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 Top 10 Coffee Tasting Kit Options to Perk Up Your Team’s Creativity

Top 10 Coffee Tasting Kit Options to Perk Up Your Team’s Creativity

In this age of remote work and online teamwork, we’re all on the hunt for those special experiences that can draw us closer, no matter the distance. Virtual coffee tasting is a fantastic way to bond and sprinkle a bit of coffee-flavored magic into our workdays. But here’s the twist: the coffee tasting kit you choose can make or break your team’s tasting adventure.

So, we’ve rounded up some top-notch coffee tasting kits to bring a whole lot of fun and flavor to your virtual team hangouts. So, let’s dive right in and explore this world of caffeinated togetherness!

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1. What is a Coffee Tasting Kit?

What is a Coffee Tasting Kit

A coffee tasting kit is a curated collection of coffee samples designed for teams to explore various coffee flavors. These kits usually include a mix of coffee beans, often sourced from different regions or with unique flavor profiles.

These kits don’t stop at just beans; they also bring in handy essentials like tasting forms, aroma guides, brewing guides, and sometimes, even nifty gadgets like grinders or brewing tools. Plus there are brewing instructions to ensure you get the perfect cup of coffee every time.

2. Best Coffee Tasting Kits for Remote Teams

2.1. Hooray Teams

Hooray Teams

Ideal for virtual gatherings, fun team building events, and large groups

Looking for a fun team building experience at the drop of a hat? Hooray Teams is your go-to choice. We host virtual guided coffee tasting events that unite your remote team in a fun and engaging way. Led by expert coffee connoisseurs, our coffee-tasting experiences take you on a delightful journey of coffee beans and brewing techniques.

To enhance your tasting experience, we curate the finest coffee in our coffee tasting kit, with which you can savor unique flavors from across the world. You’ll delve into each coffee trait, gain insights into the craft that goes into making each cup, and so much more. Choose your preferred coffee or theme, and we’ll tailor the experience to your liking.

Pricing: Available on request

2.2. Driftaway Coffee

Ideal for fun team building experiences, interactive activities, and corporate

How about a coffee tasting kit with a little guessing game? The Driftway Coffee Sampler provides a tasting kit hiding some of the coffee origins and flavors. You get a mix of light roast, medium roast, and dark roast varieties. But it doesn’t stop there! Driftaway goes the extra mile by offering Zoom weekly tasting classes led by James McCarthy, a World Brewer’s Champion.

You’ve got options ranging from Small to XX-Large, so there’s something for every coffee enthusiast. In the Small and Medium Explorer boxes, the coffee’s origin remains a secret, letting you judge each bean without any preconceptions. Plus, you’ll get a tasting form and a wheel to jot down your thoughts and postcards that spill the beans (pun intended!) on the fascinating stories behind each coffee.

If you’re eyeing the Large, Extra Large, or XX-Large Explorer boxes, you’re in for a treat. These larger kits spill the coffee beans – the origin information is right there on the bags. And of course, they come with those intriguing postcards. If you are looking for specific coffee, you can purchase it additionally from their website.

Price: $33.00 per kit

2.3. Brooklyn Coffee

Brooklyn Coffee

Ideal for engaging team experience, and coffee enthusiasts

Brooklyn Coffee Sampler Pack offers one of the best coffee tasting kits with freshly roasted beans ensuring that coffee making should be a simple process. They have something for everyone with their variety of coffee sampler packs.

If you’re an espresso lover, they have an espresso coffee tasting kit that promises a sweet, spicy, and balanced blend featuring beans from Peru, Sumatra Aceh, and Ethiopian Natural. It’s like a flavor explosion in your cup! Now if you are looking for a fun experience, then pick an American single-origin kit with the custom coffee comic book. You’ll get three freshly roasted bags of coffee and a 24-page comic that’s all about the world of coffee.

But wait, there’s more! If you’re intrigued by Japanese “Kissaten” coffee culture, they’ve got a Japan blend coffee kit waiting for you. It’s a medium-dark roast that dances between berry and chocolate notes with a hint of nuttiness.

