Christmas Meditation

Christmas Meditation

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Holiday decor, recipes to try, gifts, guest lists and more checklists we get it.- the holiday hustle and bustle can be quite anti-climatic to D-day. At Hooray Teams, we’ve got a special treat for you right amidst your holiday chaos – it’s Christmas Meditation! So, set aside that checklist, take a break from the planning, and let’s add some Zen to your festivities with our hosted meditation session. Let us guide you on a journey of inner peace and reflection, amidst the twinkling lights and the cozy warmth of the holiday season.

In this virtual guided Christmas Meditation, our dedicated and experienced host will teach you various relaxation techniques, from deep breathing exercises to visualization, that help you unwind and let go of any holiday stress. You’ll be gently guided to achieve a state of calm and inner peace. So, unwind, take a deep breath, and let the soothing journey begin.

The Hooray Teams Christmas Meditation session includes-

  • tickProfessional meditation guide for the entire 60-minute session.
  • tickGuided Christmas meditation and some breathwork.
  • tickOpen-ended discussions and sharing of experiences
  • tickNo extra mic or technology required.
  • tickJust click the link, switch on your video and microphone and our host will take care of everything!

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