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 7 Top Virtual Whiskey Tasting Classes To Raise Your Team Spirits

7 Top Virtual Whiskey Tasting Classes To Raise Your Team Spirits

Ever felt like remote work is like being on a solo island? We totally get it. The struggle with distance is real and this is where a great team-building experience comes into play. If you’re tired of the same old ideas of bringing your team together, we suggest a lively virtual whiskey tasting experience where your team can clink glasses and share some hearty laughs. As you sip on some fine whiskey, conversations start flowing, and those team bonds get stronger.

In this blog, we’re spilling the beans on some of the best virtual whiskey tasting classes that turn sips into stories and teams into tight-knit tribes. 

Let’s dive in!

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1. What is Virtual Whiskey Tasting?

What is Virtual Whiskey Tasting-

Virtual whiskey tasting is an online event where teams get to explore and appreciate the rich and diverse flavors of whiskey from the comfort of their own homes or offices. These sessions are led by a whiskey connoisseur, taking you on a curated selection of whiskeys, and explaining their origins, flavor profiles, and production techniques. 

This immersive experience goes beyond just being informative; it’s a fantastic way for team members to come together, swap their thoughts, and enjoy lively discussions during the tasting adventure.

2. Best Virtual Whiskey Tasting Classes for Remote Teams

2.1 Hooray Teams

Hooray Teams

Ideal for interactive team building experiences, large groups, and remote teams

Hooray Teams plan and host virtual team building experiences to bring your remote team together in a fun and relaxed environment. Our virtual whiskey tasting event is led by a professional whiskey expert who will serve you with fascinating insights and help you explore the intricacies of whisky, delving into its history, origins, and rich tapestry of flavor profiles.

We love making the experience personalized, so our events can be tailored according to your requirements. Just let us know your preferences in advance, and we’ll do our best to meet your expectations To make it even more convenient, we arrange for a whiskey tasting kit to be delivered directly to your doorstep, so you can focus on the fun part while we do the rest. 

No of Participants: 10-1000

Time duration: 45 – 60 minutes

Price per person: On request

2.2 Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling

Ideal for small groups, team-building events, and private tastings

Ranger Creek offers award-winning private distillery whiskey tastings experience guided by a seasoned whiskey expert. Here you’ll embark on a journey through the finest Texan whiskies and throughout the session, you will learn about the intricacies of nosing, tasting, and evaluating each whiskey.

To cater to diverse preferences, Ranger Creek offers two whiskey tasting kits. The “Enthusiast” kit includes four thoughtfully selected samples, featuring award-winning bourbon, single malt, rye, and an exclusive distillery-only release. If you’re looking to elevate your tasting experience, opt for the “Executive” kit, which boasts eight samples, and includes all the gems in the “Enthusiast” kit along with unique distiller-selected samples and cask-strength bourbon. 

You can spruce up your experience with some delectable add-ons like holiday cookies or indulge in a premium chocolate pairing. If you are a local, you can pick directly from them, or if afar then they also have shipping options.

No of Participants: 10+

Time duration: 45 – 60 minutes

Price per person: $55 + shipping

 2.3 Host Events

Host Events

Ideal for corporate, and whiskey enthusiasts

Host Events organizes virtual whiskey tasting in the most fun and engaging way to bring your team together. Led by professional sommeliers, you’ll discover the classic styles of whiskey. The expert will share their extensive distilled spirit knowledge to let you become a whiskey connoisseur.

Your whiskey tasting experience is customizable with three different kit levels. At the Business level, you’ll receive three 375mL bottles featuring brands like Bulleit, Basil Hayden, and Knob Creek. The Corporate level includes three 375mL bottles from distilleries such as Hillrock, Garrison Brothers, and Jefferson. For the ultimate whiskey aficionado, the Executive level provides one 750mL bottle and two 375mL bottles featuring brands like Suntory, Oban, and Widow Jane.

But the experience doesn’t stop with the whiskey – each kit comes with an ice mold for the perfect chill and a personal note to add that special touch. It’s like having a whiskey tasting at home service with a splash of fun.

No of Participants: Customizable

Time duration: 60 minutes

Price per person: Starts from $130

2.4 Virtual Whiskey Tasting by Cozy Meal

Ideal for small to medium-sized groups, and whiskey enthusiasts

If you’re in the mood for a lively virtual whiskey tasting experience, CozyMeal has just the event for you. Guided by professional sommelier Steward Kirsty, you’ll be exploring four distinct types of whiskey: bourbon, scotch, rye, and Irish whiskey. This experience goes beyond simply sipping; you’ll delve into the rich history, traditions, cultures, and flavor profiles of each whiskey variety. Plus, you’ll master the art of properly tasting and analyzing these spirits. To top it off, you’ll learn to craft four delightful cocktails tailored to each type of whiskey.

