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 10 Virtual Team Building Activities for Large Groups to Strengthen Remote Teams

10 Virtual Team Building Activities for Large Groups to Strengthen Remote Teams

In the world of remote work and sprawling virtual landscapes, the quest to unite large groups takes center stage. There are not enough places where people can just hang out and relax. This is why we have compiled a list of virtual team building activities for large groups. Now, you might be wondering, “Why does group size even matter?” Well, hold onto your virtual hats because it matters a whole lot! The size of your crew directly impacts the success and effectiveness of your virtual escapades. It can be difficult to foster active participation in a large group. 

This is why you need to pick virtual team building activities for large groups specifically. We have curated a list of 10 virtual team-building activities to help you get started.

Kick off your virtual meetings with a bang using icebreaker virtual team building activities or a dash of humor with our funny virtual team building activities to keep everyone laughing and engaged at a personal level. If you’re looking to explore a wide range of options, then check out our virtual team building activities that cover everything from online escape rooms to team trivia challenges to boost team bonding.

For more intimate teams, consider our virtual team building activities for small groups that can help foster meaningful connections and collaboration. If you’re working on shoe-string budget, we got you covered with our article on free virtual team building activities, too.

1.10 Not Lame Virtual Team Building Activities For Large Groups


1.1. Paid Team Building Activities For Large Groups


1.1.1. Hooray Teams 


Planning virtual activities need not be as complex as finding a needle in the haystack when you choose an awesome teambuilding marketplace like Hooray Teams. This hosted platform offers a wide range of virtual team building activities for large groups. With their expertise in creating fun and interactive experiences, they are at pros at handling teams of any size, so everyone stays motivated and connected throughout.

Once you make your way to their platform, you can choose from a range of exciting activities that includes a Virtual Pottery Class, Virtual Escape Room, Virtual Murder Mystery – Murder at the Manor, to delicious culinary sessions with a Hot Sauce Making Class or Pasta Cook-off. All you need is to provide the necessary details and your preferences and they do the rest for you to ensure you have a great time.  


1.1.2. Escape Rooms 

Calling all thrill-seekers! If you’re looking for an adventure game, an exhilarating virtual escape room is exactly what you need for a fun and interactive team building experience. Racing against time, outwit cunning puzzles, and race against the clock to break free from their digital dungeons.

There are plenty of online escape rooms, but our favorite is the Escape Room by Hooray Teams. In this virtual activity, you and your team need to solve a series of logical puzzles and make your way out of the virtual room in a stipulated amount of time. This works for a large group as for this game you are divided into small groups in a random order. This ensures that participants who might not usually get to interact with one another, do so. 


1.1.3. Paint and Sip Sessions


Teams will appreciate the soothing vibe of a paint and sip where. members can bond over shared conversation and art. Over a a glass of wine, a refreshing cocktail, or a non-alcoholic beverage your employees come together to put brush to canvas and create a masterpiece. This is a tried and tested activity that helps bring teams together even when they are far apart. 

With the help of the Hooray Teams Paint and Wine Class Online, you and your team can have this experience as well. Once you sign up for this class you receive a paint kit with all the tools you need right to your doorstep. The class is helmed by a professional host who ensures that you are able to convert your idea to a painting. 


1.1.4. Trivia Games


When we talk about virtual team building activities for large groups, we have to talk about trivia. Behold the timeless pub game, now reimagined as the ultimate virtual team activity. By infusing a touch of digital wizardry and a sprinkle of creativity, we’ve unlocked its full potential for your remote team. You can customize the game as per your team. With a gazillion categories to pick from, everyone gets their time in the spotlight, which turns up the heat on friendly competition.

If you are overwhelmed with all the options, don’t worry; we have got your back covered. Hooray Teams offers two awesome Trivia Games. The first is Pop Culture Trivia by Hooray Teams. This trivial covers a number of topics from chart-breaking music to the latest fashion trends. This makes it the perfect addition to the list of virtual team building activities for large groups. The second one is the ‘The Office” Trivia by Hooray Teams. In this trivia, you and your team answer trivia questions related to what else? But the famous television series “The Office”. If you ask us this is a classic. 


