12 Best Team Building Activities for Work That Your Team Will Love

12 Best Team Building Activities for Work That Your Team Will Love

Still getting those eyeball rolls instead of high-fives from teammates when you invite them for team building? It’s time to flip your team building script and choose team building activities for work that elicit curiosity, interest, and excitement at the workplace.

Whether it is In person, virtual, or hybrid, here are 12 team building activities for work beyond the cliché. Through a blend of interactive challenges, problem-solving tasks, and collaborative exercises, these activities are sure to hit the mark. Let’s get into the article.

1. Why Should You Host Team Building Activities for Work? 

You could have a top-tire talent, but without trust and reciprocity, team building won’t be a walk in the park. Therefore team building activities for work is not a ‘nice to have’ but a ‘must have’ element in the corporate realm. When you gather your team for some fun activities outside the usual grind, you’re not just aiming for laughs and good times (although those are definite bonuses!). 

You’re investing in building trust, boosting collaboration, and strengthening bonds among your coworkers.  Additionally, with virtual platforms like Hooray Teams for hosting fun team building activities for work, distance won’t stop your team from growing stronger together. 

2. Best In-Person Team Building Activities for Workplace 

2.1. Go on an Office Scavenger Hunt

Go on an office scavenger hunt


We are starting with the most obvious team building activities for work on purpose. Not because it’s only a classic, but because it’s the best choice to get your team out of their chair. Split participants into different teams and each team gets their own checklist of items to track down around the office or nearby area. With a timer ticking away, the teams race against each other to tick off everything on their list before time runs out.

Here are a few examples of items you can hunt down:

  • Four different colored markers in the office.
  • A coffee mug with a funny slogan.
  • An unusual souvenir from a colleague’s desk.
  • A piece of paper with many holes punched in it
  • A sticky note with a handwritten joke or pun.
  • A stress ball in the shape of a funny character.

Why we love it: Whether In office or outdoors, it’s the perfect opportunity to create lasting bonds through shared adventures.

2.2. Break the Ice With Team Bingo 

Here comes another universal favorite when it comes to easy team building activities for work. Yet, why settle for the ordinary number system if you can inject some creative twist into your team bingo? Hand out the bingo card to each participant filled with witty statements or fun facts that reflect your workplace culture. As the game kicks off, the host delivers statements from the cards, and players must strike off the square when they find a match. The first player(s) who completes a square (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) shouts BINGO and wins the game. Here are some options for your Bingo card. 

  • Took 4 coffee breaks a day 
  • Accidentally replied all to a company-wide email
  • Started a meme war in the team that lasted all day
  • Sent an email with a hilarious typo and owned it
  • Got caught dancing in the elevator security camera footage

Why we love it: What’s not to love about getting to know your coworkers in a unique way? Not to mention the tons of entertainment that comes along. 

2.3. Explore the Outdoors With Camping

How about turning team building activities for work into a team building weekend? Take your team to a countryside camping or glamping spot and immerse yourselves in the great outdoors. If you have enough team members, split them into different teams for sports tournaments with even a match of skilled players to keep things fun for everyone. 

You can also choose a riverside site to get the gang to engage in water sports activities like Kayaking, rafting, or even simply dipping your toes in the refreshing waters. Whether gathering around a crackling campfire or embarking on nature hikes, outdoor camping offers a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation to reset yourself.

Why we love it – This unique experience and change of scenery allow you to naturally engage with teammates you may have only passed in the hallway or cafeteria. 

2.4. Hold a ‘Paint and Sip’ Party 

If your team is not a fan of traditional team building activities for work groups, it’s time to put a little twist on your next event. So, why not stimulate the artistic side of your team with a paint and sip party? You could organize a team painting session to craft a mural for the office break room, collaborate on a chosen theme, or host a mini art exhibition. 

You can even hire a skilled painting artist to lead the session who can help you with canvases, brushes, and paints. With wine, beer, or mocktail in hand, you and your team can relax, socialize, and let your creativity flow. Don’t forget to provide your employees with art supplies, along with some paint-proof clothing and aprons.

Why we love it: It’s a fantastic way to unwind and bond, plus, who doesn’t love getting a little messy with paint?

2.5.  Play Blind Retriever Game

 Play Blind Retriever Game

What could be more entertaining than incorporating blind retriever game into quick team building activities for work? This activity involves blindfolding participants and tasking them with retrieving balls hidden in different parts of the office. Place the object your teams need to retrieve at one end of a space and mark a starting line at the opposite end. Scatter soft obstacles with rounded edges between the starting line and the object. 

One person from each team wears a blindfold while their teammate guides them to search for the object faster than the other teams. If a retriever bumps into any obstacles in the room, their team is out of the game. The team whose retriever grabs the object first without touching any obstacles is the winner.

Why we love it:  This activity infuses energy and enthusiasm into the atmosphere, while the competitive aspect energizes teammates. 

2.6. Ultimate Charcuterie Cook-off 

Bonding over a meal is one of the best team building activities for work, and a charcuterie class turns the experience up a notch. Bring an expert chef to your workplace who can help you master the art of decorating charcuterie boards. He will help you source the ingredients and show you how to prepare a feast for tastebuds and, of course, Instagram. 

Unleash your creativity as you and your team arrange smoked meats, cheeses, cut veggies and fruits, nuts, and other delicious treats. Add a playful twist (if the host permits) with options like Oreos or pickles. The wackier the ingredient, the more hilarious the results!

It’s going to be a deliciously fun time, filled with good food and even better company.

