12 Interesting Icebreaker Activities for Work to Help Your Team Bond

12 Interesting Icebreaker Activities for Work to Help Your Team Bond

All of us have been there, the super awkward first-time meetings where all everybody does is stare at each other’s faces. To get your team to engage with one another, you will have to come up with something better than “So, how is everybody doing?” or rather break the ice. This is where you need some engaging icebreaker activities for work. 

Good icebreaker activities for work help encourage team building and create a positive, productive work environment. We have compiled a list of some of the best in-office and virtual icebreaker activities for work for you to look at. 

1. What Is the Best Icebreaker for Work?

The best icebreaker activities for work are the ones that are simple, easy to follow, and inclusive.  If you and your team are looking to organize virtual icebreaker activities for work, just get in touch with Hooray Teams – that’s us! We specialize in hosting diverse virtual events for teams and handling all the logistics of virtual gatherings. Simply choose the event from our list and leave the rest to us.

Additionally, we provide customization options for our events. If you have any specific preferences for workplace icebreaker activities, reach out to us, and we’ll gladly help you.

2. In-Office Fun Icebreaker Activities for Work

2.1. Frivolous Debate

Frivolous Debate

There is nothing better to break the ice than some lighthearted banter before a meeting. In a frivolous debate, you pose a lighthearted question like “Cats vs Dogs” or “Pizza vs Burger” and let your employees pick a side. Once they are sorted into teams they need to defend their positions on the topic. 

An activity like this encourages people to open up and talk. Since the whole premise is so whimsical and light, it’s easy for everyone to contribute to the conversation. This communication-based activity is not a battle of the intellectual kind but more about the wits. 

2.2. Robot Wars

People say robots are going to take over the world, but for the time being, they are taking over your icebreaker activities. In this session, you and your team will fight out with the help of robots. As teams of 5-6, you will create robots from scratch, and then a balloon will be placed on each robot. The goal is to burst other robots’ balloons while protecting your own. Whoever survives till the end is crowned the ultimate robot king. 

Now, this activity is a little difficult to organize yourself. So, you need to reach out to a provider like Teamworx to help you out. If not, you can assemble robots with the help of online kits and let the battle begin.

2.3. Lego Challenge 

All of us have played with Legos as children and now it is time to raise the difficulty level and put the skills to the test. In the Lego challenge the entire team needs to be divided into groups. One person from each group will check the design alone. The team left behind selects 18 playable bricks without any clue about the structure they have to build. 

After three minutes, the chosen person returns and guides the team without touching anything. It’s a game of communication through and through. In the end, whichever team manages to recreate the closest design wins.

2.4. Marshmallow Towers 

Marshmallow Towers

A strategy game in which the team works together to reach the right solution is always a great icebreaker game. Once divided into teams, your employees will receive one yard of tape, one yard of string, twenty sticks of uncooked spaghetti, and a marshmallow to top it off. The goal is to create a tower with the fluffy marshmallow sitting on top. Whichever team manages to create the tallest tower wins the game.

This game gets people to come together by effectively channeling their creativity and to see which one of your team members is a great builder at heart. 

2.5. Bad Joke Contest

Calling all the dad joke lovers to assemble. All of us have heard a cringy joke or two at some point. In this activity, everybody needs to crack the corniest joke they know. The winner is decided based on a majority vote. This is one of the few times the whole team votes for the worst of the lot. 

Do come prepared for this one, as you will be surprised at the number of bad jokes people know about. 

2.6. Guess The Tune

With the potential to turn into a full-blown karaoke session,  Guess The Tune works as a great icebreaker activity for work. In this game, you need to play the acoustic track of a song, and then the employees will guess the song and the artist. It’s a simple game but one that has something for everyone. 

If you aren’t sure about how to potentially collate a tracklist, there are plenty of YouTube videos to help you begin. 

