70 Cool Sports Trivia Topics to Foster a Competitive Spirit at Work

 70 Cool Sports Trivia Topics to Foster a Competitive Spirit at Work

If your colleagues have a secret competitive streak, there’s no better topic than sports trivia to bring it to the surface. While taking part might be more important than winning, it doesn’t hurt to have a bit of friendly rivalry to energize your staff!

In this post, we’ve mixed in some easy sports trivia and some hard sports trivia, so that there’s something to suit the sports superfan and the occasional observer. With questions that cover everything from gymnastics and swimming to tennis and rugby, you’ll find a little something for everyone, setting you up for a slam dunk of a team bonding session.

Dive into a world of trivia excitement! We have multiple categories to help you find one to suit your taste. Experience the thrill of Movies, Music, Pop Culture trivia, and a hilarious stash of Funny Trivia Questions

Looking for something more specific? Explore the magical worlds of Disney, Marvel, The Office, Harry Potter, and the cosmic saga of Star Wars. And don’t miss the festive fun with our Halloween and Christmas trivia questions! 

1. What Is Sports Trivia?

Sports trivia covers a broad swath of facts about popular games, famous sportspeople, and world records. While there are a handful of sports that enjoy global popularity, there are a whole lot more that are limited to a narrow geography, so that even the most knowledgeable egghead won’t have all the answers.

2. Best Sports Trivia Topics


2.1. Olympic Games History

The Olympic Games is the biggest, most important sports event in the world, with a history that stretches back thousands of years. Test how much your colleagues know about the summit of sporting achievement with these tricky trivia questions.

Q: What city was the original site of the Olympic Games?
A: Olympia.

Q: Winners at the ancient Olympics were given a crown made from what tree?
A: Olive.

Q: What was the name of the Frenchman who reintroduced the Olympics to the world in 1896?
A: Pierre de Coubertin.

Q: Who is the most decorated Olympian of all time with 23 gold medals, 3 silver medals and 2 bronze medals?
A: Michael Phelps.

Q: Which of these sports has never been an Olympic discipline: tug of war, bowling, or croquet?
A: Bowling.

Q: What is the official motto of the Olympics?
A: Faster, Higher, Stronger.

Q: Which country topped the gold medal table in 2008, becoming just the seventh nation ever to achieve that feat?  
A: China.

2.2. Famous Athletes


From people who broke new barriers to people who have been called the greatest of all time (GOAT) in their discipline, this category is all about celebrating memorable sportsmen and sportswomen through their achievements.

Q: Often cited as the greatest basketballer of all time, who played most of his professional career with the Chicago Bulls and briefly attempted to switch his focus to baseball?
A: Michael Jordan.

Q: Which of these American football teams has quarterback Tom Brady never played for: the Kansas City Chiefs, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, or the New York Patriots?
A: Kansas City Chiefs.

Q: Who was the first gymnast to score a perfect 10 at the Olympics?
A: Nadia Comaneci.

Q: Only one footballer has ever won the World Cup three times. What was his name?
A: Pele.

Q: A lot of athletes have been called great, but which hockey player was dubbed “The Great One?”
A: Wayne Gretzky.

Q: Annika Sorenstam is one of the most well-known female golfers of all time, but which country does she hail from?
A: Sweden.

Q: Geeta and Babita Phogat were made famous by the Indian biopic Dangal, but what sport do they participate in?
A: Wrestling.

2.3. Sports Records

While it’s possible to endlessly debate about the greatest of all time (GOAT), sports records offer a handy reference point for measuring definitive human achievement in sports. No wonder it’s a front runner for one of the most popular bar sports trivia categories.

Q: Which object has been thrown the greatest distance according to the World Athletics body: discus, shot put, or javelin?
A: Javelin.

Q: Brazil has won the most FIFA World Cups of all time, but how many has the country got in the trophy cabinet?
A: 5.

Q: As of 2023, the record for most grand slam tennis singles titles (24) is jointly held by one man and one woman. Name them.
A: Margaret Court and Novak Djokovic.

Q: Which cricketer currently holds the record for most test runs scored over the course of their career? 
A: Sachin Tendulkar.

Q: The current record for the 100 meters was set by Usain Bolt, but what is the fastest official time he has run the distance: 9.58, 9.69, or 9.72 seconds?
A: 9.58 seconds.