Why we love it: This culinary activity involves plenty of creative thinking, strategy, and a bit of competition – a recipe for a no-fail cool time. 

3. Best Virtual Team Building Activities for Work

3.1. Compete in a Virtual Team Trivia

Compete in a Virtual Team Trivia

Want to energize your team building activities for work with a dash of friendly, competitive cheer? Join Hooray Teams Virtual Trivia, where you and your team engage in the ultimate battle of wits. Their lively host will help you and your team compete in 4-5 rounds of fast-paced trivia sessions. Questions can be anything about movies, music, holidays, TV shows, general knowledge, or pop culture.

What’s really cool is that they can tailor the trivia questions based on your team’s interests and preferences. Last time, we had a pop culture trivia night. One teammate, who is always up to date, could easily catch up with hints given by the host like ‘TikTok sensation,’ ‘catchy chorus.’ In a flash, he shouted “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd, a tune we’ve all heard everywhere online.

Why we love it: Each correct answer brings a high-five moment, while the misses? Well, they just add to the laughter. 

3.2. Stir Up the Team Spirit With Mixology 

Stir Up the Team Spirit With Mixology 

If your office needs a bit of boozy fun, host a mixology session as part of your team-building activities for work. We suggest you join Hooray Teams Virtual Mixology Class to unwind and socialize over your favorite beverage. A professional bartender will guide you and your team in making classic Margaritas or Manhattan or even customized blends. 

Each participant will receive DIY cocktail mixing kits consisting of liquor, sugar, fruit syrups, and garnishes delivered straight to their doorstep. Additionally, you can request to personalize your mixing kit, sparing you the hassle of sourcing all the ingredients yourself.

Why we love it: Skip the long queue at the store – have all the ingredients delivered straight to your remote team’s doorstep. From there, you and your team are just a Zoom call away from a vibrant mixology experience.

3.3. Escape Patient 360 Room

Escape Patient 360 Room

Get ready to challenge yourself in a world of intrigue, clues, and suspense with the Hooray Teams Patient 360 Virtual Escape Room challenge. You and your teammates will do some serious brainstorming to uncover the mysterious circumstances in St. Elizabeth Psychiatric Hospital. A dedicated host will help you and your team crack the codes and clues while keeping everyone on the edge of their seat. 

With the 360-degree virtual reality room view and multiplayer collaborative interface, you will experience the game more realistic and fun. Hooray Teams also offers other exciting escape rooms such as The Alchemist, Dungeon Things, and Mafia 360 challenge. 

Why we love it: Players may find themselves navigating exciting scenarios to break out of the room. But what really sticks is that awesome feeling of working together as a team.

3.4. Figure Whodunit With Murder at the Manor 

Figure Whodunit With Murder at the Manor

For those crime junkies in your team, the murder mysteries will be super exciting team building activities for work. Treat them to Hooray Teams Virtual Murder Mystery- Murder at the Manor for a perfect mix of mystery and exciting experience. A lively host will guide you and your team through cryptic clues, puzzles, and codes to discover the culprit behind the fatal crime. 

We spent about an hour cracking this murder mystery challenge. We went through clues like a list of suspects, a leaflet with details about the victim, and information about alibis. Our host was really nice and guided us the whole time to figure out who did it. All we had to do was click the meeting link, turn on our video and mic, and Hooray Teams did everything else.

Why we love it: Choosing a mystery event like this ensures everything’s sorted, and having an expert host just adds to the convenience and fun. 

3.5. A Zen Meditation Session

Who doesn’t love a serene meditation class amidst the daily work hustle? So, a guided Online Meditation Class should be one of your must to do team building activities for work meetings. An expert professional will guide you and your team through various breathing, mindfulness, and visualization techniques. 

The participants can engage in an interactive Q&A session where they can share personal insights, thoughts, and experiences. By the end of the session, everyone feels more focused and united, ready to tackle challenges with a clear mind and teamwork.

Why we love it: It’s a gentle and easy-to-organize activity where we reconnect with ourselves and find clarity in the midst of chaos.

3.6. Guess and Draw With Pictionary

Are you trying to draw… a cat? Or is that supposed to be a picture of a dancer? Yes, we are talking about our classic Pictionary game. This is one of the perfect virtual team building activities for work for those who love guessing, word, or drawing games. Using an online drawing tool, players take turns illustrating a word or phrase.

While the drawing is in progress, the other players race against the clock to guess the correct answer. As you and your crew toss around guesses, the other team gets a sneak peek at your phrases, adding to the fun—no cheating allowed 😉

Why we love it: The cool thing about Pictionary is how the guesses and drawings can be way off or totally spot-on, making it a hilarious and fun game for everyone involved.

4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

4.1. What are the 4 main types of team building activities?

The four main types of team building activities for work are communication exercises, problem-solving tasks, trust-building activities, and recreational or fun activities. Each type plays a crucial role in promoting teamwork, enhancing relationships, and boosting morale within a group.

4.2. How to host virtual team building activities?

  • Select a suitable team building activity and communication platform like Zoom or Teams
  • Assign a professional host like Hooray Teams for conducting team activities 
  • Plan a variety of fun and engaging team building activities for work. 
  • Share the guidelines and rules for games in advance.
  • Encourage team interaction and collect their feedback

4.3. What are the fun activities for team building?

Fun activities for team building include scavenger hunts, Pictionary, murder mysteries, escape rooms, bingo or team trivia competitions. Other popular options include cooking classes, improv workshops, and DIY craft projects. 


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