Juneteenth Bingo

Juneteenth Bingo

About Event

Celebrate the historic Juneteenth milestone with a themed Bingo session that pairs fun and learning for your team. As you tick off themed Juneteenth-related prompts, gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of key historical figures and events related to African American history and the civil rights movement. 

This interactive session will be hosted by an engaging host who will lead you and your teammates through 3-6 rounds of bingo over 60 minutes. If you want to customize the game with a few specific topics, then simply reach out, and we’ll be happy to personalize the game for your team.

The Hooray Teams Virtual Juneteenth Bingo includes -

  • tick3-6 rounds of Bingo in a 60-minute session.
  • tickYour professional host, who will be with you online the whole time.
  • tickA meeting link to join, while our host handles the rest.

How it works

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Things you'll need for the event


  • tickHost to run event
  • tickDigital platform for Bingo
  • tickLink that will be used for meeting event
  • tickGame materials and Bingo cards

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Cancellation policy

Free cancellation 10 days prior to the event.