10 Fun Virtual Spirit Week Ideas for Work to Help Reset Your Workforce

10 Fun Virtual Spirit Week Ideas for Work to Help Reset Your Workforce

In this digital age of distributed teams and remote work, it’s important to make sure your employees are engaged and productive at the virtual workplace. This does not mean piling more productivity trackers or framing new work strategies. Instead, from time to time, you will need to find creative and fun ways to inject life into your virtual workplace to keep the momentum going, and as the name suggests, we need those spirits high. This is where Spirit Week ideas for work come in. By introducing engaging activities and themes, teams can breathe new life into their daily work routines and stay motivated. 

To help you get started, we have compiled a list of some of the best Spirit Week ideas for work. Whether it’s about celebrating your company culture, giving team morale a boost, or just bringing everyone closer together, these fun suggestions cater to all sorts of likes or preferences. 

1. How Do You Celebrate Spirit Week at Work?

Spirit Week at work is like a party in the office, where everyone gets to let loose and celebrate teamwork through fun games and activities. Each day of the week has its own theme and set of activities that teams get to participate in and enjoy. 

Now organizing these events can get a little hectic, which is why we recommend you reach out to a virtual team building platform like Hooray Teams to help you organize virtual activities for your team. All of their activities are hosted, which means all you need to do is contact them and they will take care of the rest. 

2. 10 Workplace Spirit Week Ideas for Work

2.1. Themed Trivia Day

Themed Trivia Day

What is better than trivia to have a fun exchange of knowledge between teams? Hooray Teams Virtual Trivia offers a plethora of options for you and your team to pick and choose from. These include popular Pop Culture Trivia, ‘The Office’ Trivia, Christmas Trivia, Virtual Halloween Trivia, Virtual Thanksgiving Trivia, and more. 

A quizmaster takes the lead and ensures that every round played is a blast for your entire team. If you are looking for something more personalized as your Spirit Day trivia game, then just reach out and they’ll be more than happy to customize the session for you. 

2.2. Mystery Solving Days 

Mystery Solving Days 

How can we create a list of fun workplace Spirit Week ideas for work and not include solving mystery cases in it? Get your ticket to become a detective with mystery games by Hooray Teams. The first one is Murder at the Manor where the goal is to investigate the murder of Lord Falconer. The less grim one is Mystery in Hollywood, where you need to locate silent film star Buster Chaplin’s latest movie.

Whichever mystery you choose, you’ll be led through the narrative by a skilled host and a team of actors who bring the characters to life, ensuring everyone enjoys a fully immersive experience.

2.3. Escape in 60 Minutes 

Unite your team for a thrilling exercise in creativity and problem-solving with the Hooray Teams Virtual Escape Room. You and your colleagues will have to solve puzzles and decipher cryptic codes before the clock runs out. 

A host will lead you through the game and ensure that you are somewhat on the right track. Select from a number of options such as  The Alchemist, Patient 360, Dungeon Things, Mafia 360 for the ultimate adrenaline-pumping escapade.

2.4. Painting Session

Let your employees flex their creative muscles with a painting class! After all, ideas for Spirit Week at work are also there to help people move forward creatively. The Virtual Paint Class by Hooray Teams is the perfect activity for you to be able to do so. Under the guidance of an expert painter, your team will learn different brush strokes, and create masterpieces on a blank canvas. 

Everything that you need for the painting session will be sent over to your team’s homes in the form of a kit. This includes canvas, paints, and brushes, basically everything you need. All your team needs to do is click on the Zoom link and enjoy the activity.

2.5. Live Out Your Mythological Dreams

Whether you’re from the Percy Jackson generation or before, everybody has a favorite Greek god. If your employees don’t have one, then ask them to do some research on Greek and Roman mythology. Encourage them to pick a character to dress up like them. It will be fun to see who picks the raging Zeus (only in costume), the playful Ares, or even a one-eyed Cyclops. 

Also to add to the experience, organize activities like a Mythological pub quiz and vote for the best-dressed character among your employees. You can even arrange for prizes to be delivered or mailed across to the winner in the form of gift vouchers. 

2.6. DIY Activities Day 

For creative Spirit Week ideas for work, consider hosting a DIY activity theme day. This is also probably one of the most unique Spirit Week ideas for work on this list. DIY activities encourage people to explore forms of art that they normally might not get to. Additionally, at the end of the activity, everyone has a little souvenir to remember the day by. 

Hooray Teams has several different activities that you can choose from when looking at Spirit Week ideas for work. Our top picks? Pottery at Home and DIY Terrarium (Plant) at Home. Both of these activities will be led by an experienced host who will guide you and your team through the entire process step by step. Everything that you need for these activities will also be sent to everyone’s doorstep before the activity. 

2.7. Dream Duo Day

Dream Duo Day

Starsky and Hutch, Sherlock and Watson, Scooby doo and Shaggy; history is full of famous duos and now is your team’s chance to recreate them. For this theme to work, the best thing to do would be to first pair off your team. Then ask them to dress up and come as an iconic duo for that day. On the day, ask them to recreate some dialogues from the movie, and put on a little skit and if they aren’t comfortable with that, they can just share their costume ideation process. 

This theme is highly recommended as on our list of fun Spirit Week ideas for work since it brings people together to brainstorm and come up with fun ideas together. 

2.8. Wellness Focus Day 

Why not put health and wellness at the forefront when you are looking for Spirit Week ideas for work? Throughout the day you can organize activities that are focused on helping employees make healthier choices for themselves.

Some of our favorite things to do are Online Meditation Class, Talks by a Nutritionist, and a Chair Yoga Session. These hosted sessions can take place virtually and allow employees to rejuvenate their health holistically.

2.9. Office Olympics Day 

When you are working in a remote setup it can get quite difficult to come up with an activity that gets everyone moving. So when you are ideating Spirit Week ideas for work why not string together several shorter timed activities together and have a blast?

In a virtual Olympics session, teams need to participate in a series of games based on which a winner is announced. Organize games like virtual mini scavenger hunts, GeoGuesser, Video Charades, and Pictionary.  Whichever team wins the most number of games wins the Olympics. (at work of course!)

2.10. Host a Spirit Awards Ceremony

Everybody likes to feel recognized and appreciated. You can do the same for your employees through a Virtual  Spirit Awards Ceremony. What sets Spirit Awards apart from your traditional award ceremonies is the out-of-the-box categories that move beyond just “employee of the month”. 

Think categories like “Chief Coffee Enthusiast”, “Tech Hero”, “Office DJ”, “ Green Guru” and “Culture Champion”. Get your employees to vote for each category so that they feel more included in the process. To make it even more engaging, you can even give out media shoutouts on the company’s internal plaform or even mail across prizes.

3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

3.1. What is the purpose of Spirit Week?

The purpose of Spirit Week is to boost employee morale and enhance teamwork at the workplace. It provides an opportunity for employees to relax, have fun, and bond with coworkers outside of their usual work tasks.

3.2. How do you plan a Spirit Week?

Planning a spirit week involves selecting and organizing themed dress-up days, team building games and events that best align with your organization as a whole. 

3.3. What are the objectives of Spirit Week?

The objectives of Spirit Week are to promote teamwork and collaboration, improve employee morale and job satisfaction, and strengthen company culture.


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