diverse team

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, right? Well, Hooray Teams‘ virtual team-building platform injects a healthy dose of fun and excitement into the work lives of every Jack and Jill out there. We’re experts at facilitating online trivia games for corporate teams, making it a breeze and ensuring that the “all-knowing” champion of your team gets the recognition they deserve.

We tailor-made questions for your team’s interest – Halloween, Christmas, Disney, pop culture, music or any other topic you can think of. And hey, don’t be shy about throwing in some personalized questions about your team. Worried about that awkward silence right after the question pops up? Don’t fret! We’ve got you covered with some groovy background music so you can laugh, murmur, scratch your head, or think hard to come up with the answer.

No of Participants: 10 – 1000
Time duration: 60 minutes
Price per person: $ 20

2.2 Trivia Hub

Ideal for: Remote team, Hybrid teams, Corporate events, Team building activities

If you are seeking out a place to put your knowledge skills to the test, Trivia Hub is there to deliver an educational and fun trivia game experience for your team members. They have tailored trivia software, expert-written questions, streamlined game flow that makes trivia sessions one-of-a-kind. Rather than yet another question reader, their hosts are true entertainers from all walks of life such as comedians, actors or musicians.

Want to add a fun spin to your virtual trivia? Go for their Premium Trivia Modes Song Showdown, Clips With Connections, Fan Riot, Word Puzzles, Tell Meme About It and Premium Sampler. They also provide themed trivia for holiday celebrations like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year to make your gathering more fun and exciting.

No of Participants: 1-300
Time duration: 60-90 minutes
Price per person: $13 (1-20 participants), varies as per group size

2.3 Jackbox Games


Ideal for: Team-building, Remote Team, Creative Team, Trivia lovers

Bored with those run-of-the-mills questions? Jackbox games trivia murder party brings a whole new level of adventure, fun and excitement for your crew. In the game, there are various fun challenges like drinking from a non-poisoned cup, remembering weapon patterns, and creating long words from random letters. Then, it turns into a fast race to the exit as players answer quick trivia questions to be the first to leave.

Jackbox has games like Quiplash and Fibbage, Drawful, Trivia Murder party and many more that can be played with up to 10 members of a remote team.
To join Jackbox Games, select your title, begin your game, then invite other members to play the game by entering a room code. Your coworkers don’t need to buy anything to join the trivia game – just make sure everybody gets access to the screen and you’re in for a fantastic time.

No of Participants: 1-10
Time duration: 15 minutes
Price per person: Available upon request

2.4 Kahoot!

Ideal for: Remote professionals, Team collaboration, Teams of presenters and trainers

Kahoot! offers a productive virtual team-building session in the guise of a trivia game. They make it easy to transform your presentations or training with word clouds, quiz questions and brainstorming ideas. The game leader can create a quiz and share the room pin among participants and play trivia quizzes or learning games in minutes.

Whether it’s general knowledge, movie trivia or company milestones, you can create trivia on any topic and not to mention their premium image gallery that boasts millions of pictures suitable for any occasion. What’s even better? You can plan and organize different games using hundreds of prewritten trivia questions by Kahoot! users.

No of Participants: Up to 1000
Time duration: Customizable
Price per person: Free

2.5 Avva Experience


Ideal for: Virtual-team building experience, Hybrid and office based groups, Corporate events

It ain’t possible to talk about online trivia games without mentioning Avva’s ultimate virtual trivia quiz experience. A dedicated quiz master through 5 different rounds of quiz such as General Knowledge, “Back To School”, “The Music Round”, “The Line Up”, and “Sounds Of Nature”. You can even choose a customized quiz round based on your industry, organization, or topic of choice.

You can either pick your teams of 3-8 people or let them randomly assign the same. For larger groups of 50 or more, teams will be randomly chosen. Throughout the game, they will keep you posted on the scores after each round, so you’ll always know where your team stands in the competition.

No of Participants: 5-500
Time duration: 60 minutes
Price per person: $38 (1-10 attendees) varies as per team size

2.6 Breakout IQ


Ideal for: Remote/ Hybrid team, Team happy hours, Team building, Fundraising events

Looking to learn with your colleagues while having fun together? Then you’ll love Breakout IQ’s trivia based remote team building activities! They incorporate themes like The Classic Mix, Health & Wellness, People & Culture and Pop Culture and Awards Season, Halloween, The Holidays. What’s can even quote a custom trivia game to better fit your team-building goals.

A dedicated host will divide your team into different groups and take care of all the questions and scoring, so there are no additional tasks to be done. It’s an easy, fun and a great way to bring together remote employees who are scattered across the globe. Your only responsibility is to show up and let them handle the rest.

No of Participants: 1-750
Time duration: 60 minutes
Price per person: $50 ( varies with team size)

2.7 Outback Team Building

Ideal for: Remote team, Team building events, Virtual team building activities

Travel back in time with Outback Time Machine’s virtual trivia game and experience an iconic journey starting from the pre-pandemic 21st century and going all the way back to the 60s. This fast-paced trivia game is guaranteed to fill your remote workspace with some nostalgic vibes, fun, laughs and maybe some chair dancing.