If you have specific dietary preferences, don’t hesitate to inform the team in advance to ensure your needs are catered to. Throughout the session, you’re encouraged to ask questions, and the host will be there to assist you. The only essentials you’ll need are some basic kitchen equipment like a shaker, strainer, jigger, and more to craft the perfect whiskey shot. 

No of Participants: Up to 498 guest

Time duration: 60 minutes

Price per person: $25

2.5 Bourbon Banter

Bourbon Banter

Ideal for sales conferences, team building, and product launches

When it comes to crafting memorable corporate events, Bourbon & Banter is your go-to source. Led by a sommelier, you’ll learn all about whiskey and can chime in with your questions throughout the session. While they may not provide food directly, you can count on them for some essential food pairing suggestions.

But here’s where they truly stand out: if you’re looking for an experience that goes beyond the usual whiskey tasting, they offer their expertise in classic whiskey cocktails and a curated selection of craft beer. These are thoughtfully chosen to complement the whiskey choices at your event. To elevate your experience, you can even explore pairing themes like bourbon, beer, and Bavaria. 

The whiskey tasting kit includes at least four whiskeys. However, the exact lineup can be tailored to match your preferences and budget along with customized tasting aids like flavor wheels, tasting mats, and signage.

No of Participants: 10-300+

Time duration: 60-90 minutes

Price per person: Starts from $800

2.6 Wanderback

Ideal for small groups, fun experiences, and corporate

If you are a fan of DIY, then Wanderback has something for you. They host fun DIY whiskey-tasting events that are all about bringing your team together. Led by their knowledgeable whiskey sommelier, you’’ will indulge in fun virtual whiskey education. 

And here’s the real treat – your whiskey tasting at home kit includes a full-size bottle of Batch No. 5, their limited-edition Single Malt, along with six 50-ml sample bottles and a handy metal funnel for easy pouring. Plus, for those who prefer an in-person touch, they host exclusive private tours a few times a year. 

No of Participants: Minimum 6 people

Time duration: 60-90 minutes

Price per person:  $150 + $30 shipping

2.7 Greatdrams


Ideal for corporate entertainment, team building, and product launches

Greatdrams provides a one-of-a-kind virtual whiskey tasting experience with over thirty awards so far. Based in the UK, they cater to Asia, the US, and EU countries. These sessions are hosted in an informal way where you will learn about the history of whisk, distillery stories, and how to properly nose and drink whisky. You can drop your questions, and talk about their flavor notes throughout the session. GreatDrams loves to tailor events to your preferences. Whether you’re into Japanese whiskey, Bourbon & Rye, or exploring peaty varieties, they’ve got you covered.

When it comes to their packages, there are three tantalizing options. The first one includes 5 x 25-ml limited-edition whiskeys, the second offers 4 x 25-ml whiskeys and 1 x 200-ml bottle of one of their exclusive editions, and the last package provides 4 x 25-ml whiskeys along with 1 x 500-ml bottle of a limited-edition whiskey. 

For those looking to level up their tasting experience, they offer great add-ons like Glencairn official whiskey glasses, pipettes, and signed copies of the book “The Great Drams of Scotland” for each participant. Once you’ve made your booking, they’ll send you the Zoom link and ensure the theme is tailored just the way you like it.

No of Participants: 10-50

Time duration: 60-90 minutes

Price per person:  On request

3. FAQs

3.1 How do I host a virtual whiskey tasting?

To host a virtual whiskey tasting, you can look for virtual whisky tasting near me providers, then select your whiskey options, gather the necessary tools and glassware, coordinate with a whiskey expert or guide, and use a video conferencing platform to host the event.

3.2 What is the best way to taste whiskey?

The best way to taste whiskey involves a few steps. Start by observing the whiskey’s appearance and color in your glass. Next, gently swirl the whisky to release its aromas and take a moment to inhale deeply, savoring the scents. Take a small sip, letting the whisky coat your palate, and explore its flavors. Adding a few drops of water can open up new dimensions. Lastly, after swallowing or spitting, reflect on the aftertaste and overall experience to appreciate the full complexity of the whisky.

3.3. How do you host a blind whiskey tasting?

Hosting a blind whiskey tasting can be a memorable and engaging event. Start by selecting a diverse range of whiskeys to showcase different flavors and characteristics. Conceal the labels on the bottles, so participants don’t know which whiskey they’re tasting. Provide tasting notes and scorecards for everyone to record their impressions and ratings. During the tasting, encourage participants to discuss their thoughts and preferences. Finally, reveal the identities of the whiskeys, and have a lively discussion about the results. It’s a fun and educational way to explore the world of whiskey and discover your team’s or guests’ unique preferences.


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