15 Exceptional Virtual Wine Tasting Kits For An Unforgettable Happy Hour

15 Exceptional Virtual Wine Tasting Kits For An Unforgettable Happy Hour

A virtual wine tasting is a fun way to host a happy hour with your colleagues, no matter where they are. All you need are virtual wine-tasting kits and a sommelier to guide you through the experience. These kits bring the vineyard experience to your doorstep, offering a curated selection of wines, expert guidance, and interactive virtual sessions. From swirling and savoring to exploring the nuances of various vintages, virtual wine tasting kits provide a unique opportunity to uncork the world of wine, fostering connection and appreciation, one sip at a time

The tricky part is choosing the best virtual wine tasting kit for you and your guests. This guide will help you find the best one for your needs, along with our top recommendations.

1. What is a Virtual Wine Tasting Kit?

A virtual wine tasting kit is a package that includes a selection of wines for home sampling. There are various types of wines in different containers. Some kits may be pre-curated by the company, while others allow for personalized wine selections. Some also offer add-ons like wine glasses or food pairings like cheese or chocolate.

Most vineyards and wineries include a guided tasting experience with a sommelier so you can get the most out of your kits.

2. Best Virtual Wine Tasting Kits for Remote Teams

2.1. Hooray Teams

Hooray Teams

If you’re looking to boost your team’s spirits with a fun and engaging team-building activity, then Hooray Teams Wine Tasting Class is the perfect option for you. Hosted by a wine expert, you and your team will explore the nuances of various wine varieties as you learn to discern their appearance, aroma, and flavor profiles.  

By the end of the session, your team will know how to appreciate fine wine and even tell you all there is to know about a Merlot or a Sauvignon Blanc.  Everything needed for this 60-minute tasting session including – mini wine aromas, tasting cards, tasting guides, and an instruction book will be sent over as a kit to each participant’s house before the tasting session. 

Pricing: $70

2.2. Just Enough Wines

Just enough wines

Just Enough Wines is a certified sustainable vineyard that produces gluten-free, sugar-free, and non-GMO wines. Their wine samples are stored in beautiful cans.

All of their kits include six canned wines. You can choose to have all red wines, sparkling wines, or a set of classics like Pinot Noir. While they don’t offer hosted experiences, you can buy your guests wine club merch from their online store.

Price: $42 to $56 per kit

2.3. Lucid Winery

Lucid Winery

Are you only interested in sending out wine kits? Or do you also want a hosted virtual tasting? Lucid Winery has you covered for both! They’re best known for their all-natural, organic wines that go down quite smoothly. There are multiple options for wine amount (50 or 100 ml) and number of bottles (3 or 5). They can host the tasting on your choice of platform.

Their kits include a tasting guide that you can follow along with many YouTube videos from their previous tastings. Their expert team handles each step of their guided tasting, from event logistics to hosting.

Price: $29 to $68 per kit

2.4. Priority Experiences

Priority Experiences offers more than 60 virtual wine-tasting experiences that you can choose from. Some of their unique events include Spanish Wine Tasting, Wine and Comedy, Mulled Wine-Making, Organic Wine Tasting, and more. Most of their kits are customizable with add-ons for food pairings and marketing materials.

They can accommodate your choice of hosting platform along with any special requests or dietary restrictions. The best part is they ship globally.

Price: $70 to $350 per kit

2.5. Wine Folly’s Wine Tasting

For a comprehensive wine education, look no further than The Wine Folly. Whether you’re a novice or aiming for professional status, they offer a wide range of resources including courses, books, apparel, and tasting tools to cater to all levels of enthusiasts. Additionally, The Wine Folly hosts a monthly club where members receive a curated selection of four or six wine bottles along with access to an extensive database of content and explanatory videos.

Club membership begins at $99 per month and covers shipping to most locations within the U.S. With three delivery options available, shipping windows vary from 5 to 30 days to accommodate different preferences and schedules.

Price: $99 per kit

3. Best Wine Tasting Kits for Team Building

3.1. Sip & Savor

Sip & Savor is a winery/vineyard business with a portfolio of over 100 wines from all over the world. You can choose from a fun line of sets, such as low-calorie wines, fall-themed selections, and kits for wine lovers, to name a few. The package includes six half-sized wine bottles in old-world French varieties, allowing you to unlock a whole new world of aromas, textures, and flavors.