3. Virtual Fun Icebreaker Activities for Work

3.1. Virtual Trivia 

Virtual Trivia 

When it comes to virtual icebreaker activities for work, you cannot have a list that does not feature the ultimate battle of wits with Hooray Teams Virtual Trivia. There are plenty of options you can choose from for your trivia session. Hooray Teams offers the classic Virtual Trivia, Pop Trivia for teams chronically on the internet, The Office Trivia for Dwight Shrute fans, and plenty of holiday-themed trivia options like Lunar New Year, Thanksgiving, and Easter.

If you are looking for something else, you can even personalize your trivia session. All you need to do is reach out to us and we’ll help you with the session.

3.2. Escape Room

Escape Room

For more adrenaline-filled icebreaker activities for work, choose an Escape Rooms by Hooray Teams. In this hosted session, you and your teammates need to figure a way out of the room in the 60-minute time frame by solving clues and deciphering codes. 

Hooray Teams offers four different options for your team to pick from. For those intrigued by mystique, The Alchemist is the right choice. If darker themes are what your team is looking for, Patient 360 or Dungeon Things are the perfect fit. For a trip to the 30s, explore the retro-themed experience of Mafia 360.

3.3. Mystery Games

Mystery Games

If you are looking for more unconventional icebreaker activities for work, Hooray Teams Mystery Games are the one for you. There are two options you can pick from, but our choice for teams has to be the spine-tingling Murder at the Manor

In this game, you and your teammates need to tap into your inner Sherlock Holmes and decipher clues to solve the case of Lord Falconer’s untimely demise. What adds to the charm of this game are the multiple characters you encounter and get to cross-question as the mystery unravels. 

3.4. DIY Cooking Activities

DIY Cooking activities

Food brings people together and sparks conversations. In a virtual setup where dining out isn’t an option, Hooray Teams DIY Cooking Activities are the perfect solution for you and your team. Led by an experienced chef, your entire team will create culinary masterpieces right in their own kitchen. 

Our top picks for a great cooking session include Cooking Pasta at Home and Hot Sauce Making Class. No matter which session you pick, all participants will receive a kit with all the essentials right to their doorstep. So get ready to unlock the flavors of the world and go on a culinary adventure. 

3.5. DIY Craft Activities

DIY Craft Activities

Shared experiences make for great icebreaker activities for work. DIY craft activities allow your employees to have fun while learning something new. An engaging host takes the lead and ensures that your whole team is having a blast during the session. There is a plethora of icebreaker games and activities Hooray Teams offers that you can choose from.

Our top picks include Virtual Paint Class to unleash your inner Picasso and Origami Virtual Class to learn the ancient art of paper folding. Everything that you need for the Virtual Paint Class will be sent over to everyone’s doorstep before the session takes place. For the Origami Virtual Class, you will need to get some 10-inch colored Origami paper. No matter what activity you pick, you will end up with a souvenir in the end. 

3.6. Virtual Mixology Classes

Virtual Mixology Classes

One thing that we believe virtual teams miss out on is Happy Hours, and we want to change that. How? Through the help of Hooray Teams Virtual Mixology Classes. This event is a great icebreaker activity for teams as they get to know each other in a comparatively casual setting while whipping up some delicious cocktails. Under the guidance of a master Mixologist, you and your team will create two cocktails. 

Everything you need for the session will be sent over to all the participant’s doorstep in the form of a kit. This kit includes 50 ml bottles of Whiskey, Gin, Vodka, and garnishes, along with a recipe card. If you have team members who would like to raise a toast with a non-alcoholic beverage, we customize a mocktail kit for them as well.

4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

4.1. What are 3 fun icebreaker questions?

Three fun icebreaker questions are:

  • If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
  • What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever eaten?
  • If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three items would you bring?

4.2. What are the ice-breaking activities?

Icebreaking activities are designed to help people feel more comfortable and relaxed in social or group settings. Some of the most fun icebreaker activities for teams include Trivia, Robot Wars, and Escape Rooms

4.3. What are some icebreaker activities for large groups at work?

If you are looking for icebreaker activities for large groups at work, you should check out The Marshmallow Challenge, Name the Tune, and Virtual Trivia. All of these activities can be easily conducted among a large group of people.


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