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 12 Best Virtual Chocolate Tasting Classes to Sweeten Your Team’s Bond

12 Best Virtual Chocolate Tasting Classes to Sweeten Your Team’s Bond

In today’s world of remote work trends, it has become increasingly challenging to create opportunities for bonding. Yet, there is one thing that is universally loved and can bring people together – Chocolate! So if you are looking to add a  dash of sweetness to your team interactions, why not try a virtual chocolate tasting class where your teams can create shared memories and connect with each other?

In this article, we’ve curated a list of 12 virtual chocolate tasting classes that are interactive and designed to foster strong bonds among coworkers. 

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1:  How Virtual Chocolate-Tasting Experience Can Help Forge Stronger Team Bonds?


Virtual chocolate tasting is an excellent way to bring your team together and build stronger bonds by creating lasting memories together. As remote work keeps us physically apart,  this virtual culinary journey becomes a bridge to fuse teams closer together. It’s more than just a chocolate tasting event; it’s an exploration of fusion flavors and rich delights that act as a trip down memory lane as you savor the tastes of your childhood. 

This also helps break down office barriers, bringing colleagues from various backgrounds and roles together over a mutual love for chocolate. Through laughter, excitement, and the exploration of tastes, team members can have a stronger sense of unity. 

2: Top 12 Virtual Chocolate Tasting Classes to Try 

2.1 Hooray Teams


Ideal for large groups, fun team building, and geographically spread diverse teams 

Hooray Teams is an engaging online platform that plans and organizes fun team-building activities that promote collaboration in the workplace.  Led by professional chocolatiers, their chocolate tasting session lets teams explore different types of chocolates and their unique flavors through a step-by-step guide. They also offer chocolate pairing options to create more personalized experiences.

This fun-filled experience is ideal for remote and hybrid workspaces. What’s more, they ship the virtual chocolate tasting kit directly to your doorstep so you need can avoid the hassle of arranging the essentials on your own.

Duration– 60 – 120 minutes

Pricing– Varies based on team size

No of participants– 10-1,000


2.2 Grocers Daughters

Ideal for mid-size groups, organic consumers, and customized team-building plans

If you’re looking for more customized virtual chocolate tasting classes, then Grocers Daughters is a perfect choice. Through their guided sessions, they take you on a deep dive into the history of cacao beans and chocolate, along with an opportunity to explore dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, and several other signature items that they offer. You also gain fascinating insights into how they produce chocolate using harvest, post-harvest production, manufacturing, and confectionary techniques.

They deliver your chocolate tasting kit beforehand for convenience. Do not forget to mention your allergies and other relevant custom details, if any.

Duration– 60 – 120 minutes

Pricing– $ 60.00 USD

No of participants– Minimum 4 and above


2.3 Team Bonding

Ideal for chocolate enthusiasts, milestones celebrations, and fun virtual gatherings

Team bonding crafts the best chocolate tasting experiences for corporate to build connections. This fun-filled event offers two options to choose from: Chocolate Tasting with Truffles, where you will savor amazing chocolate bars or truffles.

 In Chocolate Tasting With Truffles, Chocolatiers David and Pam take you through a decadent chocolate tasting experience where you get to sample award-winning pairings such as olive oil + dark chocolate, lemon + basil, cinnamon, and blueberry. You will receive a chocolate tasting kit that includes raw cacao beans and nibs, cocoa butter, samples of ganache, dark, milk, and white chocolate, plus four of the most luscious truffles. All you need to log in with the Zoom link and enjoy this fun-loaded session.

Team Bonding’s other class Chocolate 101 is led by chocolatier Tom, a Professor of Chocolates and Confections at Johnson & Wales. You get to learn all about the production of gourmet chocolate. You and your group have the chance to connect with an expert via Zoom for an interactive virtual chocolate tasting session. 