1.1.5. Origami Classes

Paperwork can take on new meaning when it comes to team building activities, and In this case, we mean Origami! This ancient art of paper folding offers a fresh way for you and your team members to come together and learn a new skill. This particular skill not only provides a break from the usual work routine but also helps with relaxation and stress relief. But wait, Origami isn’t a solo adventure; it’s a team sport. In virtual breakout rooms, your team learns how to become paper-folding superheroes, sharing tips, secrets, and high-fives as they conquer the paper.

Hooray Teams Virtual Origami Class is a great gateway to learning about this art. Led by an experienced Origami instructor, no matter what your skill level is, you will enjoy this class. 


1.2. Free Virtual Team Building Activities for Large Groups


1.2.1. Virtual Happy Hours 

A Virtual Happy Hour is essentially a group video call where team members can grab their favorite drinks and gather for casual conversation and unwinding. It provides an opportunity for employees to socialize outside of a work setting and get to know each other on a more personal level. 

So, here’s how the party goes down: Your team gathers on video platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams, along with their favorite drinks or snacks. If you want to spice things up, you can go with themed Happy Hours – something like beach vibes or a “pajama party” where everyone’s in full relaxation mode. Do remember to have some conversation starters and icebreakers ready to get the chatter flowing. 


1.2.2. Virtual Movie Night 


If you are looking for free virtual team building activities for large groups then a movie night is the way to go.especially if you have movie buffs in your team. Take your pick from a box office hit, a vintage classic, or even an offbeat genre-driven movie, the only thing to keep in mind is that it shouldn’t be too out there. That may make people slightly uncomfortable. 

As the movie plays along, your team can chat their hearts out, sharing favorite scenes, wild reactions, and movie trivia. This is the perfect activity if you are looking to refresh, de-stress, and recharge those work batteries.


1.2.3. Online Games

Online games are a fantastic and cost-effective way to engage in virtual team building activities. They offer numerous benefits such as fostering teamwork, and improving communication. 

Can You Hear Me Now?  is a game that’ll have your large group tapping into their listening skills while indulging in some friendly competition. You need to assign a  game master who will be responsible for conveying a series of brain-teasers to the team. Once you zero down on that one person, you need to break your large group into smaller teams. You can also try other exciting options Truths and a Lie, online Pictionary or virtual trivia. These kinds of games can end up being a riot, especially with a large group, 


1.2.4. Virtual  Book Club 

This one might sound like something more fit for Baby Boomers or literary enthusiasts only, but trust us when we say reading is a highly rewarding experience and so to debunk that notion, consider setting up an online book club.  Reading and book chats open the door to fresh perspectives, new knowledge, and supercharged critical thinking. It’s kind of like an open platform for sharing ideas, spurring debates, and keeping those communication channels wide open.

Before you start book club you should establish three things; a regular meeting schedule, a clear book selection process, whether its the classics or modern fiction, and a safe and inclusive atmosphere to discuss your choice of books. These will ensure that your activity is a success. 


1.2 5 Skill-Based Challenges


To spice up your virtual team building activities for large groups, consider free skill-based challenges that offer versatility and nudge you think more creatively. You can try a spreadsheet showdown you and your team use coding skills to work on creating pixel art through healthy competitions. 

For those looking to hone their pitching skills, run a mock Shark Tank where participants can come up with innovative products or services, and present them to opposing teams to make a winning sales pitch. Wordsmiths can enjoy time-based games like online word search or word scramble where participants must unscramble them to form meaningful words.

Our recommendation is to use these kind of game as icebreakers, as it requires participation from everyone. 


2. FAQs 

2.1. What is the #1 virtual team building activity you use?

The #1 virtual team building activity we use is Hooray Teams. They offer a number of different activities on their platform that allow you to pick and choose as per the preferences of your team. 

2.2. What can you do with a group of 20 people?

With a group of 20 people, you can organize virtual games like trivia, charades, or a virtual escape room.

2.3. What are group building activities on Zoom?

Group building activities on Zoom can include virtual trivia, online escape rooms, team-based challenges, and icebreaker games.

2.4. How do you keep a large group entertained?

To keep a large group entertained, you can use engaging activities like interactive games, contests, quizzes, or breakout sessions for smaller discussions and interactions.


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