9 Best Virtual Paint Night Ideas and Classes to Brush Up On Teamwork

9 Best Virtual Paint Night Ideas and Classes to Brush Up On Teamwork

What if we tell you that there’s a colorful solution to bring your remote team together like never before? We are talking about virtual paint night classes that can be a creative twist and a perfect blend of teamwork, collaboration, and fun. It’s not just about painting; it’s about creating an environment where team members can unwind, shed their work stress, and truly connect on a personal level. Virtual paint night allows bonding outside the usual work conversations, sharing personal stories, and uncovering hidden talents.

We’ve handpicked a list of the best virtual paint night ideas and classes to hone your team collaboration. So, snag those brushes, and unleash your inner artist to create picture-perfect moments together! 

Let’s dive in.

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1. How Can a Virtual Paint Night Strengthen Your Team’s Bond?

A Virtual Paint Night can strengthen your team’s bond by fostering a collaborative environment that encourages strong interpersonal connections. Just like a masterpiece has different colors, a great team is also a combination of diverse people, but when the teams work remotely they find it hard to be in an interactive workspace. They might feel like they are out of the loop or might sense a lack of camaraderie. A virtual paint night brings them together and enables them to create a shared experience that they can reminisce about and bond over.

Additionally, As the team paints, they will appreciate each other’s unique brush strokes. It’s a chance to chat, share stories, and discover common interests outside the world of work spreadsheets and conference calls.

2. How to Plan a Virtual Paint Night?

How to Plan a Virtual Paint Night?


2.1 Select a Virtual Platform

Choose the platform to host a virtual paint night that goes well with your team size, the features you need, and other requirements.  Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Webex Meetings; are some of the video conferencing platforms that provide smooth collaboration and accommodate extended meeting durations.

2.2 Pick a Theme for a Virtual Paint Night

From cityscape to landscape there are loads of exciting themes to choose from for a virtual paint night. Let your team suggest and decide which one they’ll be having more fun with while painting.

2.3 Book an Expert Artist 

Look for an experienced painting instructor who must have a diverse artistic portfolio. They should have a strong background in hosting interactive team-building sessions. Ensure it matches your goals and requirements. Before making a final call, discuss all the relevant details such as; time, date, and theme.

2.4 Send Necessary Art Supplies

Once you finalized what type of paint art you’ll be moving forward with, understand the type of supplies you will need. The art supplies are usually included in the classes, but if not, deliver them beforehand to the employees to avoid the hassle.

2.5 Create and send invitations with details

After fixing the date and time, you can send out notifications to ensure that your team members mark their calendars. Include all important details like the event time, date, the artist’s name, and any materials or preparations needed.

3. Virtual Paint Night Classes

3.1. Hooray Teams

Hooray Teams


Ideal for Remote teams, creative team building, and corporate professionals

When it’s about planning a fun and interactive team-building activity, count them in! Hooray Teams plans and organizes virtual team events customized to your needs. These events are all about boosting team bonds and creating a virtual hangout where remote teams can collaborate like pros.

With their fun-filled virtual paint class teams, the best part is you don’t need any prior experience to attend these sessions. It’s all about fun, camaraderie, and unleashing your inner artist, no matter your skill level. So, get ready to paint the town – virtually, of course. 

Duration- 60-120 minutes

Pricing- On Request

No of participants- 10-1,000

Art supplies- Yes. It includes easels, paints, and brushes

3.2 Muse Paintbar

Ideal for Creative team building, group celebrations, and corporate professionals

If you are looking for a more collaborative experience for your team, then Muse Paintbar is your go-to class. They provide virtual paint classes to cater to all age groups, making it an inclusive and fun option for your entire team. From classic favorites to seasonal painting you can fine-tune your painting skills with the help of a dedicated live virtual instructor.

Muse Paintbar hosts parties with a minimum of 10 participants to more and ships all the painting supplies that your team needs straight to their doorstep.

Duration- 90-120 minutes

Pricing- Starts at $45 per painter

No of participants- 10 and above

Art supplies- Yes. It includes an 8×10 Canvas Panel, Premium Muse Branded Brushes, Acrylic Paints, and a Mixing Palette

3.3 Impressionist Paint Night by Elevant

Ideal for Remote teams, team building, and small groups

Impressionist Paint Night by Elevant hosts interactive live classes that help strengthen connections. They structure their virtual paint nights for adults with a blend of traditional art methodologies to start the basics like building up texture and primary skills.

Once you finalize the preferred slot, the curated painting kit will get delivered to your doorstep. From paints to different types of brushes their kit includes all the essential supplies your team needs to immerse in the creative process.

Duration- 90 minutes

Pricing- $70 / person

No of participants- 5-100

Art supplies- Yes. It includes canvas (9″x12″), a pack of brushes, a box of acrylic paint, a pencil, and an Eraser

3.4 Painting to Gogh

How to Plan a Virtual Paint Night?


Ideal for unique team building, corporates, and professional classes

Painting to Gogh offers one of the best art experiences with their tailored-made virtual paint night videos. This allows your team to delve into paint art together, guided by expert instructions. Their sessions are also inclusive of top-quality painting supplies to avoid the hassle of gathering materials.

