15 Online Group Games To Create An Engaging Virtual Workspace

15 Online Group Games To Create An Engaging Virtual Workspace

With the move to virtual or hybrid setups, water cooler conversations are among the few things that employees miss out on. True engagement comes from self-driven motivation and good interpersonal relationships within the workplace. The first one is inherent, and the second you can aid in, with the help of online group games. You need to cultivate and create an environment where people get opportunities to hang out with each other even when they are working virtually. 

We have compiled a list of some classic as well as off-beat online group games to help you start on your engagement journey with your team.

1. What Are Online Group Games?

Online group games are games that can be played by multiple players in real time from different locations. These may vary in complexity and duration but are all essentially geared toward ensuring that your teams can engage and have a great time together in a virtual or remote setup. When it comes to arranging and hosting team building games, there are many approaches you can take.

However, our recommendation is to consult a professional virtual team building platform like Hooray Teams. We organize a range of customizable games that can be tailored to your team’s preferences. All of our events are hosted; all you have to do is click on the provided link, and our team will handle the rest for you.

2. Online Group Games For All Teams 

2.1. Virtual Trivia

Virtual Trivia


A classic addition to our list of online games for groups is Virtual Trivia by Hooray Teams. Put all the random knowledge that your team has to the test with the help of this fun-hosted game. There are several different topics that you can pick from for your trivia session. Some of our top picks when you are looking for online games for large groups include Pop Culture Trivia, The Office Trivia, and Women’s History Month Trivia

Every trivia session is headed by an engaging host who ensures that your whole team is participating and enjoying the game. If you are looking to customize your trivia in regards to a certain topic or theme, drop a line, and Hooray Teams can help.

2.2. Escape Room

Escape room


A good online group game gets everyone to participate which is why we have chosen Escape Rooms by Hooray Teams. In this hosted activity, your team needs to showcase their code-breaker skills to “escape”. There are a number of themed options you can choose from, but our recommendation has to be Dungeon Things

In this thrilling virtual game, you and your team need to solve the mysterious disappearance of a child. Solve clues and decipher hidden messages all in the 60-minute time frame. 

2.3. Mystery Cases

Mystery Cases

You and your team get to channel your inner sleuth and solve mysteries with Hooray Teams Mystery Games. If your team loves grim and gore of a  murder, opt for Hooray Teams Murder at the Manor, where the task is to solve the murder of Lord Falconer. We played this one as a team and thoroughly enjoyed cracking the case. Alternatively, you can choose to solve Mystery in Hollywood, which revolves around a missing film, thrusting you into a quest to recover it.

Regardless of your choice, you’ll be led through the narrative by an engaging host and a talented ensemble of actors portraying various characters. This ensures a fully immersive experience for all participants.

2.4. Virtual Team Jeopardy

Virtual Team Jeopardy


You can now play the 60’s mainstay of every American household – Virtual Team Jeopardy with Hooray Teams. If by chance you haven’t heard about it before, the game’s goal is to answer with a question as a flip twist on the usual trivia format.  This one’s another popular choice in online games for groups, as it’s designed to foster a healthy sense of competition within the team.

Hosted by a lively host, your teammates  will have the opportunity to engage in a battle of wits with one another. If you have a particular topic to cover during the game, just reach out and Hooray Teams will be happy to customize it for you.

2.5. Pictionary 

If what you are looking for are free online group games, then Pictionary is a classic one you need to look at. This popular game has long been a favorite of in-office teams but the virtual iteration is just as much fun. The premise is straightforward, teams are given prompts that a member must sketch while others guess. Whichever team manages to guess the most number of right answers wins. 

If you are looking to take it up a notch, might we suggest that you make the prompts a little wacky? So instead of the usual “car” go for a “horse driving a car”.  Just keep in mind that someone still needs to draw it, so it can’t be too crazy. 

3. Online Group Games For Small to Medium Teams 

3.1. Taboo

When it comes to word games it is pretty tough to go wrong with Taboo. The rules of the game are simple: you have a card with a word and under it are listed all the words that are associated with the word but can’t be said. If your teammate guesses one of these taboo words, the opposite team presses the buzzer and you lose a point. For example, if your word is peanut butter and the taboo words are jelly and sandwich, if someone guesses these you lose your chance. 

In a virtual setting, you can play this game through sites like Play Taboo or Play Taboo Game. These are free group games online that you can play Taboo through. 

