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 11 Top Blind Wine Tasting Kit Options for Team Building with a Twist

11 Top Blind Wine Tasting Kit Options for Team Building with a Twist

Virtual wine tasting events are an innovative way to gather remote team members for socializing and team building. If you want to take it a notch higher, a blind wine tasting kit can turn your typical wine tasting into an exciting guessing game. It’s like a mystery novel but with bottles as the main characters. You and your colleagues swirl, sip, and take wild guesses, trying to identify the wines without any labels giving away their secrets. It’s a hilarious journey of taste buds and a surefire recipe for a memorable night.

We cover some of the best blind wine tasting kit options for you to explore and choose for your next vino experience.

1. What Is Blind Wine Tasting?


Blind wine tasting is an activity that involves trying out samples of wines without knowing anything about them. It tests the tasters’ sensory abilities and their ability to evaluate wines.

In a blind wine tasting, the bottles are covered with a paper bag or aluminum foil. This is to prevent giving any hints to the one tasting them. Participants sample the wines solely based on taste, aroma, and visual cues, eliminating any bias associated with the brand or region. This approach encourages a more objective and unbiased assessment of the wines’ qualities and characteristics.

2. Best Blind Tasting Kits for Virtual Office Party

2.1 Hooray Teams


If you’re trying to boost your team’s spirit with a fun and engaging team building activity, then Hooray Teams should be your vibe. Their wine tasting kit offers a one-of-a-kind virtual tasting experience of sharing insights, tasting notes and, moreover, strengthening team bonding. 

Whether you’ve got a small crew of ten or a bustling bunch of 1,000, Hooray Teams has you covered. Best part? You won’t have to worry about a thing. All events are guided by experts and organized by an experienced team, so you can just sit back and enjoy your time with the other attendees. 

Pricing – Customizable


2.2 Master the World Blind Tasting Kit

Rather than just an ordinary wine club, Master the World enables you to discover new wines, understand how to evaluate them, and make your own choice about what you prefer. They offer subscription-based services, webinars, and wine-tasting kits for a unique and effective wine education journey. 

There are options for six or 12 187ml bottles. You can also access a webinar hosted by master sommeliers and a live discussion. Delivery typically takes seven business days. All webinars are pre-scheduled, so make sure to confirm whether your wine kits will arrive by then. 

Price: $120 to $200


2.3 Cooper’s Hawk Vino Reveal


Vino Reveal by Cooper’s Hawk is a virtual blind tasting experience that is great if you’re setting up your first blind wine tasting. The kit includes three of their wines (reds or whites), instructions on conducting blind tastings, and a blank tasting guide. The highlight of each kit is a guided video from internationally recognized master sommelier Emily Wines. 

All bottles are wrapped in tissue so you can fully immerse yourself in the blind tasting. The blind tasting kit is for everyone, whether you’re an expert wine drinker or just starting out and want to have some fun. While you can buy their kit online or offline via the online shop, shipping is only available in Illinois.

Price: $79.99 per kit


2.4 Sparkle and Bash Blind Tasting Set

Are you sourcing your own wine for a blind-tasting event? Sparkle and Bash can supply you with the items needed to cover up the bottles for the tasting. Their blind-tasting kit includes ten numbered burlap bags with drawstring closures and paper tags.

The kit is a fantastic solution for decorating your wine bottles to maintain mystery and provide a fun aesthetic. Plus, you can conveniently shop for it based on category, occasion, and theme on their website. Shipping is available for most locations in the U.S., and it is best to schedule delivery 2 to 3 weeks before the event.

Price:  $11.99 per kit


2.5 Wine Folly’s Blind Wine Tasting

The Wine Folly should be your go-to for a structured wine education, whether you’re a beginner or an aspiring pro. Courses, books, apparel, tasting tools—Wine Folly has your complete wine education covered. They also host a monthly club where participants get a selection of four or six wine bottles and access to a database of content and explainer videos.

Their club membership starts at $99 per month and includes shipping for most locations in the U.S. There are three delivery options with shipping windows that range from 5 to 30 days.

Price: $99 per kit


2.6 Franmara Blind Wine Tasting Kit


Are you hosting a professional blind wine tasting? You need the black wine bag set from Franmara. Established in 1970 in Los Angeles, California, Franmara, Inc. specializes in manufacturing corkscrews, barware, wine, cheese accessories, and more.

Franmara’s wine tasting kit includes eight numbered black polyester bags with hook and loop straps, a sensory chart, a scoring sheet, and a storage pouch. When it comes to purchasing these top-notch blind tasting essentials, Franmara makes it easy. You can buy their products from retailers, wholesalers, wine and liquor stores, wineries, and other food service distributors.