For those seeking the perfect coffee pairings, their peanut butter duo kit comes with single-origin coffee and not one, but two Classic Diner Mugs. It’s the ultimate coffee and comfort combo.

And if you’re all about signature blends, Brooklyn Roasting Company has you covered with their roasting company blends. You will explore Java Mocha, Mocha Java, and 3D—all available in either tins or bags and your preferred grind level.

Price: $49.00 – $55.00 per kit

2.4. Door County Coffee

Ideal for coffee explorers and virtual gatherings

Door County has something that might just end your quest for your new coffee favorite. Their coffee tasting kit is designed to introduce you to the class 1 Arabica coffee beans. It comes in different sizes and varieties, ranging from flavored to non-flavored, holiday-themed to the fresh vibes of spring, ready-to-drink options, and even canned cold brew shandy.

Now, here’s the genius part – they offer these in 12-pack coffee sample packs. No more second-guessing when it comes to trying out new flavors. And guess what? Their kit isn’t just your run-of-the-mill coffee tasting sampler. It’s loaded with full-pot bags.

Price: Starts from $19.99 per kit

2.5. Keurig


Ideal for people who love diverse flavors of coffee

The Keurig Coffee Lovers’ Collection crafts the perfect coffee tasting kit that’s not just sipping coffee but also having a fun-filled time with your team. This thoughtfully curated kit boasts a diverse selection of 40 K-Cup pods, ranging from light and medium to dark roast, and they’ve got both flavored and unflavored options, with a delightful caffeine punch. Plus, it’s certified Orthodox Union Kosher, making it an inclusive choice for all.

Within this carefully crafted collection, you will find 20 different varieties sourced from 11 brands. The kit includes two K-Cup pods each of some well-loved flavors, such as Caribou Coffee Caribou blend (medium roast), Caribou Coffee Daybreak morning blend (light roast), Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll (light roast), Gloria Jean’s Butter Toffee (medium roast), and more.

But hold onto your coffee mugs because there’s even more to explore! Keurig offers a range of other coffee tasting kits to suit your preferences, whether you’re into bold roasts, flavored coffee, regular blends, or classics, they cover your brew needs.

Price: $34.99 per kit

2.6 Bones Coffee Company

Ideal for seasonal gifts, and refreshing breaks

Ever thought about having a world tour? The Bones coffee’s single-origin coffee tasting kits will whisk you to some of the world’s finest coffee-growing regions. Each coffee in this selection is carefully chosen to provide a distinct flavor profile.

Inside the kit, you’ll find five sample bags, and each one can brew up to ten cups of coffee. The best part? You get to choose your preferred type – ground or whole bean, whichever suits your coffee-making style.

If you’re craving something different, don’t miss out on their Fall Favorite sample kit, Pear Anormal brew, and Apple Cider Donut which’ll treat your taste buds with offbeat flavors. While their coffees aren’t certified gluten-free, Bones Coffee proudly states on their website that none of their coffee contains gluten or wheat ingredients and is free from all major allergens recognized by the FDA.

Price: $32.99 per kit

2.7. Bunafr


Ideal for coffee enthusiasts and diverse people

Bunafr knows coffee lovers have all sorts of tastes, so they whip up their coffee tasting kits for every palate. If you’re in the mood for an American coffee, their Flavors of Central America kit is the way to go. It includes 320-gram of roasted whole-bean brown coffee and 400-gram of green bean coffee, giving you the full spectrum of coffee delight.

If you’re tired of the same old coffee routine and crave something exciting, Bunafr has you covered. The Spectrum set lets you explore the deep and mysterious tastes of Asia and the bright and dramatic flavors of Africa. And guess what? You can enjoy these unique flavors in both brown and green beans.

For those who are fond of the finest coffee experiences, the Exquisite Kit is your thing. With 480-gram of roasted coffee, including two 80-gram bags of roasted whole coffee beans in brown and green, you’re in for a treat that’s nothing short of, well, exquisite.

