Virtual Wellness Experience (6 Week Program)

Virtual Wellness Experience (6 Week Program)

About Event

Our 6-week virtual Wellness Program is specially designed for your team to unplug and destress from daily hustles. This 360-degree holistic journey focuses on meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises to improve your employees’ workplace well-being. The program will take place via Zoom for one hour per week, totaling six hours over the six-week period. No equipment is needed, just a calm, comfortable space and an open mind. 

Our Virtual Wellness Program takes you through:

  • Online MeditationLearn various mindfulness, stillness, and visualization techniques to discover inner peace, clarity, and a renewed sense of purpose.
  • Chair YogaYou will be guided through a series of gentle movements, stretches, and exercises, all from the comfort of your own chair. 
  • Breathing Exercises Explore Deep Belly Breathing, Alternate Nostril Breathing, Mindful Breathing, and more to reduce stress and enhance relaxation. 

By the end of this 6-week wellness program, your team will be better equipped to handle daily work-related stress while soothing their anxious minds.

Join this program to:

  • Unwind and get rid of work-related stress
  • Reduce pain from prolonged sitting and screen time 
  • Sharpen focus and clarity for better productivity
  • Cultivate a sense of sustained well-being. 

How Does It Work?

Week 1

  • Overview of the program
  • Basic postures of Chair Yoga

Week 2

  • Progression in Chair Yoga with slightly more advanced poses
  • Focus on enhancing comfort and reducing strain while working.

Week 3

  • Introduction to various meditation techniques
  • Mindfulness exercises to enhance focus and clarity

Week 4

  • Advanced  breathing exercises for stress relief
  • Practices to use mindfulness for better productivity

Week 5

  • Stillness and visualization methods to find inner peace
  • Integration of meditation and yoga practices 

Week 6

  • Strategies for cultivating long-term wellness habits
  • Final Q and A session with the wellness expert

About Our Instructors 

With years of dedicated practice and teaching experience, our wellness practitioners possess in-depth knowledge of postures, mindfulness, and breathing techniques. Their expertise will bring the transformative power of yoga and meditation to help your team achieve their wellness goals.

Plus, you can also:

Customize your wellness experience –  we’re happy to accommodate your preferences, whether you’d like to pace the session, choose a particular yoga type, or incorporate journaling or affirmations.

The Hooray Teams Wellness Experience Event includes -

  • tickA professional instructor who will be with you online the whole time.
  • tickA meeting link to join, while our host handles the rest of the things.

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