Price: Available upon request 


2.7 All You Need Is Wine 


All You Need Is Wine is a blind wine tasting kit that includes all the supplies to host a fun and engaging blind-tasting game. The kit comes with ten numbered wine bags and 50 paper wine glass tags to help you cover your wine bottles. 

This blind wine tasting party game, suitable for participants of all levels of wine expertise, teaches and enables them to practice the 5 S’s of wine tasting. You also get ten tasting tip sheets, 50 tasting note sheets, and ten pencils to conduct the evaluations. The kit is available via Amazon and arrives within 1 to 2 weeks.

Price: $35.99 per kit 


2.8 Bonacquisti 

The Bonacquisti wine set is an elegant kit that includes four woven jute sacks to cover the wine bottles during blind tastings. The sacks are coffee-colored and come with black ribbons to secure them around the bottles. They have a rustic appeal, perfect for outdoor events or picnics.

Their website boasts an array of wine selections, including different varieties of red, white, and rose. They even have custom-label wines that are perfect for employee appreciation events, client meetings, and corporate events. Bonacquisti can arrange delivery anywhere across the U.S. with an additional shipping charge. 

Price: $10 per kit


2.9 Èvento Blind Wine Tasting

If you want to order a blind wine tasting kit with food and cheese pairings and some merch, Èvento has you covered. Participants will be able to explore new wines, history, and origin, regions, and process, and understand what they like (and may dislike) in wine. Their kit comes with pre-wrapped wine bottles that are at half-capacity. You can include two or three such bottles in each kit. 

There is an added sommelier fee of $200, which consists of a 60-minute guided session. Those who want more have the option to pick two cheese or two meat add-ons for an added fee of $65. Adding branded swag like wine keys, wine glasses, and cutting boards costs $10 to $80. Shipping is available for all locations in the U.S. for an added fee.

Price:  $135 to $165 per kit 


2.10 California Wine 


Are you a small crew looking to embark on a  wine tasting experience? The California Wine blind wine tasting kit is what you should go for. Their ready-out-of-box wine tasting kit is ideal for small gatherings like a personal or office party of 6-10 participants. 

The blind wine tasting kit from California Wine consists of bottles of numbered wine wrapped in elegant black coverings. It also includes instructions for conducting a blind tasting, ten participant cards, clues, and a reveal envelope. They can arrange multiple pick-up or delivery options at your convenience. 

Price: $195.78 per kit 


2.11 Argaux 

Argaux’s blind wine tasting kit is excellent if you want to organize a customized wine tasting with a remote team. Participants can explore new wines and follow a comprehensive how-to guide to enhance the blind tasting experience. Whether it’s a cozy at-home party or a virtual gathering with friends on a video conference, it’s a great choice for sharing a virtual tasting experience.

Argaux’s ship two, three, and four-bottle kits in 375ml or 750ml sizes and two styles (reds or mixed). To ship to multiple addresses, one can simply add as many kits to the cart and specify the wine preference for all kits by leaving a note at checkout. Their kits are only shipped in the U.S. and take 2 to 7 business days or more, depending on your location.

Price: $85 to $150 per kit


3. FAQs

3.1. How Many Wines Do You Need for a Blind Tasting?

Having two to four wines on the menu is ideal for your first blind tasting. If you and the other attendees are wine enthusiasts, you can go up to eight to ten wines for your mystery menu.

3.2. How to do a Blind Taste Test Wine?

For a blind wine taste test, separate the whites and reds and wrap the bottles in aluminum foil or paper bags. Label the bottles to identify them with numbers or letters. Provide enough glasses to all the guests (one for each wine) along with spittoons, snacks, and water. Stationery must be on hand for guests to take notes.

3.3.  What are some popular blind wine tasting kit types?

Some of the common blind wine tasting kits are-

  • Classic Kit: Contains red and white wines with concealed identities, often featuring classic varieties like Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, or Merlot.
  • Regional Kit: Features wines from a specific region but different wineries or wines of similar varietals from various regions.
  • Red Kit: Includes a selection of red wines such as Pinot Noir, Merlot, Malbec, Grenache, Syrah/Shiraz, Nebbiolo, and Cabernet Franc.
  • White Kit: Comprises white wines like Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Moscato, Pinot Grigio, Viognier, Riesling, and Grüner Veltliner.
  • Custom Kit: Tailored to individual preferences, allowing for wine selection based on personal taste or event themes and sometimes featuring sommelier-guided options.

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