12 Top Team Building Games That are Perfect for the Workplace

12 Top Team Building Games That are Perfect for the Workplace

In the book – “ How To Be Happy At Work”, interpersonal personal relationships rank very high in actually being happy at work. So what can you do to consistently ensure your team’s happy and productive? Implement a strategy for engaging team building games. You can’t force people to be friends but with fun team building games, you can at least create an environment where people feel comfortable to open up. 

To help you out we have compiled a list of some of the best team building games that we believe will help your team create shared experiences and set them on this very fun path of engagement within the workspace. 

1. What Are Team Building Games for Work?

Team building games for work are engaging activities that help employees create great shared experiences. These games vary in terms of complexity and time but all of them have one end goal, to help teams function better. There are plenty of ways you can organize a team building game. 

For those who face challenges in a virtual/hybrid work setup, our recommendation is to reach out to a virtual teambuilding platform like Hooray Teams. We offer a wide selection of teambuilding games that can be customized to your team’s preferences.  All our virtual team building games are hosted, so all you need to do is click on the link and everything else will be taken care of by our team. 

2. 15 Team Building Games For In-Office and Virtual Teams

2.1. Escape Room 

escape room

Adrenaline-packed and engaging, an escape room is the perfect team building game to start out this list. The only way to make your way out of the room is by solving clues and puzzles through teamwork. There are plenty of options to choose based on team sizes and preferences but if you are working in a remote or hybrid setup, it can get a little tricky.  

If you and your teammates are looking for a virtual experience, a smart move is to choose a professional team building company like Hooray Teams. They host several themed virtual Escape Room options that you can choose from.  Our pick was the retro Mafia 360. In this hosted game you will be transported to a bygone era where bootleggers, La Cosa Nostra, federal agents, and influential politicians reign, making this the perfect mix of thrill and intellectual challenge. 

Team Size: 1-1000 

Time Taken: 60 minutes

2.2. Mystery Night

mystery night

For the true-blue crime fanatics in your team, we recommend solving Mystery Cases. These immersive team building games offer a twist, allowing you to step into character roles with costumes and sets, for an authentic experience.

For those working in distributed teams or remote setups, virtual mysteries are a great option. With Hooray Teams, a virtual teambuilding platform,  you can choose from two thrilling mysteries, the first is Murder at the Manor. In this game, you and your team need to figure out the culprit behind the murder of Lord Falconer. The less grim option is Virtual Mystery in Hollywood where you and your teammates need to retrieve a stolen movie based on the given clues. Both experiences are hosted and in case you or your teammates have any specific requests, simply reach out to Hooray Teams.

Team Size: 1-1000 

Time Taken: 60 minutes

2.3. Virtual Team Jeopardy 

One of our classic picks in games for team building has to be Virtual Team Jeopardy by Hooray Teams. Yep that amazing American trivia game is now available in a virtual format for your team. Participants get to showcase their knowledge on diverse topics in a 60-minute session. 

This game is hosted by an expert quizmaster who ensures that everyone has a blast right from the comfort of their own homes. If you feel like your team might like a certain topic to be included, you can reach out to us, and Hooray Teams will be happy to customize it. 

Team Size: 1-1000 

Time Taken: 60 minutes

2.4. Virtual Trivia 

Virtual trivia

Virtual Trivia is a classic that is bound to impress the masses or in this case your team. We offer a plethora of different topics for teams to choose from; there is “Pop Culture” for the internet-obsessed, “The Office” for the Dwight Shrute fans, and even holiday-focused ones like “Christmas”, “St Patrick’s Day” and “Thanksgiving”.

Every trivia session is hosted by an engaging host who keeps the spirits high and laughter flowing through the session. If you are looking to customize the trivia game with topics like “Game of Thrones”, “Harry Potter” or virtually anything else, just reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help. 

Team Size: 1-1000 

Time Taken: 60 minutes

2.5. Scavenger Hunt 

If you are looking for popular corporate team building games, scavenger hunt is the one for your team. Draw up those lists, divide your team into groups, and send everyone on a wild goose chase around the office (or virtually) and see the fun unfold. 

As the game begins you’ll find everyone scrambling to find the perfect fit for every prompt or clue. This game has a simple on the surface format but it makes for a great addition to the list of best team building games since it promotes collaboration and problem-solving. To help you out we have even curated a starter scavenger hunt list; 

scavenger hunt

Team Size: 5-30

Time Taken: 45-60 minutes

2.6. Mad Libs

Mad Libs


What can we say about Mad Libs that you haven’t heard before? Not much as it turns out, but this whimsical twist on a classic game is always overlooked when it comes to games for team building. In this game, teams work together to come up with nouns, adjectives, and verbs to complete entertaining stories. 

