12 Fun Virtual St. Patrick’s Day Events and Ideas That Capture the Irish Spirit

12 Fun Virtual St. Patrick’s Day Events and Ideas That Capture the Irish Spirit

St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most laidback holidays centering around enjoying traditional Irish dishes like champ and indulging in daytime festivities with drinks.  As most of us move to a hybrid or remote setup, celebrating holidays has moved beyond just an in-person gathering with a couple of icebreaker activities. There are a plethora of engaging St. Patrick’s Day events, games, and activities that are perfect for holiday celebrations in the virtual workplace!

So, here is a rundown of our top Virtual St. Patrick’s Day events and ideas for work for remote and hybrid teams to enjoy the celebrations.

1. How Do You Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Virtually?

If you are looking to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day virtually you can either go down the hosted or the self-hosted route. When it comes to hosted celebrations, you have organizations much like ours. 🙂 A platform like Hooray Teams can help organize some awesome hosted St. Patrick’s Day team building activities. They curate the entire experience for you right from delivering all the event kits to taking care of the nitty-gritty details so that you and your team can enjoy the whole experience.

If you opt for a self-hosted team celebration, you would need to do a fair bit of planning and organization to enjoy it with the team. You would need to choose a video conferencing platform, plan the day’s events, send out invites in advance, and also ensure you appoint a host to make sure everything runs smoothly.

2. Virtual St. Patrick’s Day Events and Ideas 

2.1. St. Patrick’s Day Trivia

St. Patrick's Day Trivia

This is our spin on the much beloved Pub Quiz that all Irish love and adore. Hooray Teams St. Patrick’s Day Trivia is a fun way to spend the holiday and fire up some of that healthy competitive spirit. Get ready to engage in a battle of wits with your team to answer questions over 4-5 rounds of trivia regarding Ireland’s traditions, folklore, and more. 

The session will be spearheaded by an engaging quizmaster to ensure that those festive spirits remain high and your team is engaged at every step of the way. If you have something specific in mind, you can reach out to us and we will be happy to help you customize the trivia session for your team.  

2.2. St. Patrick’s Irish Cocktail Party

St. Patrick’s Irish Cocktail Party

If there is one thing the Irish are famous for, it has to be their happy hour. We have figured out a way to make it more work-friendly and fun with Hooray Teams Virtual St. Patrick’s Irish Cocktail Party.

An expert mixologist will guide you and your team through the process of creating delicious cocktail blends while sharing great tips. Everything you need for this session will be delivered as cocktail-making kits right to your doorstep before the event. In case you have teetotalers in your team, we can customize the kits for them as well. 

2.3. Organize a Beer Tasting Session 

Any St. Patrick’s Day events list would be incomplete unless you add in a classic beer tasting session. To exude that St. Paddy’s Day vibe, stick to some Irish stouts or just pick out a mix of beers and send it to everyone’s doorstep. 

Once everyone has got their beers ready, get on a video call and enjoy a discussion on the different kinds of beer. You don’t have to worry about sounding professional, it’s all about perspective. This is also a great way to celebrate  St. Patrick’s Day happy hour. If you want to make it easier to arrange, reach out to Hooray Teams to help you organize the session.

2.4.  St. Patrick’s Cookie Decorating 

St. Patrick's Cookie Decorating

If you’re on the lookout for creative activities for your team’s virtual St. Patrick’s Day festivities, look no further than St. Patrick’s Virtual Cookie Decorating by Hooray Teams. An engaging online host will guide you and your team through the art of bluffing, blending, and frosting cookies. You can even customize your own designs in the class. 

Prior to the event, everything you require will be delivered right to your doorstep. This kit includes pre-filled icing bags, a variety of nozzle tips, an assortment of sprinkles, and, of course, the cookies themselves. All your team has to do is clear some space at home, slip on an apron, and let their inner artist out.

2.5. St. Patrick’s Cupcake Decorating

St. Patrick’s Cupcake Decorating

Indulge in some sweet treats with St. Patrick’s Virtual Cupcake Decorating by Hooray Teams. In this event, you and your team will learn the art of transforming plain cupcakes into St. Patrick’s Events delights.

Led by a skilled baker, you’ll learn how to bring your favorite St. Patrick’s Day designs to life like leprechauns, rainbows, or pots of gold. Hooray Teams curated kits containing all the decorating essentials like icing, fondants, sprinkles, and toppers, are delivered straight to your team members’ doorsteps for a stress-free setup.

