12 Thrilling Virtual Murder Mystery Games to Build Awesome Team Rapport

12 Thrilling Virtual Murder Mystery Games to Build Awesome Team Rapport

Looking to inject a dose of fun and intrigue into your next team gathering? Then hosting virtual murder mystery games might just be the exhilarating twist you’ve been seeking. The classic whodunnit where team members don Sherlock Holmes hats to solve the plot is a whole lot of fun and excitement!

Solving virtual murder mysteries not only offers enjoyment but also an opportunity for your team to improve their collaboration, problem-solving, and communication skills, all from the comfort of their own spaces. Let’s dive into 12 exciting virtual murder mystery games that will entertain and bring your team together.

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1. Best Hosted Virtual Murder Mystery Games

1.1 Murder at the Manor by Hooray Teams

Murder at the Manor by Hooray Teams

Hooray Teams is a fun hosted platform that provides a range of unique immersive team-building activities for remote teams at the workplace. They have taken the game quotient to a whole new level of excitement with their virtual murder mystery games. During the game, participants assume the roles of key characters, engaging in clever sleuthing, collaborative puzzle-solving, and witty banter.

We played ‘Murder at the Manor’ by Hooray teams and it was a thrilling experience for the team. In this hosted game, you need to solve the mystery of the death of Lord Aubrey Falconer. You get the clue game characters in advance along with the Zoom link to ensure that you are prepared for the event. You also get to interact with different actors during the game who inhabit various roles. 

  • No of Participants: 10-1000
  • Time Duration: 60 -120 mins 
  • Price per Session:  $48 per person and they charge a minimum cost per event.

1.2 Mystery in Hollywood By Hooray Teams

If your team is looking to enjoy solving a mystery without the added murder element to it then choose Hooray Teams Mystery in Hollywood. In this hosted event, delve into the intrigue and suspense of the plot as you don your detective hats. 

You and your team need to figure out who stole Buster Chaplin’s latest movie. The event consists of live actors who add an extra layer of fun and depth to the mystery. As you move along the case, you get to interrogate these characters including the wife, priest, and seemingly innocent others, uncover clues, and finally nail the culprit.

  • No of Participants: 10-1000
  • Time Duration: 60 -120 mins 
  • Price per Session:  $48 per person and they charge a minimum cost per event.

    1.3 ‘That Show about Love’ by Ghost Ship Murder Mysteries

    If you want to take your team’s sleuthing experience a notch higher, you can’t go wrong with Ghost Ship hosted virtual murder mysteries. With help from a Ghost Ship representative, your team members play all characters including the murderer, mingle like at a regular party, and search for clues to solve a complex murder mystery.

    One such intriguing adventure is ‘That Show About Love,’ which immerses players in a murder that takes place on a reality dating show amid the glitz and glamor. This prompts players to cast off their own identities and assume distinctive characters to uncover the truths hidden beneath the veneer of romance.

    • No of Participants: Customizable
    • Time Duration: Customizable
    • Price per Session: Private events: $30 per person, Corporate events: $50 per person

    1.4. The Murder Mystery by Dr. Ness

    Put your team’s detective skills to test by stepping into The Murder Mystery‘s realm, designed by the ingenious Dr. Ness. With a liberal dash of Sherlock flair, some Hollywood drama, and sleuthing, you’re in for a virtual adventure like no other. 

    This virtual murder game’s adaptable runtime effortlessly absorbs any Zoom-induced hitches, intensifying engagement levels and fanning the flames of excitement. This virtual crime-solving adventure is a surefire way to enhance collaboration among peers and boost problem-solving skills. 

    • No of Participants: Customizable
    • Time Duration: Approximately two hours
    • Price per Session: Customizable

    1.5. Night of Mystery

    Hold onto your magnifying glasses, because Night of Mystery is your team’s ticket to a virtual world of murder party madness! They’ve got themes to suit every style – from Wild West showdowns to tropical tiki mysteries. All you need to do is click a button and download your favorite theme, and they have you covered for your next virtual team-building event.

    Players become characters, cracking codes, and solving intricate puzzles in engaging scenarios such as “Murder at the Deadwood Saloon” and “Murder in Margaritaland. They are great for honing problem-solving skills as you and your colleagues sift through suspects, evidence, and collaborate together as a team to find the culprit. 

    • No of Participants: 6 to 80 
    • Time Duration: Customizable
    • Price per Session: Around $50 per person (average cost)

    1.6. Outback

    If you’re looking for virtual murder mystery games, Outback  should definitely be a part of your list for fun team building games. At the heart of their game lies the enigmatic tale of Neil Davidson’s demise, a puzzle that challenges your teammates to unearth the truth. 

    Armed with the Outback app, sleuths gather in virtual rooms, immersing themselves in case files and weaving through the web of clues given. Your colleagues are sure to have some light-hearted fun working together to solve the case by thinking, problem-solving, and communicating effectively.

    • No of Participants: Any group size
    • Time Duration: Customizable
    • Price per Session: Varies based on team size

    2. Best Host Your Own Virtual Murder Mystery Games

    2.1. Sour Grapes of Wrath


    If you are looking for an all-immersive murder game  to elevate your team-building experience, it does not get any better than Sour Grapes of Wrath. Set in a winery, you and teammates’ goal is to figure out who the killer is. This game comes with a 69-page PDF that includes planning instructions, costume suggestions, name tags, clues, an accusation sheet, maps, suspect lists, name tags, and finally the solution. 

