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 10 Exceptional Virtual Wine Tasting Kits For An Unforgettable Happy Hour

10 Exceptional Virtual Wine Tasting Kits For An Unforgettable Happy Hour

A virtual wine tasting is a fun way to host a happy hour with your colleagues, no matter where they are. All you need are virtual wine tasting kits and a sommelier to guide you through the experience. These kits bring the vineyard experience to your doorstep, offering a curated selection of wines, expert guidance, and interactive virtual sessions. From swirling and savoring to exploring the nuances of various vintages, virtual wine tasting kits provide a unique opportunity to uncork the world of wine, fostering connection and appreciation, one sip at a time

The tricky part is choosing the best virtual wine tasting kit for you and your guests. This guide will help you find the best one for your needs, along with our top recommendations.

1. What is a Virtual Wine Tasting Kit?

What is a Virtual Wine Tasting Kit-

A virtual wine tasting kit is a package that includes a selection of wines for home sampling. There are various types of wines in different containers. Some kits may be pre-curated by the company, while others allow for personalized wine selections. Some also offer add-ons like wine glasses or food pairings like cheese or chocolate.

Most vineyards and wineries include a guided tasting experience with a sommelier so you can get the most out of your kits.

2. Best Virtual Wine Tasting Kits for Remote Teams

2.1. Hooray Teams

Hooray Teams

Take your wine tasting to the next level with Hooray Teams’ engaging virtual events, such as Paint and Wine or Virtual Cocktail Making. These experiences can effortlessly cater to a range of participants, from 10 to 1,000, and offer ample customization options to suit your specific requirements.

All of our virtual events are skillfully hosted by experts via Zoom. For the Virtual Cocktail Making class, you’ll receive a complete cocktail-making kit. Meanwhile, the Paint and Wine class provides a painting kit with all the essentials and wine choices,  so your guests have the flexibility to source their preferred wine for the occasion.

Price: Customizable

2.2. Lucid Winery

Lucid Winery

Are you only interested in sending out wine kits? Or do you also want a hosted virtual tasting? Lucid Winery has you covered for both! They’re best known for their all-natural, organic wines that go down quite smoothly. There are multiple options for wine amount (50 or 100 ml) and number of bottles (3 or 5). They can host the tasting on your choice of platform.

Their kits include a tasting guide that you can follow along with many YouTube videos from their previous tastings. Their expert team handles each step of their guided tasting, from event logistics to hosting.

Price: $29 to $68 per kit

2.3. Priority Experiences

Priority Experiences offers more than 60 virtual wine-tasting experiences that you can choose from. Some of their unique events include Spanish Wine Tasting, Wine and Comedy, Mulled Wine-Making, Organic Wine Tasting, and more. Most of their kits are customizable with add-ons for food pairings and marketing materials.

They can accommodate your choice of hosting platform along with any special requests or dietary restrictions. The best part is they ship globally.

Price: $70 to $350 per kit

2.4. Patel Winery

Patel Winery

Sample the passionately crafted Napa Valley wines from Patel Winery by opting for one of their three virtual wine tasting kits. Their kits include three wine bottles, digital copies of their tasting menu, and winemakers’ notes. You also get the option to request a guided virtual tasting hosted by Raj Patel.

They can only accommodate up to 10 people, so you can enjoy a more intimate event with your guests. The only drawback is they offer full-sized bottles only, so you’ll have a lot of wine left after the event.

Price: $270 to $770 per kit

2.5. Stags’ Leaps

Stags Leaps

Curated wine-tasting experiences are the specialty of Stags’ Leap.Their various wine options cater to different tastes, occasions, and budgets. Their expert hosts guide you through the experience, providing insights, answering questions, and enhancing your understanding of the wines you’re savoring. You have the flexibility to choose from their pre-selected kits, each crafted to offer a unique wine story. Alternatively, for those seeking a truly personalized touch, you can build your own kit, selecting wines that align perfectly with your preferences and the nature of your event.

Stags’ Leap goes the extra mile by ensuring that the wine-tasting kits are delivered to your doorstep, sparing you the effort of sourcing and assembling the components yourself. A minimum lead time of two weeks is required, and each order must include a minimum of 20 kits or packages. 

Price: $2000 (minimum event cost)

2.6. Voluptuary & Lucid Wines

Turn a simple wine tasting into a fun at-home party with interactive experiences from Voluptuary & Lucid Wines. They offer budget virtual wine tasting kits with tasting notes and suggestions for food, music, lifestyle, and literary pairings. You can also order food with your kit, which includes unique options for everyone: vegans, too!