Their at-home wine tasting kit is a highly interactive experience where you will guess what wines they are by tasting them and following the sommelier-guided videos. You also get eight wine checklists and a flavor and aroma-tasting wheel to do the exercise. Please note that shipping is only available within the United States.

Pricing: $35

3.2. Wine.com


Experience the world’s largest and most eclectic array of wines with Wine.com. Paired with expert guidance and unparalleled convenience, our mission is to ensure you embark on an extraordinary wine-tasting journey from the comfort of your home. Each kit highlights a distinct grape variety, whether it’s Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, or Syrah.

Our kits typically feature full-sized bottles, meticulously designed to facilitate side-by-side tasting comparisons. Complete with wine descriptions, a tasting mat, and invaluable tasting tips, these kits offer an immersive wine exploration experience. Don’t hesitate—indulge in three of your preferred wine types or elevate your expertise with a full case to become a seasoned wine connoisseur.

Pricing: $38.99 ( two-bottle kit) and $100 to $250 (three or four bottle kit)

3.3. Patel Winery

Patel winery

Sample the passionately crafted Napa Valley wines from Patel Winery by opting for one of their three virtual wine tasting kits. Their kits include three wine bottles, digital copies of their tasting menu, and winemakers’ notes. You also get the option to request a guided virtual tasting hosted by Raj Patel.

They can only accommodate up to 10 people, so you can enjoy a more intimate event with your guests. The only drawback is they offer full-sized bottles only, so you’ll have a lot of wine left after the event.

Price: $270 to $770 per kit

3.4. In Good Taste

In Good taste

Good Taste aims to demystify wine for the everyday enthusiast, blending approachability with sophistication in both its design and ethos. Their thoughtfully curated tasting kits feature high-quality wines available in convenient 187ml and 750ml bottles, sourced from diverse regions encompassing Italy, France, Spain, and California

These meticulously crafted kits offer a choice of six or 12 bottles, each themed around whites, reds, rosés, French wines, Californian wines, and more. Some packages also include delightful add-ons such as candles, puzzle gift sets, popcorn, coffee, cookie dough, and their sought-after annual advent calendar. Please note that shipping is limited to specific locations within the United States

Pricing: $49 to $139

3.5. Stags’ Leaps

Stags leaps

Curated wine-tasting experiences are the specialty of Stags’ Leap. Their various wine options cater to different tastes, occasions, and budgets. Their expert hosts guide you through the experience, providing insights, answering questions, and enhancing your understanding of the wines you’re savoring. You have the flexibility to choose from their pre-selected kits, each crafted to offer a unique wine story. Alternatively, for those seeking a truly personalized touch, you can build your own kit, selecting wines that align perfectly with your preferences and the nature of your event.

Stags’ Leap goes the extra mile by ensuring that the wine-tasting kits are delivered to your doorstep, sparing you the effort of sourcing and assembling the components yourself. A minimum lead time of two weeks is required, and each order must include a minimum of 20 kits or packages. 

Price: $2000 (minimum event cost)

4. Best Blind Wine Tasting Kits for Exciting Team Bonding

4.1. Franmara Blind Wine Tasting Kit

Franmara blind wine tasting kit

Planning a sophisticated blind wine tasting event? Look no further than Franmara’s Black Wine Bag Set. Since 1970, Franmara, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer based in Los Angeles, California, specializing in producing high-quality corkscrews, barware, wine accessories, cheese accessories, and more.

Franmara’s wine tasting kit comprises eight numbered black polyester bags featuring hook and loop straps, along with a sensory chart, a scoring sheet, and a convenient storage pouch. Acquiring these premium blind tasting essentials is effortless with Franmara. Their products are available for purchase through various channels including retailers, wholesalers, wine and liquor stores, wineries, and other food service distributors.

Price: Available upon request 

4.2. Argaux

Are you considering hosting a blind wine tasting event but unsure where to start? Argaux offers curated wine kits accompanied by comprehensive instructions to help your group tasting experience seamlessly. Tailor your kit according to your preferences, selecting from options such as bottle size (375ml or 750ml), number of bottles (two, three, or four), and wine style (mixed or red).

Argaux specializes in sourcing an array of wines, including red, white, orange, rosé, and sparkling varieties, meticulously crafted by artisan winemakers hailing from renowned regions such as Australia, France, Germany, New Zealand, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and beyond. Please note that shipping is exclusively available within the United States.