Q: Which rugby player has accumulated the most points for their nation over the course of all their Rugby World Cup appearances?
A: Jonny Wilkinson.

Q: The oldest track athletics record still standing is the women’s 800-meter race, but what decade was it set? 
A: 1980s.

2.4. Sports Terminologies


Sports terminology can seem like another language to the uninitiated, but to those in the know there’s a special kind of magic to phrases like “full-court press,” “double fault,” and “catch a crab.” So how well do your staff know their offsides and their rim shots?

Q: In football, how many goals constitute a hattrick?
A: 3. 

Q: Which sport features the terms deke, goon, and saucer pass?
A: Ice hockey.

Q: What are the divisions of a polo match called? 
A: Chukkas.

Q: If during a tennis match, the score was announced as 15-40, how many points would the server have scored in that game?
A: 1.

Q: In which sport might the umpire tell a player to “take your base?”
A: Baseball.

Q: What slang term is sometimes applied to a boxer who is left-handed?
A: Southpaw.

Q: Where would you find props, flankers, and a hooker? 
A: In a rugby scrum.

2.5. Sports Movies


Even people who aren’t much for sports will be able to knock this category out of the park, as it covers a mix of dramas, rom coms, and documentaries about boxers, baseball players, and basketballers. 

Q: What is the name of the Robert de Niro-starring movie that centers on the real-life boxer Jake LaMotta? 
A: Raging Bull.

Q: What phrase does American football player Rod Tidwell force sports agent Jerry Maguire to shout in order to keep him as a client?
A: “Show me the money!”

Q: Which of these sports documentaries is not about basketball: The Last Dance, Hoop Dreams, or Touching the Void?
A: Touching the Void.

Q: “If you build it, he will come” is a famous line from which baseball movie?
A: Field of Dreams.

Q: Which actor played Patches O’Houlihan in the film Dodgeball, famously telling the team he is training: “If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball?”
A: Rip Torn.

Q: What is the name of the Oscar-winning documentary that explores Russia’s state-sponsored doping scandal?
A: Icarus.

Q: Baseball comedy-drama A League of Their Own was a smash-hit movie filled with famous faces, including Tom Hanks, Geena Davis, Rosie O’Donnell and which “Holiday” singer?
A: Madonna.

2.6. Sports Around the World

How well do your staff know their international sports? This category will take them beyond the universally played games into more unique cultural pastimes. 

Q: What is commonly considered the national sport of Japan?
A: Sumo.

Q: Kırkpınar is a time-honored oil-wrestling tournament that takes place in which country?
A: Turkey.

Q: Which of these martial arts does not originate in Asia: taekwondo, capoeira, or karate?
A: Capoeira.

Q: What Irish game is played with a ball called a sliotar?
A: Hurling.

Q: Nguni fighters in South Africa use what to compete: a ball, a stick, or their bare fists?
A: A stick.

Q: The Naadam Festival is a traditional competition that encompasses wrestling, horse racing, and archery, but which country is it native to?
A: Mongolia.

Q: With around 3.5 billion fans worldwide, what is the most popular sport on Earth?
A: Soccer.

2.7. Sports Awards & Honors

There are all kinds of trophies and accolades that the top-flight sports players are eligible to receive, but does your team know their Heisman from your Naismith? Let’s find out!

Q: What color is the jacket awarded to winners of the Masters golf tournament? 
A: Green.

Q: The Ballon d’Or is presented annually to the best player of the year in which sport? 
A: Soccer.

Q: The Laureus World Sports Awards are sometimes called the Oscars of sporting achievement, but which tennis player has won the most accolades?
A: Roger Federer.

Q: Coming first at which grand prix is arguably the most prestigious achievement of any Formula One driver’s career?
A: The Monaco Grand Prix.

Q: True or false: in the UK, you can receive a knighthood or a damehood for contributions to sport?
A: True.

Q: The America’s Cup is often cited as the oldest international competition, which is perhaps why the sailing contest’s trophy is also known by what tongue-in-cheek name?
A: The Auld Mug.

Q: What is distinctive about the male figure atop the Borg-Warner Trophy, which is awarded annually to the winner of the Indianapolis 500? 
A: He’s completely naked.

2.8. Sports Rivalries


Part of what makes sports so entertaining to watch is the rivalries, whether it’s between nations, city teams, or two individuals who just can’t stand each other. There have been a few below the belt encounters, and this round will relive some of the most (in)famous.