Duration– 60 – 90 minutes

Pricing– Available on request

No of participants– 6-99 participants


2.4 Vosges Chocolate


Ideal for corporate groups, mindful chocolate tasting sessions, and chocolate tasting parties

Vosges Chocolate provides a rich and engaging virtual chocolate tasting experience. With a range of offerings, participants can explore a variety of delightful types and flavors such as truffles, Cacao, vegan, gluten-free, and more. They entice you with not just chocolate but also- perfect pairings of wine and international whiskies, where you can relish the seamless blend of flavors. But the experience doesn’t stop there.

They also offer chocolate meditation sessions to foster a sense of mindfulness and connection. For those seeking a more light-hearted affair, chocolate-tasting parties are on the menu for those hearty laughs. Katrina Markoff, the chocolatier and alchemist, herself leads the session by adding a touch of expertise to your virtual gathering.

Duration– 60 – 90 minutes

Pricing– Available on request

No of participants– Can be customized


2.5 The Chocolate Genius

Ideal for a luxury experience, corporate year-end celebrations, and groups of all sizes

If you are looking for a more luxurious experience for your team, then add it to your list. By joining a virtual session with The Chocolate Genius, your team is sure to get an educational, and inclusive chocolate tasting experience. To make the sessions more engaging they include chocolate trivia questions, along with luxurious prizes to reward your knowledge and taste buds.

You can select from two distinct experiences: the Chocolate Pairing Experience or the Chocolate Bar Making Experience. The chocolate tasting options include wine/beer/champagne/spirits/cheese with chocolate, and chocolate experience without beer, wine, or spirits. All options come with VIP upgrade choices along with custom engraved wooden chocolate box kits with premium ingredients.

Sounds fun right? They cater to different dietary needs and offer corporate branding options, allowing you to personalize virtual chocolate tasting kits, shipping boxes, ingredient charts/mats, and even backgrounds 

Duration– Up to 30, 45, or 60+ minute sessions

Pricing– Available on request

No of participants– Can be customized as per the requirements




Ideal for remote employees, chocolate enthusiasts, and corporate professionals

Based in Miami, Cao Chocolates provides unique virtual chocolate tasting classes tailored to suit your team’s tastes. Once you join, the Master Chocolate maker Ricardo “Cao” Trillos will guide you through crafting chocolate, how to taste it,  fun facts, best pairings, and more. 

With over 12 years of experience, he’s an expert in engaging corporate groups with chocolate talks, interactive sessions, private chocolate making classes, and tastings. Cao Chocolates also lets corporates to customize their brand and ship personalized chocolate tasting kits beforehand.

Duration– 60 – 90 minute sessions

Pricing– Available on request

No of participants– Can be customized 


2.7 Delysia Chocolatier


Ideal for small-sized companies, diverse teams, and corporate events

Delysia Chocolatier offers exclusive private virtual chocolate tasting experiences, all hosted by their talented chef-owner & chocolatier, Nicole Patel. With Nicole as your guide, you’re in for a treat that’s as educational as it is indulgent. What can you expect? Well, you’ll learn how to properly taste chocolate, discover the best chocolate pairings, and grab knowledge about the extensive history of chocolates.

With just a few handy tips and tricks, participants can learn to savor chocolate like true connoisseurs. They offer various other chocolate tasting experiences such as wine and chocolate pairing, hand-rolled truffles, coffee and chocolate tasting, and much more. All you need to log in to the Zoom link to join the session and even your tasting kits get delivered beforehand. The process is this simple!

Duration– 60 mins

Pricing–  $1250, and $55 for each additional person above 15+

No of participants– upto 15 people


2.8 Chocolate Noise

Ideal for chocolate enthusiasts, fun team building, and groups of all sizes

Chocolate Noise conducts private virtual tasting experiences for corporate and conferences. Led by a seasoned chocolatier, this virtual event is an immersive exploration of how professionals creates artisanal bars. They also offer different types of chocolate pairings events such as signature chocolate tasting, chocolate + tea tasting, and chocolate + wine tasting.

But here’s the best part – they also cater to the dietary preferences of the participants, ensuring everyone can indulge in the experience. What’s included? You’ll receive a warm welcome letter, a handy tasting mat, and four artisanal chocolate bars per guest, all shipped directly to your doorstep.

