12 Best Cinco de Mayo Team Events and Activities to Celebrate the Holiday in Style

12 Best Cinco de Mayo Team Events and Activities to Celebrate the Holiday in Style

Are you only thinking about tacos and tequila for the upcoming Cinco de Mayo? Well, we believe this is a great opportunity to bring diversity and inclusion ideas to your team. While the usual choices are great, they might not be enough. You need fresh and unique ideas for Cinco de mayo events and activities to incorporate learning, cultural appreciation, and a touch of laughter into your workplace. 

In this article, we’ve included some top-notch ideas that will make your Cinco de Mayo events and activities truly inclusive for everyone. From Mexican heritage, food, and drinks to fun Cinco de Mayo games, we guarantee you’ll never run out of ideas to enjoy with your team. Let’s get started. 

1. Why Do We Celebrate Cinco de Mayo Events at Work?

One of the best ways to embrace diversity in the workplace is to recognize and honor the unique traditions of various cultures. That’s where Cinco de Mayo office games and activities come in place– they let us shine a light on Mexican culture and help everyone on the team understand and appreciate diversity better.

From Mexican-themed trivia, Bingo games, and dance to Cinco de Mayo drinking games and culinary sessions, there are countless ways to build connections and nurture diversity and inclusion. If any of your employees have Mexican roots, they’ll surely appreciate your effort to wonderfully celebrate this holiday and feel more connected at work.

2. 12 Best Cinco de Mayo Ideas for Remote Teams

2.1. Tackle Cinco de Mayo Trivia

Tackle Cinco de Mayo Trivia

Duration: 60 minutes

No. of Participants: 10-1000 

Ready to add some buzz to your Cinco de Mayo events? Then, put your Mexican knowledge to the test with the Hooray Teams Virtual Cinco de Mayo Trivia. You and your team will test your wits on everything related to Mexico, including history, culture, heritage, and cuisine, to name a few.  

An expert trivia master will lead this fast-paced trivia session of 4-5 rounds while also giving deeper insights into the significance of Cinco de Mayo. If there’s anything specific you’d like to focus on for Trivia, Hooray Teams can customize the session according to your interests.

What makes this idea a must-try: All the details of this trivia game are planned out, and you even benefit from the convenience and added fun of an expert host.

2.2. Mix and Mingle With a Mexican Margarita

Mix and Mingle With a Mexican Margarita

Duration: 60 minutes

No. of Participants: 10-1000 

What better way to elevate your Cinco de Mayo events than stirring cocktails? So, gather your team to join Virtual Cinco De Mayo Margarita Making Class conducted by  Hooray Teams. A professional bartender will provide insider tips and tricks to help craft delicious seasonal margaritas. Along the way, you and your team will mix up tequila with lime, exotic mango, or spicy jalapeno.

Hooray Teams will send a cocktail-mixing kit right to the participant’s doorstep a few days prior to the event. Each kit includes sample tequila bottles, fruit syrups, jalapenos, garnishes, and a recipe card. Should you have any specific preferences, feel free to communicate them in advance. 

What makes this idea a must-try: This interactive activity allows you to mix up signature cocktail drinks without even searching your liquor cabinet, as everything is pre-supplied. 

2.3. Unleash Your Inner Frida Kahlo 

Unleash Your Inner Frida Kahlo 

Duration: 60 minutes

No. of Participants: 10-1000 

If your team is in the mood to try their hand at something artsy, add the Hooray Teams Virtual Paint Class to your list of Cinco de Mayo events. During the event, you and your team will blend different colors on canvas to draw Mexican folk art or traditional motifs. A talented artist will be there throughout the event, ensuring a fun, light-hearted, and relaxing environment for all participants. 

Every participant will receive a paint kit delivered to their doorstep, containing items such as canvas, paints, and brushes needed to create their own artistic masterpiece. All you need to do is kick back, have fun, and let your imagination take the lead.

What makes this idea a must-try: It’s all about letting your creativity loose, and trust us, the mishaps that might happen will definitely make it a hilarious experience.

2.4. Host a Virtual Wine Tasting Class

Host a Virtual Wine Tasting Class

Duration: 60 minutes

No. of Participants: 10-1000 

Your Cinco de Mayo events are incomplete without some fine wines. Join the Hooray Teams Virtual Wine Tasting Class  for a memorable hour of good sips and great company. Under the guidance of a wine connoisseur, you and your team will appreciate the flavors, aromas, and tastes of  4-5 varieties of wines. The host will also explain the origin, production techniques, and unique characteristics that distinguish each wine. 