2.6. St. Patrick’s Day Virtual Happy Hour

St. Patrick's Day Virtual Happy Hour

Drinking and leprechauns are synonymous with St. Patrick’s Day events (for the most part). In St. Patrick’s Day Virtual Happy Hour event, you and your team get together to understand the history, culture, and traditions of Ireland better with drinks 

Join a mixologist who will walk you through the process of crafting a St. Patrick’s Day cocktail and other delicious green concoctions. This activity includes a kit that will be sent in advance to everyone’s doorstep and contains everything you need to enjoy the happy hour session with your teammates.

2.7. St. Patrick’s Day Virtual Scavenger Hunt

If you fall in the self-hosted category of organizing St. Patrick’s Day events, our top pick for you has to be the virtual scavenger hunt. It’s easy to organize and is a surefire crowd-pleaser. All you need to do is create a St. Patrick’s Day-themed scavenger hunt list, send it to your team and let the fun begin!

To help you out we have a sample list below that you can use as reference. 

2.8. Irish Folklore Mix and Match

Irish Folklore Mix and Match is one of the most fun St. Patrick’s Day games. To play this St. Patrick’s Day-themed virtual team building activity, first, divide your team into smaller groups. Each group then picks a popular Irish fairy tale like “The Children of Lir” or “The Giant’s Causeway”.

Once they’ve chosen one, each group creates a presentation. They need to describe the characters in the story without actually naming them. You can be as creative as you want, but do remember people should be able to guess the character.  For instance, if you pick “The Children of Lir,” you might use avatars for King Lir, his daughter Fionnuala, and so on. This activity is great especially if you are looking to learn more about Irish legends and folklore. 

2.9. Shamrock Decorating Session

A more creative addition to our list of St. Patrick’s Day events has to be Shamrock Decorating. Each person gets a shamrock template and they can jazz it up with markers, paint, glitter, or whatever crafty stuff they have lying around their house. You can even get creative and make it a paper mache masterpiece. You are only limited by your imagination in this activity.

Once the masterpieces are done, it’s time to vote. The person with the most votes wins. It’s really that simple. 

2.10. The Alchemist Escape Room

The alchemist escape room

If you want more adrenaline-filled St. Patrick’s Day team building ideas, have a look at The Alchemist Escape Room. This interesting escape room isn’t your usual  St. Patrick’s Day events addition, but we do believe this one is sure to put the thrill in your virtual holiday celebrations.

You along with your team need to locate the Philosopher’s Stone before the members of the Elusive Order show up and foil your plans. The premise is simple but intricate puzzles, clues, and codes make this one of our favorite St. Patrick’s Day party ideas for teams.

2.11. Online Irish Cooking Competition

Everyone has seen Masterchef, why not recreate it and include it in your virtual St. Patrick’s Day events? Get people to whip up classic Irish dishes such as Colcannon, soda bread, Irish stew, and coddle. If you don’t want to go down the super traditional route, you can try out modern options like Guinness chocolate cake or stout-braised lamb. If you are looking for St. Patrick’s Day potluck ideas, this one can double as that too.

If a cooking contest isn’t your pint of Beer, you can opt for a cook-along session instead. Enlist a talented cook from your team to lead the session, guiding everyone through the recipe. Alternatively, you can hire a professional chef to conduct a cooking class exclusively for your team.

2.12. The Luckiest Leprechaun

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, it’s important to give the leprechaun its due. Dubbed “The Luckiest Leprechaun,” this game is a fun twist on the classic game of Never Have I Ever. You have to state incidents that made you feel like a lucky leprechaun. Something like getting a surprise upgrade to first class or finding money in an old jacket pocket – you get the idea.

It’s a laid-back way to have some fun with your team online and maybe uncover who the real luckiest leprechaun of your crew is!

3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

3.1. How to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at work?

St. Patrick’s Day at work typically involves wearing green attire to get into the spirit of the holiday. Some offices might also decorate the workspace with green decorations, shamrocks, and other Irish-themed items. 

3.2. What is the game for St. Patrick’s Day in the office?

One popular game for St. Patrick’s Day in the office is St. Patrick’s trivia. Employees can test their knowledge of Irish culture, history, and traditions, with questions ranging from Irish folklore to famous landmarks. Another common game is a St. Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt, where participants search for hidden shamrocks or Irish-themed items

3.3. Why do we celebrate St.Patrick’s Day?

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated to honor Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, who is credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland in the 5th century. It has evolved into a global celebration of Irish culture and heritage, marked by parades, festivities, and wearing green attire.


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