Virtual Wellness

Be the best version of 'YOU' with our wellness events. You can relax, rejuvenate, and unlock your fullest potential through zen yoga and meditation practices.

Virtual Wellness

Loved by Companies big and small

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Virtual Wellness Experience (6 Week Course)

Hooray Teams 6-week virtual Wellness Course is specially designed for...

10-200 People

one lesson per week for a total of 6 weeks for 60 min

$150 / Person


Virtual Yoga for Earth Day

Celebrate the essence of Earth Day with your team by...

10-1000 People

60 min

$30 / Person


Online Meditation Class

Experience a state of nirvana from the comfort of your...

10-1000 People

60 min

$30 / Person


Chair Yoga Class

Channel your inner Zen with some fabulous yoga in the...

10 to 1000 People

60 min

$35 / Person


Mental Health Workshop

A beautiful reset to zen the team environment

1-10 People

60 min

$500 / Person

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