Each member of your team will receive a wine-tasting kit delivered right to their doorstep, complete with wine samples, tasting guides, tasting cards, and an instruction book. Got any favorite flavors or textures? Just shoot them a message, and they will customize the tasting kit to match your taste buds. 

What makes this idea a must-try: A great way to unwind, relax, and discover the finer nuances of wine, all while enjoying the company of your team in a laid-back setting.

2.5. Spice it up With a Mexican Cook-Off

Duration: 60 minutes

No. of Participants: 10-1000 

You know what they say – “Happiness is great food and great company.” So, organize a Mexican cook-off for your Cinco de Mayo events and dive deep into Mexican cuisine. For those in a remote setup, you can use a video conferencing platform to run the session. Though Tacos are the star of the show, you can come up with other delectables like Chilaquiles, Tamales and Pozole, Mole poblano, Huevos Rancheros, or Discada. 

If you want to take the challenge up a notch, try including unique dishes from different regions such as Oaxaca, Yucatán, Puebla, and Jalisco. To make the cook-off even more exciting,  hire a professional chef to judge the creations and award the coveted title of “Cinco de Mayo Culinary Champion.” 

What makes this idea a must-try: It’s a mouthwatering competition that promises a feast for the senses and taste buds and a whole lot of fun for everyone involved.

2.6. Throw a Cinco de Mayo Costume Party

Throw a Cinco de Mayo Costume Party

Duration: 60-90 minutes

No. of Participants: Customizable 

Got teammates who are big on holiday partying? Host a Mexican costume party for your team as part of Cinco de Mayo events. Encourage your team to dress up in Mexican-inspired costumes like sombreros, ponchos, or mariachi outfits. Participants can incorporate the Mexican flag colors like green, white, and red into their outfits. Don’t forget to appreciate the one who gets the maximum vote for ‘Best Outfit.’ 

If you are In office, consider decorating your workplace with Mexican decor such as papel picado banners, piñatas, and colorful papel mache decorations. Play lively Mexican music, and if feasible, indulge in Mexican cuisine to complete the experience. 

What makes this idea a must-try: This guarantees a fun team building time for the team with a mutual appreciation for creativity and uniqueness expressed in their costume choice.  

2.7. Go on a Virtual Mexican Museum Tour 

Duration: 60 minutes

No. of Participants: Customizable 

This activity is going to be one of the relaxing Cinco de Mayo events for your team. Take a virtual museum trip to appreciate the Mexican culture and art treasures, all from the comfort of your couch. You and your team can visit many locations, including the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago, The Mexican Museum, and Museo Nacional de Arte. To truly enhance your experience, consider hiring a professional tour guide who can enrich your virtual journey with fascinating stories. 

If you are a culture geek, take up a Virtual 3D Tour into China by Hooray Teams where you can explore the rich history and art treasures of China under expert guidance. 

What makes this idea a must-try: The virtual museum tour gives you the best learning experience about the country’s rich traditions and artistic wonders.

2.8. Plan Mexican Loteria Game 

Duration: 60 minutes

No. of Participants: Customizable 

A Mexican Loteria game is an easy way to introduce some lighthearted competition into your Cinco de Mayo party games. Much like traditional bingo, Loteria uses 4×4 Bingo cards with colorful illustrations Instead of numbers. Be it “El Bandolón,” “La Muerte,” or El Nopal,” each element in Mexican Loteria represents a facet of Mexican history and culture. You can either send participants the card or email so they can take a printout at home.  

To play this Cinco de Mayo bingo game, choose someone to be the “cantor” or caller who will draw cards from the deck. They’ll describe the picture on the card using a verse, short poem, or riddle to give players a hint about what it is. If you have the picture on your board, mark it off. The first player to match all the pictures in a row, column, or diagonal on their board shouts “Lotería” to win that round.

What makes this idea a must-try: A friendly dose of competition adds excitement and strengthens bonding while helping you learn about Mexican culture.