Duration– 60 mins

Pricing–  Groups 1-20: $2,300 flat fee

Groups 21-30: $115/person

Large Groups 31-60: $99/person

Groups 61+: $89/person

No of participants– 1-61+


2.9 Ethel M


Ideal for corporate professionals, large groups, and Employee engagement

Ethel M offers a most rewarding virtual chocolate tasting experience through its handcrafted chocolate to tempt your palate. Each session is guided by a skilled chocolatier, but you can also book a chief chocolatier to lead the event for an additional fee. They serve three categories; chocolatier choice tasting, Nut free tastings, and classic chocolate tasting. Each offers insulated tots and tasting mats along with 5 or 12-piece chocolate varieties.

This virtual chocolate tasting event is both informative and engaging where the team can explore the chocolate making process from bean to box. To secure your spot with Ethel, you need to spend a minimum of $500 and 3 weeks in advance booking.

Duration– 60 – 90 minutes

Pricing–  $100

No of participants–  Minimum spend – $500 per event 


2.10 Gourmet Boutique

Ideal for corporate team-building events, gourmet activities, and virtual happy hours

Gourmet Boutique hosts fun, interactive, and delicious virtual chocolate tasting experiences for corporates. Anya Zelfond, a Craft Chocolate and Food Educator hosts the session and guides participants about flavors, aromas, and culinary knowledge. 

To make these sessions more engaging, they include fun food trivia and foodie knowledge that allow you to savor some chocolate facts. Gourmet Boutique offers a diverse selection of virtual tasting sessions, including wine tastings, chocolate pairings, and more. They provide carefully crafted chocolate tasting kits, ensuring that participants receive the finest products to sample during the session.

Duration– 45 – 60 mins

Pricing–  $50 (including shipping).

No of participants–  Groups of all sizes


2.11 Bar and Cocoa


Ideal for virtual gatherings, interactive team building, and chocolate enthusiasts

If you’re on the quest for handpicked chocolates and fun sessions to redefine your virtual gathering experience, then Bar and Cocoa is your thing. Featuring over 70 award-winning chocolate makers from all over the world to share their stories, they host the best interactive classes for corporates. Their chocolates are made using premium ethically sourced ingredients, giving you the essence of pure cocoa. 

The guided virtual chocolate tasting class will take you through a brief history of chocolate and how it’s made. To add more, they also customize premium gift boxes and your preferred choice of branded materials. Also, you will learn how to taste fine chocolate and will be free to ask questions throughout the sessions.

Duration– 60 – 90 mins

Pricing–  $60 per person

No of participants–  Minimum spend – $900 per event 


2.12 Host Events

Ideal for small groups, corporates, and engaging team activity

Host Events organizes and hosts the best virtual chocolate tasting events for corporates through a private Zoom link. You will get the chance to savor seasonal handmade confections from andSons Chocolatiers

A professional chocolatier will take you through the interactive guided sessions and teach you the process of creating these delights. The session is only available twice a week which is Wednesdays and Thursdays. They also cater to your dietary or allergy restrictions, just let them know 2 weeks in advance. 

Duration– 60 mins

Pricing–  $600 flat fee

No of participants–   6 to 50 participants and 6 person minimum


3. FAQs

3.1. What do you serve with chocolate tasting?

What you serve with chocolate tasting can vary, but common accompaniments include fruits, nuts, cheese, and wine to complement the chocolate flavors.

3.2 How do I host a virtual tasting?

It’s better to have a knowledgeable host by your side to elevate your virtual tasting. Simply search for “Virtual chocolate tasting near me,” and book your chocolate sommeliers. Also, choose your chocolate theme, and send out e-invitations in advance.

3.3 What are the different chocolate-tasting categories?

Chocolate-tasting categories often include dark, milk, white, and flavored chocolates. Within these categories, you can explore various subcategories based on cocoa content, origin, and unique flavor profiles, offering a diverse range of tasting experiences.


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