3.2. Scattergories


When it comes to online group games, sometimes you do not need to reinvent the wheel, especially when classics like Scattergories exist. In this game, you first roll out a dice that has letters on each side. Once you land on a letter, you need to fill out all words from that letter into pre-decided categories like place, colors, or actors. Every answer needs to start with the designated letter. If you come up with a new one, you get a point. If your word has already been used you don’t. 

When you are looking to play this game online you can easily make your way to Scattergories Online or Swellgarfo. These random generators give you the letters as well as the categories to begin your game. 

3.3. Among Us 

When is murder acceptable? Only when you play Among Us. This game of lies and deceit actually makes for really fun free online group games. You along with 9 other people are stuck on a ship when all of a sudden people start dropping dead like flies. Your team’s goal is to figure out the culprit, who will, as the name suggests, be among you. 

It’s a fun inconsequential game (is there any better type?). To play it, everyone needs to have the app downloaded on your mobile or make your way to the website. 

3.4. What Would “X” Do? 

What would X do

If you are looking for a more traditional role playing game then What Would “X” Do?, fits the bill. In this game, everyone needs to pick a celebrity or leader they admire. Once they do that, give them a set of problems and ask them to tackle the problem as that person. In the end, when they present the solutions, the team can vote for the best one. 

With the help of this game, employees can uncover new solutions to old problems and this is a great way to boost those problem-solving and creative ideation skills. . 

3.5. Heads Up

We can all thank Ellen Degeneres for the revitalized attention this game has received over the past couple of years. You will be hard-pressed to find any online group games list that does not feature this game (yes, we are included as well).  The premise of the game is simple, one player has a word over their head and all the other people need to help them guess the word within a 60-second span. Whoever manages to guess the most number of words in that time period wins. 

This game is a twist on the classic game of charades. You can either get the Zoom Plugin or get people to download the app on their mobile phones. 

4. Online Group Games For Large Groups 

4.1. Charades


Well, how could we have an online group games list and not mention the evergreen game that is still a mainstay at social gatherings? The premise of playing this game is very similar to Heads Up, the only difference being that people have to guess instead of act out. Basically the exact opposite of what happens in the other game. It is easy, fun to play and will have everyone rolling on the floor laughing. 

You can use sites like Panto Party and Charades Generator to help you get the words to start out. 

4.2. GeoGuessr

Think you know the world? GeoGuessr will help you figure it out. You and your team will be dropped anywhere from the bustling Times Square to the jungles of Fuji. The goal is to figure out where you are and enter the right place. You can move around the map and try to find clues about where you are. Street signs and vehicles are your best friends when it comes to solving where you are. 

To play GeoGuesser as a team you will need to get the pro subscription of the game.  

4.3. Scavenger Hunt 

scavenger hunt

If you are looking for a crowd-pleaser when searching for online group games, then a virtual scavenger hunt is one you can’t overlook. The game is simple, you have to draw up a list and everyone else has to locate the items. The sheer joy that people experience when they find an item is a delight to watch.

When it comes to the list we recommend you create riddle prompts for your team as that would add a layer of difficulty to this extremely simple game. We have a sample list to help you start out; 

Scavenger hunt list

4.4. GIF Battle

GiFs have become a mainstay in how we communicate with each other, why not leverage this and have a light-hearted GIF Battle? Create a dedicated channel on your messaging platform and let the fun begin. Everyone has to send in a GIF related to a prompt provided. Once everyone sends their contenders, hold a vote and crown the winner!

Apart from being an addition to free group games online is also a great icebreaker activity

4.5. Guess the Tune 

Music is for everyone, so why not leverage this fact and choose free online games for groups that focus on songs.. Compile a couple of karaoke tracks or just pick a playlist off of YouTube and let the fun begin. You will be surprised by how many songs sound similar when people are put in a spot. The person who guesses the most number of songs wins. 

To make it more fun, have them type the answers in the form of emojis and score wins.

5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

5.1. What online games can you play together?

Some online games for groups include Escape Room, Pictionary, Charades, and Scavenger Hunt. 

5.2. What are some group games to play online?

Some group games to play online include GeoGuessr, Mystery Night, and Trivia.

5.3. What is the 5 things virtual game?

The 5 things virtual game is a game where players take turns listing five things that fit a given category or theme within a time limit.


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