The cherry on top, you get to choose your painting design from their art gallery, ensuring your team gets to create a masterpiece in the most fuss-free environment. It’s like having a private art class, right in the comfort of your own space.

Duration- 90-120 minutes

Pricing- $39.99 – $49.99 Also offer virtual live instructor for a flat fee of $250 

No of participants- 10-100

Art supplies- Yes. It includes 16×20 canvas, acrylic paints, a paper palette, an apron, pre-recorded video tutorials, a brush set, easel.

3.5 Canvas n Cup

Canvas n Cup


Ideal for Corporate Team Building, Employee Engagement, Team Building Activities for Work

Whether you are aiming to strengthen team bonds or enhance team dynamics, Canvas n Cups is a great choice to consider. They host some of the best virtual paint parties that can accommodate over 200 people. Also, their virtual paint class is led by fun instructors who guide you from scratch to finish to uncover your inner artist.

With 2000 virtual paint night at-home events worldwide they really have strong experience in hosting team building. And the best part? You can bypass the hassle of planning and gathering materials. Canvas n Cup takes care of all the details, from organizing the event to providing painting supplies and expert guidance.

Duration- 60-120 minutes

Pricing- On request

No of participants- 15-200+

Art supplies- Yes. It includes a 16 x 12 canvas panel, 12 acrylic paint tubes, 3 premium brushes, a disposable apron, and a mixing plate

3.6 Ryptic

Ideal for Remote teams, Large groups, and Creative team-building

Ryptic is known for its fun-filled classes where the team can alleviate stress and foster connections in the workspace. With over 50 diverse virtual paint night ideas to choose from, the team has the freedom to select the perfect masterpiece that resonates with them. 

The classes are led by professional instructors who take you on an artistic journey with a step-by-step guide. And to make it simple, they also get your paint supplies delivered beforehand so you do not need to do any prior preparations. The only thing to remember, book them a minimum of 2 weeks in advance to avoid fuss.

Duration- 90 minutes

Pricing- $80pp 

No of participants- 10 – 500+ people

Art supplies- Yes. It includes paint, paintbrushes, canvas, an easel and a palette.

3.7 Acrylic Painting class by Bento

Ideal for team-building activities, those passionate about acrylic painting, and beginners

If you are looking for a fun-filled evening, then the Acrylic Painting class by Bento is an ideal choice for those who love art and hearty laughs. The class is hosted by Creative Color Palette with experienced instructors leading your way to let you craft your very own acrylic masterpiece through a step-by-step guide. This virtual paint night class offers a hands-on experience that caters to all skill levels, making it accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

This class is ideal for beginners and large groups. Don’t forget to have your Acrylic paints, Brushes, Palette, and Easel ready beforehand.

Duration- 120 minutes

Pricing- $65

No of participants- 10-30 people, more can be added on request

Art supplies- Not included

3.8 Painting with a Twist

Painting with a Twist


Ideal for virtual team building, diverse teams, and beginners

For those who want to add a little twist to their team-building activity, Painting with a twist is your thing. By combining trivia questions, games, music, and more in the virtual paint night, the instructor ensures that it should be as fun as in-person paint events. 

Plus, they’re not just about art; they’re about making a positive impact. Through their Painting With a Purpose Program, they raise funds for non-profit organizations every month, contributing nearly 7 million dollars to causes like Habitat for Humanity, Multiple Sclerosis, and Breast Cancer. Short on supplies? No sweat. They can deliver a twist-at-home paint kit right to your doorstep. Find and book events that suit your schedule on their official site. 

Duration- 60-90 minutes

Pricing- $28-$60

No of participants- Minimum 4 and above

Art supplies- They can arrange for the participants if requested.

3.9 Pinot’s Palette

Ideal for Private events, Team Building, and In-Person fun activities

Pinot’s Palette is one of the best art studios organizing virtual paint and sip events. Their interactive virtual paint night sessions, conducted via live virtual classes, provide a dynamic and engaging atmosphere. Participants can enjoy the flexibility to select their preferred learning format, complemented by lively pre-recorded painting instructions. They also have local and painting fundraisers under “Painting it Forward Program” where they have partnered with NPOs to support communities. Participants can also be a part of this by contacting their studio near them.

To make your experience more seamless, their virtual paint night class comes with a comprehensive package, covering all the essential supplies; paint, brushes, an 11×14 canvas, a mixing plate, and even a water cup.

Duration- 60-90 minutes 

Pricing- On Request

No of participants- Minimum 4 and above

Art supplies- They can arrange for the participants if requested.

4. FAQ

4.1 What are some fun virtual paint ideas?

Paint and Storytelling, Speed Painting Challenge, Paint Your Pet, and Blindfolded Paint Night are some of the fun virtual night paint ideas to give a try with your team.

4.2 How do you plan a virtual paint night?

To plan a paint night at home, get in touch with an expert artist who can lead an interactive session, and discuss the theme or artwork you want your team to work on. Further, you can finalize the date and ensure participants have the necessary painting supplies.

4.3 Are there any classes that offer free virtual paint nights?

Yes, there are a few virtual paint night classes that offer occasional live events for free. You can also explore YouTube channels where talented artists share step-by-step painting tutorials. So next time you search for “virtual paint night near me”, keep an eye on these free classes.


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