Pricing: $85 and $150

4.3. California Wine 

California wine

Experience the thrill of a mystery-laden wine-tasting adventure with the California Wine Blind Tasting Kit. Inside, discover four distinct bottles of wine, each numbered from 1 to 4, cleverly concealed to keep their identities secret. Accompanying the wines are cards for up to 10 participants to record their conjectures, along with detailed instructions to facilitate hosting the tasting event. Additionally, an envelope containing optional clues adds an extra layer of intrigue for those seeking a challenge.

Following the tasting session and speculation, another envelope unveils the true identities of the wines. This interactive and informative activity offers an enjoyable opportunity to delve into the world of wine alongside friends or colleagues, ideally suited for groups ranging from 6 to 10 individuals. For those craving even more excitement, consider exploring the Blinded Wine Tasting Kit No. 2, featuring 8 wines, to elevate the experience further.

Price: $195.78 per kit 

4.4. All You Need Is Wine 

All You Need Is Wine is a blind wine tasting kit that includes all the supplies to host a fun and engaging blind-tasting game. The kit comes with ten numbered wine bags and 50 paper wine glass tags to help you cover your wine bottles. 

This blind wine tasting party game, suitable for participants of all levels of wine expertise, teaches and helps them practice the 5 S’s of wine tasting. You also get ten tasting tip sheets, 50 tasting note sheets, and ten pencils to conduct the evaluations. The kit is available via Amazon and arrives within 1 to 2 weeks.

Price: $35.99 per kit 

4.5. Cooper’s Hawk Vino Reveal

Cooper's Hawk vino reveal

Vino Reveal by Cooper’s Hawk is an innovative virtual blind tasting experience perfect for people starting out their blind wine tasting journey. Each kit comprises three carefully selected wines, either reds or whites, alongside instructions for conducting blind tastings and a blank tasting guide. The standout feature of every kit is an exclusive guided video led by the esteemed master sommelier, Emily Wines.

Individually wrapped in tissue, each bottle ensures an immersive experience. This blind tasting kit caters to all levels of wine enthusiasts. Available for purchase both online and offline via the digital store, please note that shipping is limited to Illinois only.

Price: $79.99 per kit

5. What to Look for in a Wine Tasting Kit?

5.1. Quality 

When you’re picking a wine tasting kit, take a close look at what’s inside. Check for sturdy wine glasses that feel good to hold, notebooks or scorecards that are well-made, and other accessories that seem reliable. High-quality materials make your wine-tasting experience more enjoyable and smooth.

5.2. Number of Glasses

Think about how many glasses you’ll need. If it’s just you or a cozy gathering, a smaller kit might be perfect. But if you’re planning to share the joy of wine tasting with a large group of friends or office team, go for a kit that has enough glasses for everyone. It’s all about creating a shared experience.

5.3. Variety 

Are you curious about specific types of wine, like the rich reds or the crisp whites? Or do you dream of exploring wines from different parts of the world? Choose a kit that matches your team’s wine interests to turn the activity into a delightful adventure.

5.4. Extra Accessories

Some kits come with handy tools like corkscrews, which make opening bottles a breeze, or wine stoppers to keep your favorite bottles fresh for later. Those little extras can make your wine-tasting experience even better.

5.5. Size and Storage

Finally, consider where you’ll keep your wine kit. If space is limited, opt for a compact and organized case. But if you have room to spare, don’t shy away from a larger kit that could offer even more tasting possibilities.

6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

6.1. What Are the Best Wineries for Virtual Tastings?

Some of the best wineries for virtual tastings are Lucid Winery, Stags’ Leap, Charles Krug, Clif Family Winery, and Enriquez Estate Wines.

6.2. What Are Vertical Wine Tastings?

In a vertical wine tasting, the participants sample the same type of wine from the same winery but from different years. It highlights the differences due to time.

6.3. How Do I Host a Zoom Wine Tasting?

To host a Zoom wine tasting, start by making a list of participants and selecting the wines you’ll be tasting. Then, set the date, time, and duration for the wine tasting and send out invitations with directions for purchasing the wines or telling participants to look out for incoming deliveries.

6.4. What Are the Types of Virtual Wine Tasting Kits?

Virtual wine tasting kits come in many shapes and sizes. They vary based on wine type, quantity, tasting theme (horizontal or vertical), food pairings, glasses, and more.


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