2.9. Tune into Mexican Koroke 

Duration: 60-90 minutes

No. of Participants: Customizable 

Among Cinco de Mayo events, a karaoke party is a lively idea for team members to bond over some good Mexican music. Create a Mexican playlist including mariachi, salsa, and Latin styles using Spotify or Amazon Music Unlimited. You and your coworkers can listen or sing your heart out in a lively and entertaining atmosphere. 

As the music starts playing, encourage everyone to show off their best salsa moves or channel their inner Shakira, or a music trivia game would work best. And, of course, no Mexican music party is complete without some tasty snacks and maybe a refreshing margarita or two.

What makes this idea a must-try: It’s the ultimate chance to vibe to great music in-office or virtually, let your hair down, and celebrate Cinco de Mayo with the whole team. 

2.10. Try Your Hand at Mexican Piñatas

Try Your Hand at Mexican Piñatas

Duration: 60-90 minutes

No. of Participants: Customizable 

How about adding a playful twist to your Cinco de Mayo events? Buy a piñata online or create one from scratch using paper mache or cardboard. Then, decorate it with colorful tissue paper, markers, paint, or any other craft materials you have on hand. Consider traditional Mexican motifs like flowers, flags, or sombreros to give it an authentic Cinco de Mayo feel.

Carefully place the treats like candies, chocolates, and sweets inside the piñata and seal it.  For an extra element of surprise, you can even consider hiding a mini tequila bottle inside. Then, each person tries their best to hit the piñata and release the treat inside. 

What makes this idea a must-try: The element of surprise as the treats and goodies spill out of the piñata, adds an extra layer of excitement and enjoyment to the event. 

2.11. Organize a Taco Eating Contest

Duration: 60-90 minutes

No. of Participants: Customizable 

For avid foodies in your team, there is no better option than a virtual Taco eating contest to get into the spirit of Cinco de Mayo events. Have your team members order as many tacos from their favorite Mexican restaurant as they dare to devour. You can keep a tally of how many tacos each participant can chomp down within the set time.  

Make sure each participant has a stack of napkins handy and maybe even some refreshing beverages to cool down the heat of the spices. To amp up the entertainment factor, select the ‘Taco Titan’ winner and award them with a prize or certificate

What makes this idea a must-try:  With mouthfuls of tacos, anticipate some seriously hilarious reactions (maybe a few tears from heat) to extra spicy creations. 

2.12. Move and Groove With Jarabe Tapatío

Duration: 60-90 minutes

No. of Participants: Customizable 

If you want to add a touch of authentic Mexican flair to Cinco de Mayo events, 

there’s nothing quite like the energy and vibrancy of a Mexican dance. And the traditional  folk dance Jarabe Tapatío is guaranteed to get everyone on their feet. 

There are custom dance classes available for Los Machetes, Las Chiapanecas, La Raspa, Cha Cha, Salsa, and Merengue to take dance parties up a notch. Also look out for virtual dance classes that can cater to teams who are in a remote setup to ensure they have a great time.  If you’re not up for dancing, you can opt to watch vibrant dancers putting on stunning shows from past Cinco de Mayo events. 

What makes this idea a must-try: A dance party lets coworkers unleash their silly, fun, and creative sides while getting to know each other better.

3. Frequently Asked Questions

3.1. What is Virtual Cinco De Mayo?

Cinco de Mayo is a day dedicated to honoring Mexican culture and heritage, and it is frequently observed in various remote workplaces. Virtual Cinco De Mayo events can be conducted via any video conferencing platform like Zoom or Microsoft Teams.  Colleagues come together online to partake in activities such as costume contests, trivia games, karaoke parties, or even virtual cooking classes. 

3.2. What are the popular virtual activities on Cinco de Mayo?

Popular virtual activities on Cinco de Mayo include virtual costume contests, virtual cooking classes, virtual wine tasting, and virtual happy hours with Mexican-inspired drinks. Some other Cinco de Mayo games for the office include trivia about Mexican culture and history, Mexican bingo, and icebreaker games, to name a few. 

3.3. How do you celebrate Cinco de Mayo in the remote office?

  1. Fix a convenient date and time for Cinco de Mayo virtual events
  2. Send out an invite or an email to inform teammates about the event.
  3. Decide on the virtual games and activities you’d like to include in the celebration. 
  4. Assign hosts or moderators to keep things organized and engaging.
  5. Encourage active participation from team members.

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