Whether you’re in the office or connecting virtually, Mad Libs is a good game to break the ice. Just don’t go down the Phoebe Buffay route (If you’re a “Friends” buff) and put Phoebe in every blank. Here are some prompts to help you start out; 

  • Our office mascot, a (adjective) (animal), is known for its (quirky behavior).
  • During the team-building retreat, we played a game of (adjective) (noun) that ended in hilarity.
  • The office fridge is like a treasure trove of (adjective) (food) leftovers.
  • When the boss isn’t looking, we secretly (verb) in the break room.

Team Size: 4-8  

Time Taken: 30-45 minutes

2.7. Pictionary 

Another classic game makes its way to the list of online team building games. Pictionary is a game that guarantees endless fun with your team. The premise of the game is simple, teams are given a prompt that a representative from their team needs to draw and others have to guess. 

You can go with simple prompts like “Cycle” or “Car” but we believe true fun begins if you go a little further. Why not give prompts like “unicorn riding a unicycle” or “flying toaster”? This way as the timer ticks down you’ll get a great combination of masterpieces and hilarious disasters. 

Team Size: 4-30  

Time Taken: 45-60 minutes

2.8. What’s on My Desk

If you are looking for team building games geared toward sales or marketing professionals, then What’s on My Desk is a great choice. In this game, everyone is first divided into teams (the smaller the better) and then they need to pick an object collectively from one of their desks to market. They need to come up with everything from the sales pitch, and unique selling point to the logo and price.

The catch is they have just 40 minutes to do it, making it a very interesting race against time. Once everyone has presented their products as a team, decide who has the best presentation and announce a winner. 

Team Size: 4-30  

Time Taken: 60-90 minutes

2.9. Geocache Adventure

Geocache adventure

You know how everyone says- “Go touch some grass” Well this is one of the few office team building games that will make everyone go out and do that. It operates somewhat like a scavenger hunt but now you also have GPS coordinates to guide you.  Apps like Adventure Lab can help you create your own geocaching experience. The hints concealed within particular geographic spots might form pieces of a broader puzzle or message that you intend for the teams to unveil. Just think of the like the Amazing Race. You have to reach a place, get a clue and then move to the next one. 

If you don’t want to work on creating your own adventure, you can hop onto the global experience with your team. Just ensure you give everyone a time limit to come back to the central location.  

Team Size: 10-50  

Time Taken: 60-90 minutes

2.10. Drone Obstacle Race

Looking for something offbeat, then this one should be on top of your list. You will need to arrange for a few budget-friendly drones that are available online. These drones will come with an obstacle course that needs to be set up. The goal is to tag team, like a relay race. 

The challenge lies in the teamwork and coordination required to pilot the drone successfully. The first team to skillfully manoeuvre their drone through the course wins. 

Team Size: 4-10  

Time Taken: 30-45 minutes

2.11. Back-to-Back Drawing 

Prepare to test your artistic skills with Back-to-Back Drawing, a team building game that promises laughs. In this game, teammates sit back to back (it’s in the name) and draw a mystery object or scene based solely on verbal descriptions from their partner. As the time ticks down, it’s interesting to see how the picture turns out based on the communication parlay that took place, and hilarious for everyone else if it’s way off the mark.

Team Size: 4-10  

Time Taken: 30 minutes

2.12. Mystery Ingredient Cook-Off 

mystery ingredient work off

Everyone has had some experience with Master Chef, how about you recreate it now? Curate a box of ingredients and give it to the employees. The goal is to let their creative side shine. The true fun of this game has to be in-office. In an office space, your team can get together and taste dishes as well. If you are looking to do a mystery cook-off, consider doing something simple like a charcuterie board or a sandwich box because cooking might not be feasible in an office for everyone.

 If you are working in a remote setup, deliver these boxes to your teammates’ doorsteps and get together on a video conferencing call to enjoy the cook-off. 

Team Size: 4-10  

Time Taken: 45-60 minutes

3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

3.1. What are the best virtual games for team building?

The best virtual games for team building can vary depending on the preferences and dynamics of the team, but popular options include escape rooms, and team-based trivia games.

3.2. What are the 7 C’s of team building?

The 7 C’s of team building are: Communication, Collaboration, Cooperation, Conflict resolution, Commitment, Creativity, and Celebrating success.

3.3. What are the 30 minute team building game ideas?

Some quick team building games include Two Truths and a Lie, Human Knot, Marshmallow Challenge, Minefield, and Back-to-Back Drawing.

3.4. What are some team building games for remote workers? 

Remote team building games include trivia, escape room, mystery nights and Pictionary.


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