Q: What two countries contest the Ashes, a test cricket competition that takes place every two years?
A: England and Australia.

Q: Who won the so-called Fight of the Century, a 1971 boxing match between Joe Frazier and Muhammed Ali?
A: Joe Frazier.

Q: Alex Higgins and Steve Davis had one of the most entertaining rivalries of all time, but what sport did they play?
A: Snooker.

Q: What is the name of the figure skating star who was accused of being involved in the assault of rival Nancy Kerrigan?
A: Tonya Harding.

Q: Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova had one of the most long-standing tennis rivalries of all time, but who came out on top in the overall head-to-head?
A: Martina Navratilova.

Q: During the height of the Cold War, the antagonism between the USA and the USSR was played out through which pair of chess masters? 
A: Bobby Fisher and Boris Spassky.

Q: What are the two teams who compete in golf’s Ryder Cup?
A: Europe and the United States.

2.9. Sports Geography

Your team might know that Le Mans is a sports car race, but do they know where Le Mans actually is? If so, they’ll probably score a touchdown in this round.

Q: Juventus is one of the most successful football teams in Europe, but what city is its base?
A: Turin.

Q: The Tour de France is a famous race in which sporting discipline?
A: Bicycle racing.

Q: Able to fit around 132,000 people, the Narendra Modi Stadium is the largest sporting arena in the world, but in which country is it located?
A: India.

Q: In which city does the Kentucky Derby horse race take place? 
A: Louisville.

Q: Participants flock to Noosa to take part in an annual surfing contest every year in which country?
A: Australia.

Q: In which nation would you participate in the Wife Carrying World Championship?
A: Finland.

Q: Which of these countries has never hosted the Alpine World Ski Championships: Chile, Russia, or France?
A: Russia.

2.10. Sports Mascots


Questions about mascots aren’t just sports trivia for kids. Despite their often toy-like appearance, mascots were actually created to get adults involved in the action. While they’ve hit the big leagues in the USA, these sports ambassadors can also be found all over the world.

Q: Baseball’s Phillie Phanatic is one of America’s most beloved mascots. The furry green creature was designed by Bonnie Erickson, who also worked with Jim Henson on which puppet-based TV show?
A: The Muppets.

Q: The Phrygian cap has been revealed as the mascot of the upcoming 2024 Summer Olympics, but where are they going to be held?
A: Paris, France.

Q: Which of these food items has not (so far) featured as a FIFA World Cup mascot: an orange, a chili pepper, or a hamburger?
A: A hamburger.

Q: A series of controversies in recent years in the USA and Canada has resulted in the removal of mascots related to what ethnic group?
A: Native Americans.

Q: What year did the first official Olympic mascot debut? 
A: 1972.

Q: Which country has had mascots named Canarinho and Fuelco? 
A: Brazil.

Q: Name the National Hockey League mascot who bizarrely became an anti-Trump meme in the late 2010s.
A: Gritty.

3. FAQs

3.1. Why Sports-themed trivia games can be super enjoyable with your colleagues

Sports bring people together. Whether playing a sport in real life or just watching it on the TV, men and women alike can bond over their favorite players and national teams. Organizing a quiz for your colleagues on the subject is a good way to get the conversational ball rolling, fostering camaraderie and conversations that can be continued long after the trivia contest has ended.

There are also other elements of a sports-themed trivia game that can have a positive impact on your working environment. For example, international sports trivia can enlighten your team about other cultures and develop an attitude of inclusivity. 

3.2. What are some unique sports facts?

Sports is a gold mine of amazing, random facts, many of which we’ve included above. Here’s another one to add to your brain bank: the longest tennis match in history took 11 hours and five minutes to complete and had to be played over three days!

3.3. What is the rarest thing in sports?

Each sport has its own incredibly difficult achievements. For example, Usain Bolt is the only person to claim back-to-back Olympic golds in the 100m and 200m races, while Tiger Woods is one of only a handful of golfers to have won four consecutive majors. 

3.4. What is the most unique sport?

In terms of unusual competitive activities, makepung is probably one of the most unique. Hailing from Bali in Indonesia, it involves racing a pair of water buffalo that are dragging a wooden plank and originates from a traditional method of flattening a muddy field.


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