Their wines are made with organic grapes and only use natural processes. If you or one of your guests isn’t interested in alcohol, they also offer a juice-tasting kit.

Price: $29 per kit

2.7. Just Enough Wines

Just Enough Wines

Just Enough Wines is a certified sustainable vineyard that produces gluten-free, sugar-free, and non-GMO wines. Their wine samples are stored in beautiful cans.

All of their kits include six canned wines. You can choose to have all red wines, sparkling wines, or a set of classics like Pinot Noir. While they don’t offer hosted experiences, you can buy your guests wine club merch from their online store.

Price: $42 to $56 per kit

2.8. Argaux

Want to start a wine club? Argaux offers a beginners’ wine tasting kit that’s perfect for you! The Wine 101 set comes with two or four bottles—you can choose mixed, red, or white wine options. They don’t provide a hosted experience. However, they have a booklet containing information on the grape varieties used in their wines and instructions on how to best conduct a tasting.

If you want to explore the wonderful world of wines, you can challenge yourself by trying the Blind Tasting Kit from Argaux.

Price: $55 to $100 per kit

2.9. Sterling Vineyards

Sterling Vineyards

If you want to host a virtual wine tasting with a hosted experience for a large group, check out Sterling Vineyards. Their specialty California wines deliver the complete Napa Valley experience from the comfort of your home.

They offer a curated wine kit that will cater to your group’s preferences. You can also choose one of their pre-curated kits. Sterling Vineyards accommodates smaller groups of fewer than 12 persons and offers customizations for the same.

Price: Not disclosed

2.10. Maker Wine

Maker makes wine drinking more accessible and sustainable while promoting small-batch winemakers. They serve a fun mix of canned wine kits you can order online or buy from their retail partners.

Their kits come with options for 6, 12, and 24 cans. You can customize your kit based on wine type, winery, and wine features. Some of their offerings include organic wines, vegan wines, 0g sugar wines, women-owned wineries, and minority-owned wineries.

Price: Starting at $48 per kit, $58 per person for kit + virtual hosting

3. Factors to Consider While Selecting Virtual Wine Tasting Kits?

Factors to Consider While Selecting Virtual Wine Tasting Kits-

3.1. Price Range

Virtual wine tasting kit pricing varies widely depending on what’s included and where the company sources the wine. Whether everyone’s paying for their own kits or it’s your treat, set a specific budget before you begin your search.

3.2. Group Size

The smaller the group, the better it is to include fewer wine samples in the kit to maximize your interactions. Whereas larger groups should enjoy more wine samples and more food pairings.

3.3. Wine Selection and Customization

Wine Selection and Customization

Check the list of wines offered in the kits, along with the food pairings, if any. If you or anyone in your group has different preferences, look for virtual wine tasting kits that allow customizations.

3.4. Educational Resources

You can select an experienced sommelier, winemaker, or wine expert to instruct you through the session, adding a touch of professionalism and expertise to your wine tasting experience.

3.5. Shipping & Delivery

Shipping & Delivery

Make sure to check whether shipping is available for all of the attendees. Consider the additional delivery charges and coordinate event logistics based on the time the delivery will take.

3.6. Cancellation & Refund Policies

Hopefully, your wine tasting event will not be canceled, but it helps to be prepared with contingencies. Take a look at the cancellation and refund policies on offer, just in case. Also, ask your guests to inform you immediately if they can’t make it to the event.

4. FAQ

4.1. What Are the Best Wineries for Virtual Tastings?

Some of the best wineries for virtual tastings are Lucid Winery, Stags’ Leap, Charles Krug, Clif Family Winery, and Enriquez Estate Wines.

4.2. What Are Vertical Wine Tastings?

In a vertical wine tasting, the participants sample the same type of wine from the same winery but from different years. It highlights the differences due to time.

4.3. How Do I Host a Zoom Wine Tasting?

To host a Zoom wine tasting, start by making a list of participants and selecting the wines you’ll be tasting. Then, set the date, time, and duration for the wine tasting and send out invitations with directions for purchasing the wines or telling participants to look out for incoming deliveries.

4.4. What Are the Types of Virtual Wine Tasting Kits?

Virtual wine tasting kits come in many shapes and sizes. They vary based on wine type, quantity, tasting theme (horizontal or vertical), food pairings, glasses, and more.


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