    As a role-playing murder mystery game, “Sour Grapes of Wrath” invites participants to step into the shoes of intriguing characters, each with their own secrets and motivations. So, gather your coworkers and gear up for a thrilling trip to the winery as you all embark on this exciting mystery adventure.

    • No of Participants: 6 to 80 
    • Time Duration: Customizable
    • Price per Session: Free

    2.2 Murder, She Wrote

    Based on the famous 80’s show of the same name, this murder mystery is bound to make you and your team nostalgic. Since this is a Netflix binge-watching murder mystery game, you will need to have a subscription for the streaming platform. All you need to do is download the free printable in order to play this murder mystery game online with your teammates. 

    As Jessica Fletcher investigates the case, so do you and your teammates. Make notes of the characters, their motivations, and anything else that you find suspicious. Then right before the big reveal pause the show and have a team discussion about who everyone thinks the killer is. Once everyone comes to a consensus just press play and you will get your killer. 

    • No of Participants: Unlimited 
    • Time Duration: 45-60 mins
    • Price per Session: Free

    2.3 Way Out West

    Get transported to the Wild West with Way Out West. You get the setup, clue game characters and script as part of the kit to help you and your team enjoy this event. Set in 1884 in a small town called Cactus Glitch, you get to embody one of the residents of the town. The eclectic bunch of suspects in this mystery game includes saloon owners, rail hands, or ranchers. 

    The script provided in the kit ensures that you and your fellow teammates stay in character as you navigate through the intricacies of the mystery team game. Clues and hints are a part of the narrative, challenging your deductive skills and keeping you on your toes throughout the game. 

    The free version can only support up to 10 players, so this is best played by a small group. 

    • No of Participants: 4-10 
    • Time Duration: 45-60 mins
    • Price per Session: Free. Paid version is also available.

    2.4. The Detective Club Murder

    This murder mystery detective game  with kit is a role-playing experience tailored for groups of four to eight players. Team members assume roles of seasoned crime writers celebrating the Detective Club’s 50th anniversary. But once they reach the antiquated country house they find renowned crime writer Sir Aubrey St Clair dead. Your goal is to figure out who did it.   

    The kit features character packs, badges, and a number of additional elements waiting to be discovered. These elements serve as clues, red herrings, and interactive tools that players can use to piece together the puzzle and ultimately unveil the identity of the culprit. This game has been meticulously crafted by suspense author Ruth Ware.

    • No of Participants: 4-8 
    • Time Duration: 45-60 mins
    • Price per Session: Free

    2.5 The Stonewood Mystery 

    Did you know who killed teenager Emily Williams? Well, guess what, it’s time for you and your team members to put on your virtual detective hats and delve into the ultimate unsolved case file game set in the small fictional village of Stonewood Meadows

    Sharpen your deductive skills, uncover hidden clues, and engage in witty banter as you and your team have suspects to figure out including a boyfriend, a best friend, a disgruntled neighbour, among others. Don’t worry,  all participants will get detailed profiles of each suspect, multiple witness statements and  a plethora of evidence to make this fun team-building game an absolute cakewalk. 

    • No of Participants: customizable 
    • Time Duration: 
    • Price per session: $29.99 

    2.6 James Bond Spy Murder Mystery Host Your Own Game Kit


    When you think of a murder mystery and spy party specifically, James Bond Spy Murder Mystery is an ultimate choice to consider. You and your team will travel back in time to a fancy casino in Monte Carlo and immerse yourselves in unlocking clues to solve the mysteries. Don’t forget to put on those classic tuxedos to elevate the experience. 

    You can simply download the game after the purchase and host your own whodunnit party with your remote team over Zoom.  Whether you’re planning a unique team-building activity or hosting a virtual dinner party with colleagues, this engaging game is a perfect way to enhance the overall team dynamics. 

    • No of Participants: 4-20
    • Time Duration: 1.5 – 3.5 Hours
    • Price per Session: $37 per person

    3. FAQs 

    3.1. Are there any online murder mystery games?

    Yes, there are plenty of virtual murder mystery games you can choose from. Some of our top picks are Murder at the Manor by Hooray Teams, Night of Mystery, and The Little Engine That Could Kill.  All of these murder mystery games are sure to give your team an awesome time filled with suspense, fun and laughter. 

    3.2. What are the best virtual murder mystery games?

    The best virtual murder mystery games can vary based on personal preferences, but some popular options include Murder at the Manor by Hooray Teams, The Murder Mystery by Dr. Ness, and Way Out West.

    3.3. How do you play murder mystery in Zoom?

    To play virtual murder mystery games in Zoom, first, select or purchase a virtual murder mystery party kit or game that suits your group’s size and preferences. Then, set a date and time for the game and send invitations to your participants. During the Zoom call, distribute character profiles, clues, and any necessary materials to your participants. Follow the game’s instructions and immerse yourselves in the story, using Zoom for discussions, interactions, and sharing information related to the game’s plot and characters.

    3.4 Why should you choose virtual murder mystery games?

    Virtual murder mystery games are a fantastic choice for team building as they blend fun and teamwork seamlessly. They offer a unique and interactive experience that encourages problem-solving and collaboration among team members. Whether your remote team prefers a classic whodunit or a modern twist, the games can be tailor-made to suit your corporate event’s virtual theme. And, let’s not forget the excitement and satisfaction of solving a thrilling mystery together.


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