Your expert host will kick things off by getting everyone involved in some quick icebreaker games. Thereafter, you’ll be divided into teams, and within no time, your home office will turn into a game show set with your very own buzzers to play with!
They will also take care of handling all the tools and support you need to organize the event without any hassle.

No of Participants: 4-1000+
Time duration: 0.5 – 2 hours
Price per person: $13-$53 (varies based on group size)

2.8 Crowdpurr


Ideal for: Remote colleagues, Diverse teams, Creative teams, corporate events

Want to create your own custom-themed virtual trivia questions? Then Crowdpurr is worth a shot for your remote crowd. This trivia platform lets you create trivia games and leaderboards that match the interests of your colleagues, friends or family. You can create trivia based on sports, movies, history, or any other topic your team prefers.

Guess the interesting part? You can keep track of who’s leading with the most points in real-time, thanks to its live ranking nature. Crowdpurr is a 100% cloud based platform, so you don’t need to worry about losing your data—it’ll all be automatically saved to the system. You can add questions, answers, start the game, hit pause, go back a question, or jump to the next one whenever you want – it’s all in your hands.

No of Participants: 20-500
Time duration: 15-60 minutes
Price per person: Free (up to 20 people), varies as per group size

2.9 Gensmak!


Ideal for: Small business, Remote team with small size, Trivia enthusiasts

An online trivia game that’s fun for every generation? Gensmak! matches the description perfectly. With a little bit of strategy, logic, and hints written by professional comedians, Gensmak! is on the journey to create the best virtual trivia games, letting you relax and enjoy some best time with friends, family, and colleagues.

This dynamic gameplay has an array of questions based on art, history, culture, movie, books, and many more that varies by category, generation, and difficulty level. Just head over to in your preferred web browser, invite your friends and family to join you on Zoom or Meet, and then share your screen (the “home screen”). After that, everyone can scan a QR code on their phones to enter the game, and the fun begins!

No of Participants: 2 – Unlimited
Time duration: Customizable
Pricing – $29.99

2.10 Let’s Roam

Ideal for: Remote team, Team building events, Corporate events, Virtual team building

Let’s roam offers a totally unique virtual trivia idea to have fun and little competition with your friends and family. There is something for everyone in a wide range of categories, including TV, sports, geography, animals, movies, pop culture, cartoons, politics, and so many more! Your group can vote on what type of category they want to play, so no two trivia games are ever the same.

Some of their interactive and fun games include Trivia (General/Player Focused), Let’s Draw, Guess Where, and Emoji Decoder. Once you’ve made your purchase, you’ll receive a unique URL. Share it with your best buds, and they can easily join the Virtual Game Night on their computers. Get the game going whenever you want, and have fun together!

No of Participants: 2-16
Time duration: 1-1.5 hours
Pricing – 7 days free trial, $19.99 / month

3: How Does Virtual Trivia Enhance Team-building?


3.1 Enhances Team bonding

Trivia games divide employees into small groups, so everyone can get to know each other, especially if someone is new to the firm. As individuals work together to answer a question or solve a puzzle in a relaxed and comfortable setting, they build trust, rapport, camaraderie, and lasting connection at the workplace. Moreover, the diverse range of trivia topics celebrates the unique knowledge and interests of team members, allowing them to appreciate each other’s expertise.

3.2 Celebrates Diversity


Trivia games usually cover a diverse range of topics, such as history, art, culture, music, movies, sports, TV shows, current events, and pop culture,to name a few. This vast inclusion of topics can cater to different interests and knowledge areas of your colleagues. It encourages participants to contribute their unique perspectives and expertise, nurturing a positive environment where everyone feels valued and appreciated.

3.3 Promotes Critical Thinking and Productivity

In trivia games, attendees are presented with a variety of challenging questions and puzzles that require quick yet smart thinking and problem-solving skills. This encourages individuals to think on their feet, analyze even minute details, and make informed decisions under certain time constraints. Trivia often covers diverse topics, encouraging participants to tap into their knowledge across different streams. This not only broadens their horizons but also encourages a habit of continuous learning and intellectual curiosity, which can improve their overall productivity.

3.4 Creates Lasting Memories


When coworkers come together to tackle trivia questions or solve puzzles in a virtual environment, they often encounter memorable moments of challenging questions, unexpected answers, laughter, friendly competition, and overall fun. These shared memories build a sense of camaraderie and teamwork, strengthening their connection while creating lasting memories that go beyond the trivia game and positively impact the team’s dynamics.

4. FAQs

4.1 How do you conduct a virtual trivia game?

You can follow the below steps to plan and organize a virtual trivia game:

  • Choose a video conferencing platform like Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams to organize your virtual trivia game.
  • Book an experienced and knowledgeable Quiz master to host the event
  • Decide on the theme of trivia by considering the preferences of team members
  • Fix a convenient date and time slot and send out invitations with details such as date, time, duration, joining link, and any other guidelines for the session.

4.2 What types of trivia questions are suitable for team building?

Some types of trivia questions that are suitable for team building activities are ice breaker questions, pop culture and current events, holiday trivia, history, art and culture, music, movies, and books.


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