Pricing: Starts from $19.99 per kit

2.8 Trade Coffee Celebration Box

Trade Coffee Celebration Box

Ideal for celebration gifts and coffee enthusiasts

Trade offers a unique and tailored coffee tasting experience that’s bound to thrill any coffee enthusiast. In each coffee tasting kit, you’ll receive a curated selection of three craft coffees, each representing a different roast profile – light, medium, and dark. These are not your run-of-the-mill coffees; they are top-rated flavors sourced from the best beans and roasted to perfection by seasoned artisans.

But here’s the thing: Each kit includes a special gift code that unlocks a fourth bag of coffee, crafted to match your unique preferences and roasted to order. And for those who prefer their coffee ground or whole bean, Trade Coffee has you covered – you can choose the grind level that suits your brewing method.

Pricing: $72.00 per kit

2.9. Bean Box

Ideal for artisan coffee lovers, and fun virtual gatherings

Bean Box provides one of the best artisan single-origin coffees from the world’s best microlots. Inside the coffee tasting kit, you’ll get four coffees, each weighing in at 1.8-ounces. Along with these gourmet beans, you’ll receive tasting notes and brewing tips to enhance your coffee experience. But here’s where it gets personal – you have the option to add your own special note, making it a thoughtful and customized gift for your team.

You can choose between whole-bean coffee or freshly ground, depending on your brewing preference. And if you’re in the mood for some delightful pairings, Bean Box Coffee also offers a coffee and chocolate-tasting box.

Pricing: $24 /single box

2.10 Creature Coffee Co

Creature Coffee Co

Ideal for corporates, coffee enthusiasts, and team building

Craving unique coffee flavors? Whether you’re craving chocolate cocoa vibes or fruit-packed surprises, the Creature’s coffee tasting kit got you covered. Each kit boasts three 5-ounce bags of single-origin coffee beans, accompanied by a handy coffee tasting information card and a slick sticker to add some fun to your coffee experience. They roast the coffee just before shipping it to your doorstep, ensuring you savor the delicious brews. Plus, the coffee offerings rotate with the seasons, keeping your taste buds on with rich flavor

Creature Coffee also offers corporate gift options, starting from just $1. These include a fully loaded coffee cart, a coffee combo kit filled with top-grade gear and single-origin beans, sampler packs for each of your employees, and even the option to customize your coffee beans.

Pricing: $25.00 per kit

3. How to Choose the Best Coffee Tasting Kit?

3.1 Consider the Team Preferences

Before buying a coffee tasting kit, consider your team’s coffee preferences. Do they lean towards light, medium, or dark roasts? Are there any flavor profiles they particularly enjoy, like fruity or nutty notes? Knowing their tastes will help you select a coffee-tasting kit that everyone can savor together during team-building sessions.

3.2 Determine a Budget for a Coffee Tasting Kit

Set a budget that aligns with your team-building goals. Coffee tasting kits come in various price ranges, so it’s essential to find one that offers a balance between quality and affordability. This ensures you get a memorable experience without breaking the bank.

3.3 Review the Contents Inside the Kit

Dive into the details of what each kit offers. Check the variety of coffee samples, brewing equipment, and additional items like tasting forms or aroma wheels. The more comprehensive the kit, the better the overall coffee tasting experience for your team.

3.4 Verify the Available Shipping and Delivery Options

Ensure that the coffee tasting kit can be delivered to all team members, regardless of their location. Explore shipping options and delivery times to guarantee everyone can participate in your team-building event without delays.

3.5 Understand Cancellation and Refund Policies

Go through the provider’s cancellation and refund policies in detail. Unexpected situations can arise, and having a clear understanding of these policies will help you make necessary adjustments if needed, ensuring a smooth team-building experience.

4. FAQs

4.1 What should I look for when tasting coffee?

When tasting coffee, focus on the key aspects: aroma, flavor, body, and aftertaste. Aroma provides insight into the coffee’s fragrance and potential flavor notes. As you sip, assess acidity, sweetness, bitterness, and any unique flavors.

4.2 How do professionals taste coffee?

Professionals use a systematic approach to taste coffee. They start by smelling the dry grounds to assess the aroma and identify potential flavor notes. When tasting, they slurp the coffee, aerating it to spread it across the palate for better flavor perception. Some use scoring systems for a numerical assessment of quality, enhancing the tasting experience.


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