Virtual IceBreaker Games

Virtual IceBreaker Games

About Event

Finding it challenging to create meaningful connections and engage team members virtually? Bring back the connection with Hooray Teams’ Icebreaker games that promise to transform your virtual workspace into a buzzing beehive of engagement and camaraderie.

Connect with fellow team members virtually and break down barriers through interactive challenges, trivia quizzes, and collaborative activities. Get ready to have a great time and create memorable moments together!

The best part? A dedicated host will be with you to guide you through the activities and keep the energy high, making sure you’re in for a great time.

The Hooray Teams Virtual Icebreaker Games includes -

  • tick4-5 rounds of Icebreaker games in a 60-minute session.
  • tickA professional host, who will be with you online the whole time.
  • tickA link for you to click

How it works

Booking an event on Hooray Teams is as simple as 1, 2 and 3!

  1. 1Once you’ve made your payment, you’ll receive a confirmation of the booking.
  2. 2Then one of our event planners will reach out to check if you have any questions or want to make any customizations to the event (for free!).
  3. 3Before the event, we’ll send you a link. Simply create a meeting with your team and copy and paste this Zoom link in for the event.

And you’re ready! On the day of the event, simply join the link, and our expert hosts will take care of it from there. You can sit back with your team and enjoy the whole event.

Event Schedule

Example of a show that we have run

01. Before the show

  • A Zoom link will be sent to you once your payment has been made & booking confirmed.
  • Copy this link and create a meeting invitation for your team.
  • Paste this link as the location of the meeting.

02. On the day of the event

  • Click the link at the scheduled time. Your host will be there, ready to welcome you all.
  • Want to add your own unique welcome message as well? Let us know & we can ask the host to help.

03. First 5 minutes

  • Our host will welcome you all and start once we have a majority number of attendees.
  • Our host will keep the atmosphere lively with some great music and light-hearted conversations.

04. Next 5 minutes

  • Our host will walk you through the virtual icebreaker games, explaining how to play and sharing any ground rules. If you have any questions or uncertainties, don't hesitate to ask – we're here to help!

05. Next 40-50 minutes

  • The host breaks players into random groups and gives interactive challenges, such as trivia questions, riddles, puzzles, or quick problem-solving activities.
  • Participants engage in these activities as they compete against each other to score the maximum.

06. Last 5 minutes

  • Host will wrap up the event.
  • A winner is announced.
  • A screenshot of the group is taken - say cheers!

Things you'll need for the event


  • tickHost to run event.
  • tickLink that will be used for meeting event.

Required from you:

  • tickComputer
  • tickInternet
  • tickVideo and microphone

Cancellation policy

Free cancellation 10 days prior to the event.

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